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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I have a couple of healthy plants which are outdoors in the garden - one Indica one Sativa. Is it wise to take clones from outdoor mothers to be grown indoors? Or would it be safer to start from seed? TIA
  2. Bubba kush 3 weeks old

    From the album Candy kush

    Bonsai mum here we come. She has settled into her new home now, growing quickly! So far has been so good, no real worries. She normally has a friend, some baby strawbs gonna go hydro with them once big enough to handle it.
  3. Quite a mad, but simple concept. Under-counter fridge in the shed, 60W tube heater (it's cold out there), 40W E27 6500K LED (virtually zero heat), small PC fan for circulating air, a "smart CO2 bag" https://tinyurl.com/rl7z6ta Could or would this work? Would ideally use this to get clones going, pot up and top them before final pot up and sticking into the flowering cab. I know this will get met with a lot of stick and "why the hell would you want to do that" but the simple answer is I want to try it and see if it's possible. I built a small cab for vegging/cloning (30 x 16 x 50), but even with just an 80mm PC fan as exhaust and passive intakes alongside a 60W tube heater - I had big problems maintaining >15C inside.
  4. Hey guys. I'm just about all set up with my grow space, ready for my second indoor grow (first at this new place). I'm growing from seed in coco, but ideally, I want to end up with a mother I've selected after flowering them all, that I can reveg and then take cuttings from, to then grow those genetics exclusively. Now at the same time, I want to maximise my currently very limited space of 1.2mx1.2m, by applying the ScrOG method. My question is: would it be best to get myself some feminised seeds that I can ScrOG almost immediately and keep the best mother to reveg (or clone in advance if a scrogged mum would be problematic), or is there a way for me to grow 2x the amount of regular plants that I can sex and remove males from, while still simultaneously scrogging them all? I'm thinking it would be best to just do a preparatory grow by cracking as many regular seeds as possible, remove males and let the females grow untrained, just to maximise my chances of dankness with a sizable initial genetic pool from regular subs and UGORG seeds. But with 4-5 months between each harvest, I'd like to get a mother going in as few stages as possible. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks! SVS
  5. PhotoPictureResizer 160725 092944159

    From the album CLONES/MOTHER

    The cabinet cost me $20NZD (10 quid to you POM's ) Best investment ever!

    © BoB NZ

  6. PhotoPictureResizer 160725 092912987

    From the album CLONES/MOTHER

    Mother is a Hybrid Indica dominant - produces awesome babies and the bud is sticky and POTENT I have about 20 cuttings on the go at the moment preparing for my Gorilla grow starting in September (we are in the southern hemisphere) Then I have some rooted cuttings ready for my next indoor, and 2x cross strains of seedlings that I have been playing with.

    © BoB NZ

  7. tent

    From the album My set up

  8. I needed somewhere to share my thoughts. I'm finding it really hard coming to terms with this, it's actually pretty worrying how upset i'm getting about a plant. Some of you may understand getting attached to such a being after a long period of time, smoking her lets me relive memories we've shared. I've had the cut for 10 years and the mum i've got is dying. I believe it's thrips that have killed her. I read they were not fatal so I didn't worry about them too much. I was treating them with pyrol which worked, but they came back. I then recently got some neam oil to try that - ever since then the plant has been dying stem by stem with the leaves browning from tip backwards, it seemed to make it worse. Even new growth is browning and dying before it even has a chance. I'm picking up some more pyrol tomorrow but I think it's too late. I gave her away lots and many friends had her, but sadly no one has her left to give me one back. Weather shes the same '88 cheese I do not know, I hope so - maybe I will find her again one day, but with all the seeds that i've seen around, I think only a few really have the true 88 cut. I enjoyed smoking her so much, I thank her for the good times.
  9. Mama

    From the album UGORG#1

    © Arnold Layne

  10. good evening well no space in my veg room (dr60) for mum and little light in the spare room, I ended up putting her in and out of the flower room and under a household energy saver bulb, unfortunately she started flowering shes been in the veg tent for 2weeks+ and is still flowering. its going to be time to take some cuts soon and im starting to panic xD if/when she reveges will the cuts be ok? i read some stuff about 'monster cropping' flowering then reverting then flowering again, you get some strange growth or something, cant say im too keen on that idea as im still new to this many thanks guys
  11. cheesemom

    From the album cheese

  12. cheese mom

    From the album cheese

  13. NHL Mother 2

    From the album Test Grow - Wk 7 Flowering

    Just before I decided to chop it
  14. NHL Mother 1

    From the album Test Grow - Wk 7 Flowering

    This is about 3 weeks into flowering and its just been saved from water starvation