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    • Bushido420
      There is absolutely no doubt that LED is the new king. If you are getting 1g/w out of HPS then your grow is dialed. LED's you are looking for 2g/w. 

      The initial outlay is greater for your LED setup, but it will pay for itself immediately.    I've only ever flowered under HPS but I'm curently setting up an LED room and I can't wait to see how it fairs.   It's a win win win with LED's : No heat signature, no need for overrated extraction, they cost pennies to run and your electricity bills aren't raising any eyebrows.    Also to the guy talking about 1000w HPS. They are hugely innefficient. Unless you are running a medi grow in cali or a coffee shop supplier in switserland, you should be looking at 600w as the biggest light you use, and just using more of them. 
    • Stashmonger
      Guerilla people.  Heres my dual carriageway plot:   They are looking a tad droopy, it's be cold, wet and overcast so maybe thet expains it?    What's up with this Early Skunk Auto?  New growth looks good but all the other leaves have gone to shit!    I'd seriously value your thoughts..    And here are the rest, shiva skunk auto, eaely skunk photo and pinapple express auto.   
    • Kipper420
      What ever you got until you got something better.  I've used the jars from sweet shops. Plastic Tupperware. Bags.   Until I got more than enough jars   Don't forget to burp and don't be afraid to put them out of jars again into paper bags until its regulated again if they're not dry enough yet Oh and don't fill the jars to capacity. Leave some space Less chance of bud rot. 
    • Joint hogger
      @blackpoolbouncer  good to see someone mixing HPS & CMH, have you completed any grows with this set up yet  ?