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    • shaggyp
      So on a ninja night visit to the plot tonight we discovered the biggest and best of our 30 ladies had been dug out and removed along with cages.   Unfortunately they've definitely been nicked, With the ripper picking the best 8 plants on the plot and removing them.   The thing is judging my the size of the hole they have dug our around the ladies they won’t survive - each hole that has been dug out is Tiny, only 10cm wide, with the plants themselves being pretty big at about 80-90cm tall, planting out with pretty big root balls.   Last plot visit was last week, so they’ve gone within the last 6 days and nights.   im actually very surprised as this plot is pretty out of the way and this will be my third grow in that location. It’s a shame we’re gonna have to write off this plot.   I can only assume a random dog walker perhaps saw us during planting out in the early hours a few weeks back, because no one has any reason to be in this out of the way corner of the field except maybe a dog walker.   Anyway as to plan of action...do we try and transplant the remaining plants somewhere else? Either the ripper will kill those plants he’s taken, and maybe take the next best 8? Or maybe we’ve been put the race to harvest, which will only end in either being ripped after more work, or us having to harvest bud too early.   its a interesting dilemma if nothing else, I would have thought he would have rather just waited for harvest and ripped rather then ripping the best plants so early in the season. There not even any preflowers.   There’s still time, so i suppose I could pop some more beans, but any advice as to the likelihood of how successful the transplant of these big ladies will be would be great   ...there all RGSC plants.... dfg, Greengold etc.    Lesson learnt...that’s why i shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket...although I’m not sure if it’s better or worse then them all being nicked or found by the plod....   thanks for the vent...and good luck to all
    • thekingofobsolete
      this album will see me out ..........i will zig zag away.
    • thekingofobsolete
    • Green demon
      I got 7 fems from a pack, here's the 6 I kept @ 41 days flowering. The two taller girls on the left were smelling very cheesey but they've just got way more complex. Bud from tallest plant The 2 middle plants have a real nice 50/50 cheese/diesel fuel twang to them. One of the shortest plants smells of pure fuel with a hint of cheese whilst the other is very similar to a Critcal Jack and Black Jack I've grown out.  Going to hard to select three mums from this lot let alone one!