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    • Boomslang
      Hey sorry for late reply @MacGanja. Been so busy I haven't had much time to visit. I'm not sure what I would have done but the jars and Boveda seems spot on. I lost loads of prime buds of MOB in my loft. I had the weekend off thinking all is rosie in the loft. Carbon filter in big cardboard box with holes in it. Worked fine for ages but at the weekend the RH of the ambient air must have been well high.  I've had so much going in the box too it was rammed and that must have been part of the problem.   I tend to finish the drying process in some sort of tupperware with silica gel in a paper envelope attached to the lid on the inside. I don't put too much silica gel in it and change it  daily - I use the colour sensitive ones. I have a few hygrometers for cigars and check my RH every day and I stop the process when I hit between 55 and 63 RH. All of this is obviously not possible when you're away from home, but though I'd share my method anyway . Hope all wil be ok with your situation. I find the drying process the hardest part of the hole growing process when you're not allowed to do it at home. 
    • Nath90
      On my controller it has 3 dials. I'm sure first one is settings 20-50 middle one's the temp and end one is 50-100 if you get me? Do you have probe in middle of room?   
    • jadenugs
      Seedlings look great dude, nice pics too
    • Boomslang
      Very odd season indeed. But then thei is why the gorillas have to spread their bet, with different finish times.    By the way the white widow XXL is really an enjoyable smoke @Dinafem-Mark. It's my go to weed at the moment. Other varieties are still in the jars in the cure, but enjoying that XXL for sure .