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New World - Europe - Asia - Africa

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    • lildaveham
      @Intense Nutrients Matt   Many thanks fella for getting the info we need. I understand bottle nutes are never going to be 100% organic and am happy with that atm. Obvs if I wanted to go fully organic I would have to go notill and source certified organic amendments. I am not ready for that yet. I think I will be giving these a whirl very soon.    Im gonna ask because if you don’t ask you don’t get.................................. Will there be a few “promotion” packs for uk420ers to  do a grow diary ???    Again many thanks for getting the info for us.   peace!   lil d
    • Larry Badgeley
      Up in the loft to doing some clearing up (out). Found a Danny Rampling promo CD set amongst the hundreds of house and techno stuff. " A decade of Dance" Some cracking stuff on it. Proper NY vibe. CD2 kicks off with Sounds of Blackness "The pressure" which seams wonderfully into Heller & Farley "Ultra Flava". Great summery dancing tunes.
    • diyleduk
      All of our quantum board kits now feature high quality connectors. Assembly Is now easier than a standard hps kit. Just insert the connectors and the jobs done.  
    • Phoenix
      Just to add @Biokid I think you'll find that sea lice is a parasite not a predator so if you fancy trying to educate me do it correctly.  And by the way its alpha beta carotene that gives salmon its distinctive colour, from ingestion of crustaceans.