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This Years Offerings 2022

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Great work as always @OldFord plants are looking lush and lovely and healthy..

Plenty of variety and some vars ill be taking interest in.. along for the ride :yep:

Be lucky mate :yinyang:

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Looking really nice @OldFord. Your certainly going to be busy with that lot!

Best of luck chap

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A quick update on the various plants in the garden ,  some will be going onto the southern GG spot , some will remain. 


The plants seem happy enough ,  the light dep run is 6 days in now and looking well enough ,  its been wet & windy here but i cant control so you just gotta ride it out :yep: 


The slime brigade lunched on my SHD x BBg's ,  1 sadly keeled over and the other i think i have saved after having the main stem badly chewed up , some turmeric paste & Maccy D straw ... i think i may have saved it but time will tell.  






Some Sweets bits -  Mandy , SAD , Cream Caramel. 



SeedStockers all in light dep.   




HSO Choc Mint OG -  my fav plant of this year so far.  Smell is glorious and always seems happy. 



Alfemco babies hardening off before going out onto the southern GG spot  ,  i am keeping an MWF & Zeul for some garden fun :) 



Duth Passion  - Passion #1's  &  Auto Euphoria  -  i will keeping 1 of each in the garden and the others will be going out onto the southern GG plot.  




Today i was fortunate enough to receive some Real Gorilla Seed Company goodness from @panik ,  i have 2 of each in soak as we speak :) 


These will feature in here with everything on the grow and on their own spot within the RGSC section. 





Last but not least i have been under the weather health wise ,  still soldiering on but feeling tender , struggling to eat & sleep and hoping to resolve both with a bit of butter i knocked up using 1oz of Sweets SAD nuggets from the last years run.   Happy with the outcome as not done it in a while , i used the pressure cooker & vac sealed bag for zero smell. 

Mrs OF is away at fams with Squishy Face the Feckin Bulldog ... so its just me , Bass Cat & Mrs No Name tonight and im going to have a play with the butter and do some choc brownie & a mug of tea :yep:   A snippet of the butter





I think thats about us for this week people  got so many diaries its hard to keep track lol  ,   have a great weekend  boys & girls :yep:     

Hopefully get onto the GG plot tomoz and get some pics.  



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A first class grow indeed.  Those plants are loving life  , all the best :yep:

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A quick feed & peek at the light dep girls and we def have progress :yep:   Fluffy tops are a wonderful sight in June :george:

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Very interesting and inspiring to follow your light dep experiments. I've not yet tried it myself but am very interested! Seems like it's the way to go for us outdoor people who don't want to be limited to a narrow range of varieties.


I'm somewhat envious of your Real Gorilla goodies as well but I just didn't have room to put anything else in this year! All the best with everything ... your plants are looking great.

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Good evening boys & girls ,  one trusts you are well & enjoying your lazy sunday :yep: 


A quick update on the girls in the garden  ,  im pleased to say despite mother natures curse on gardeners ...aka ...the slime brigade !!!    Horrid creatures have had my 2  Shd x BBg's  , straight through the main and terminal :(     Then the slimey fuckers took the top clean off the DP Passion #1 i had chosen to keep in the garden  FFS !!    I have topped it right back and its responding.     Im very happy with the girls :)       All looking very happy & healthy ...for a change lol      The light dep victims all  seem really happy  ,   the Black Leb is taking massive stretch in all directions .....shes a big girl for sure and smells like nothing i have experienced , very strange aroma and hard to pin, its intriguing and draws you in.    

All in all im very happy ,   all have had 2  x  1/4  strength feeds of Intense Nutrients  Bloom , Pk Phite , WideLoad and a bit of seaweed.    Very happy with how they look and the training with garden rubber wire stuff  to splay the laterals have worked nicely to keep all the main tops in their own space :yep:   Should be a nice display of mains & tops very soon and im getting excited lol      The light dep victims are def showing progress and its def working.     

Fluffy tops on outdoor fems in june its just a fuckin awesome sight :george:

Anyway pics of how we look this week.  

My poor Passion #1     now seems to be happy after pinching it right back due to the slime brigade.   




1 of my Mandy's ,  i refuse to have the Mandy jars get low :yep:  It's just a super smile inducing happy place to be and it tastes lovely.  




The little MWF i chose to keep in the garden  ,  lovely growth , strong and healthy ,  will root his pot out and get her into her finalsoon.  Very happy with it.  



The Light Dep Victims  next :)      All laterals splayed with garden wire ,  very happy with the progress and health :yep: 

The Black Lebs a huuuuge bitch compared to the others , choc mint og smells unreal ,  the mac & crack is loud !  pungent.   

All been fed with Intense Nutrients twice now & both times  at 1/4 strength.   

Very happy with the light dep efforts so far ,  with the Black Leb getting so big  !!  i now have 2 light dep cabs.

i have relocated a rather large Sweets Ice Cool into its own cab tp see what i can do with her.  

A group canopy shot



The next girl is a fav ,  a old Choc Mint OG and she smells amazing :yep:   Very happy with her and looking forward to a sample :) 




Until next time boys & girls.   Good Night & take care :yep: 



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Posted (edited)

Really nice. I'd love to be able to grow a few more in the greenhouse but I have to try and remain as stealthy as possible. 

Those slugs are a fucking pain. Hopefully they'll pull back. Fortunately they seem to prefer munching on my dahlia rather than my prized weed , fingers crossed.

Edited by CustardVape
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I have a spare bit of time today and as such i have got the cuttings ... i took .. not the slime brigade for a change lol      Cuttings have rooted out the seedling pots and have just been potted on.    

I took cutting os the  Mac & Crack ,  CMOG and Ice Cool.        All cuttings now residing in the shaded area of the greenhouse.   


The RGSC beans from Panik have just been placed under the LED's ,  both the 61 &  ErdPurpz are looking good ,  i lost both the Lemon Cakes but im trying again with another 2.   


A few more Cream Mnadys on the go ,  only because its very nice :)      Greed not need is behind this :yep:       These will be joining the MWF seedlings for a highly likely light dep run.  


Once the current light dep victims are done then i will put in a 2nd wave to ensure i get to sample some of Paniks hard work in fully cooked format as opposed to bringing anything down early due to the dreaded rot.           Will upload pics of the seedlings soon.   

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Good morning boys & girls :)     My apologies on the lack of updates as been under the weather but having a better day and heres an update on how we look around the garden and a sneak peek at the southern GG girls .... i have a few pics to sort out and will kick the Southern GG plot pics & updates off shortly. 


The Southern GG plot girls all looking good , no dramas and happy with their progress ,  got a broad spectrum of genetics out and all seem to be filling out & getting big but more importantly all seem happy.   The Souther GG plot was a last minute affair and being under the weather its been a lazy effort !    There was little to no prep work done other than the holes dug , soil amended , a hay layer then the pot installed in said hole with the arse cut out the pot .... its working very well :yep:

Heres a sneaky peek at a Dinafem OG Cookies  just as the sun was coming up  .... just the 1 pic til i sort them out   Yeah im a big tease lol   




The Garden Girls - 


 All are looking on point  , no dramas or nothing im unhappy with , all very healthy for a change , all still on 1/4 strength Intense Nutrients  PK Phite / WideLoad and Bloom once a week with a midweek Seaweed Tonic.      The weathers been a mixed bag but ideal weather to swell those heads up and i got the start of a wonderful flower show coming , the smells are still very subdued with the SS Mac & Crack being the most pungent.   

All in all a very happy & healthy bunch and im delighted with their progress,  i reckon a few more weeks til the pics get X rated :) 


Sweets Ice Cools  -  All girls in light dep , getting big girls, on form and smell glorious   , when well cooked out i love it and been a while since i had a jar full. 



Sweets Auto Mandys -  Again i got zero issues or complaints with any of the Mandys ,  as usual they are uniform / happy and healthy.    An awesome auto that never fails to deliver.

My fav auto , just ticks all the boxes and never had a bad one across numerous runs.    



Dutch Passion #1  - 

My 1st play with DP beans and very happy with them.   I have put the Auto Euphorias out onto the Southern GG plot to see what they do in an unloved situation.

The Passion #1's look great , i have placed 3 out on the southern GG plot and kept one in the garden to see what i can do with her,  i have her filling out very nicely and will be potting up this week.   Again very happy & healthy.  



Alfemco  -  I put the Zeul ,  GoldiLocks x Zeul and some MWF out onto the Southern GG plot and all look very impressive indeed.

I chose a rather special squat & chunky MWF seedling to keep in the garden  ,  then Mr Slim jinxed me lol    He had to tempt fate and she has indeed went auto on me ,  a rarity but still a welcome addition .... just as well i popped a few more more for the garden ... just in case he jinxed me !     So i now had 2 MWF babies and a MWF auto on the go and all look very happy & healthy.   large_023.JPGlarge_024.JPGlarge_025.JPGlarge_028.JPGlarge_029.JPGlarge_039.JPG



SuperSativaSeedClub Black Leb -  Im very intrigued by this girl , shes like nothing i have ran before.   Shes very chunky, the formation is unique with the spacings on the laterals ,  a strange aroma and she almost looks like she was born to be outdoors.   Again very happy & healthy and the light dep is working well with some shading / colouration starting to show , a wonderful flower show coming i think .    



HSO Choc Mint OG -   this is a delight to grow and the smell emanating from her is ....After 8's with creamy notes and a kush smell when rubbed up.

A very nice plant thats very happy & healthy ,  coming along very nicely indeed. 



SeedStockers -  Apollo black Cherry  /   Mac & Crack    /     BlackBerry Gum      All in light dep , all very  healthy & happy indeed. 

The Mac & Crack is a week behind the others but by far the most pungent. 

The Blackberry Gum is the farthest on & 1st to show pre flower ,  also the sweetest fruity aroma.  

The Apollo Black Cherry has a ripe dark berry aroma , almost cherry but reckon it will develop ,  shes starting to purple off around the fan edges and traces on the mains , very hard to capture on pic but def there ,  im really impressed with these and sorry i didnt do a few more.   

The Panty Punch , Gelato 41 and Wedding Cake are all out on the Southern plot and looking good.   



My latest addition and fantastic little helper .... Mrs No Name  ,  she has settled nicely and loves to help , shes great at trimming fans especially when the wind blows them around lol   



So that me for this week boys & girls,   thank you for swinging by and hope you enjoyed the visit.    

Hoping the flower & colour show will start in the next few weeks. 

Have a great week people and stay safe :yep:     


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Looking great as normal, gives me inspiration to keep growing in the outdoors although sometimes it can be challenging, i  always look forward to your updates.

Keep up the great work

All the best 


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@OldFord that was a great lil catch up i just had.. sterling work as always my friend :yep:

There all looking fuking banging and im sure the rewards will be plenty..

Be lucky :yinyang:

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I potted the Real Gorilla testers on today ,  2 ErdPurpz,  2 Serious 61 , 1 Lemon Cake  ,  the last Lemon Cake is a bit behind and will go out later.   


All residing in the greenhouse under domes ,  just checked and they look happy.    :yep:  

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Top job @OldFord plenty of variety and all looking very happy. Fucking great stuff :yahoo:

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You've really got a magic touch with those plants. They look amazing.


Love to see Mrs No Name as well ... what a beauty she is.

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