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Growingviking returns! 2020 Let’s Grow!

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RGSC Lemonade OG x Freezeland


So we’re finally here. Just my photo’s left to go now. Still lots of time left on their journey and it’s a mixed bag.


Hats off to @panik and RGSC for making some durable plants.


I’m ashamed to admit these plants have taken a beating. A number of them were constantly toppling over with the high wind in my garden which can be seen by some of the brown damaged leaves. 


I will say that so far I’ve had ZERO issues (touch wood) with anything like nute burn or anything like that. These have been happy and healthy their whole lives (I think!). So let’s have a look!




So you can see I’ve got a good mix of pot sizes. I’ve had to tie two of the tallest ones to canes now, nearly lost the biggest yesterday thought it was gunna snap. 


One of them when it fell off topped itself, which at first annoyed me, but has actually made the canopy a bit nicer. There’s also some lovely purple flecks on the ones that are flowering. 





Finally, remember I took some clones? Basically I had two left after passing some on and decided to whack them both in one large pot just to see what happens. They’re growing strong as fuck too. 




The pictures don’t do it justice but the plants that are flowering and have been (even if I didn’t mean to) supercropped, they are riddled with bud sites. Well looking forward to seeing how these go! 

@Henroid @JungleKid

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Drying set up


Hey guys


My dry set up until now as you’ve seen has been a hygrometer and a coat hanger lol 


I levelled up to rear facing cardboard box with adjustable deluxe fender railings (ie my guitar cable lol )  I also incorporated a small fan and dehumidifier because the weather has been mental! 


I keep this facing the wall all day so it’s mostly dark and have been drying the 3 bears for 8 days now. Can honestly say I did not enjoy dry trimming but leaving the leaves on has done me a massive service in terms of keeping everything drying slowly. I trimmed them all up today and will leave them now to dry for a further couple of days before curing. 


Bud smells like bud rather than some weird tea so I’m happy with that. We’ll see how the cure goes but I’m deffo getting some early smoke off it pre cure! 


How is everyone else getting on? My photo’s are flowering niiiicely now. 





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RGSC Lemonade OG x Freezeland update


The weather here has hit pretty hard and I’ve had to top one today as it has caught the blight. This is from it getting wet and falling over. 


Fortunately it was the runt of the bunch and I couldn’t bin the whole plant as the buds are filling up nicely. 


Here they are about 15 days after I last showed you.




Here’s the clones




and heres one that topped itself! Budding up nicely





The plants so far - buds are getting thicker, the two largest plants are now finally properly flowering and all of them are producing a very sweet and citrusy smell to the touch. Not too overwhelmed by leaves either so far which I like. 


Per pot size that plants are all pretty uniform on their sizes. 


Hoping for a fairly early finish this year. Down to my last few joints now already lol 


how is everyone else doing? 

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Blight breakout


So a couple of my plants have fallen victim to the dreaded blight. I’ve gone through them all and chopped off any branches that have been affected and I’m hoping today’s sunshine will dry them all out nicely before we have any more poor weather.


I’ve kind of lost track of time with flowering but I think maybe week 3/4? Maybe 5? No idea. Need to revisit my pics and figure it out.


couple of questions


1) I’ve noticed that some buds are simply big and some aren’t from plant to plant. I think maybe as I’ve usually grown autos the buds haven’t filled out as much but given a good more amount of weeks, do you think they’ll get much bigger?? I certainly hope so. I know you have to be real spot on to get indoor results outdoors but I think -think- I’m doing a good job but getting relatively mixed results.


2) The dead dying and diseased. All my dead up fan leaves, is it safe to defoliate those? I’ve gotten rid of some of the very lowest ones that have gone yellow and brown and all the growth- bar the mould- around the bud has been healthy looking! 


Here’s all of them now. 




the last one is of my clones! Starting to bud up well now. Probably going to cut all the lower growth and only have heads on them.

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So this is where the diary ends. Everything went rotten. It could’ve happened way sooner but the plants needed longer and I pushed them too far. Such is life!


It’s been fun :smokin:

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