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New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • Exhale
      @stummer i just took the fan leaves off mine, all the sugar leaf stays on to protect the bud.     I hang it all on those sock dryer things from wilko.     These all took 10 days before I snipped them off and weighed as the airflow is too fast until I fit a controller in. Temp was 19c RH 40-55 if I remember, it's all in my diary, link in sig.      They were sat in those bowls over a whole weekend until I could get more jars in and they lost no weight. You can trim for appeal but I just break my buds in chunks for the vape so if it's got resin on it then it stays.   The lot absolutely reeks the same as the day I chopped it. Smelliest I've grown so far!
    • *DJ*
      Iv not seen anyone saying good things about them, BUT,  love a "but" iv no seen or heard anything bad either, good luck with them, dont fotget to let us know how they went,    DJ....      
    • Arnold Layne
    • uBercaMeL
      Hi. They have the over & under/fussy look they often get when temps are too low. What's the lowest it gets to at night? Also check for insects as there are some white marks in those pics that look like thrip or spider mite damage.