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    • CannaKay
      Smoking some blues as I write,    Got 11 seeds + 3 freebies (also blues)  Cracked 5 a them (3 freebies + 2)  From wich I got 3 females and 1 male.  Grew out 2 females and kept 1 as a potential mom.  1 pheno was lanky and smells sweet skunky and fruity, she out grew the other pheno wich was finicky and squad and smells of blueberry, very nice weed.    I would've liked to let them go for another week or two but had to start a new round.    The lanky pheno had 11 weeks of 12/12 and didn't had a single orange/brown pistil but the trichomes were cloudy with a amber one here and there, that's a first for me.    Started a new round and flipped the switch to 12/12 yesterday so we're off!    3x blues finicky pheno  1x blues lanky pheno  3x blues unknown pheno   I've cracked 6 konacookies from @twigswho will join the blues and hopefully become female, one is a triploid I'm excited
    • jw14660
      Put my plants outside for half an hour and then brought them back inside.  I have just noticed 5 or 6 tiny black spiders crawling around on the soil.  They're probably a mm across, just a bit smaller than a black ant.  It has been magnified x100. Any help?
    • stu sleeper 20vt
      Mrs bob is obviously a good judge of character.  I too was happy for the hometown boy to get the 50k bonus!!!
    • Sargares
      Magnesium deficiency is a prime culprit for purpling/Red stems. If your leaves start to purple up in flower (on a green strain) it'll be a phosphorus deficiency. Cold temps cause purpling as they slow down the movement of phos I believe.