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    • twigs
      you'll love it mate, its really nice, deep blue violet smells and flavours on mine very moreish and stinky     i skined up a joint at work (purey) and the dude who's house it was thought i'd stashed a pile in his house somewhere   i was round back in the not finished extension  
    • vince noir rock n roll star
      keep yer eye out for mould with the crystal candies being so dense and the resin very greasy ,wouldnt want anyone getting it on such nice buds .
    • unity
      Hey bud, any chance you could send me a link to where you got the vape from, wouldn't mind getting one of these myself if they can be aquired a decent price.   Cheers
    • Barneybush
      So now at end of week 5 and things not looking to good no ideas why seems slow going , all went into net and spread out alot temps been ok no nute burn but they look a little behind for start of week 6.alot of thc but no much bud formation next week going to stick to just a+b no pk or silicone. One had deformed a bitt on the top could be due to heat near the bulb