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Don’t Knock a Strong Pot Tolerance, It Could Help You Heal

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2 hours ago, pungent said:

I always thought I'm abit of a smoke machine giving it the "big I am" until I had some edibles........... Oh my god I nearly died, even did a Lil prayer to God lol

Been there done that........ went on a dirty week end (When I were younger!!) Took a bottle of vodka and a chocolate cake...... he had put about 1/2 ounce in........ had 2 drinks ate half the cake ..... fell asleep.... woke up starving.......ate... went back to sleep...... that went on for the whole of our NOT dirty weekend.... we even slept in on the Monday and had to pay £15 extra each lol ....... but yet I could smoke or bong that..... and still go shopping x

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If only I could grow enough to up my tolerance (still learning) :rofl: Great article though

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