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    • rabthegrower
      Hello, Its about week 4 in veg and I got them moved into the bigger tub, its 45ltr but when I put that massive net pot in it takes 20ltr out the tub, So it's only 25ltr  that's still way better than 15ltr in the waterfarm. In case you missed it my mate took the waterfarm the other night. glad its gone now I can concentrate on the dwc   Some pictures of the roots and new tub     I've bumped up the nutrient levels to EC 0.6-8 flashing between them on my old truncheon meter, PH set at 6.0 using some silicon as PH up, I always use silicon as it helps them withstand later bending strengthening the branches ready for heavy buds  Its a matter of timing so the flower tent is empty when the veg gets big. think I've got it spot on this time     I was trying something here that did not quite work but its close...lol...     I'll try loading them as gifs next time it might work  you got to try, nothing very exciting is happening with the plants just yet, it don't even look like they are growing, that's because I keep bending them in the direction I want them to grow in     imagine it but without the white bit around the outside...lol... I might get one more update before the end of the month, i'll try again  anyone notice my new status... lol...take it easy        
    • fezzymk1
      i have pics but not work ou how to post them
    • r3d
      you can get a 14.5 inch laptop for 150 with a decent i3 processor from that auction site we all love to hate netbooks only have a screensize of about 10.5 inch but are handy to have
    • theolderguy
      Hi Growers, I'm doing a new strain Sensi seeds super skunk.   I'm just over 4 weeks in and most of the leaves are seriously drooping, it started happening a couple of hours before lights off and a couple of hours after lights on, however they are now like it permanently and they really don't look happy.   I'm running 20 on 4 off, temps lights on are approx 25 degrees and lights off at 20 degrees. They started to look like they needed some nutes about 1 week ago so I gave them 1.5ml per litre of Biobizz veg and approx 1ml of cal-mag (I used to get nutes into them from the beginning but I'm trying something new). I have 2 x 600w sodiums in a grow tent. Extraction is on all the time with a passive intake and 3 small fans keeping it circulated. They are in plagron lightmix, the trays are on foam blocks so off the floor, they have a good wet/dry cycle and they are being watered every 4 days with water thats been stood for 24hrs to dechlorinate.   They look reasonably healthy the Yellow tinge is off the other light which was on when I took the image.    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.   Thanks,
    • Greenman101
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    • j2o


      "You know i've said this before, but, If other people cared about your problems - they'd be solved, because they'd team up and solve 'em..."
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    • stummer


      Too much drama for a monday man  
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    • Arthur Mix

      Arthur Mix

      Racist Bigots always out themselves in the end......
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    • StonerCol


      'Tis a sad day. My best friend lost his mother. She went into hospital for an eye op. but had a severe chest infection that the doctors needed to treat before the op. She didn't recover from the infection. She was also the carer for her husband who has Alzheimers.
      I feel desperately sad for my friend and his family. I know it's a cliche but a nicer family you couldn't wish to meet. R.I.P Mrs B.
      · 3 replies
    • Key4


      Just cant do it, its pickling my brain. Any chance of a 'uk420 classic theme'
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