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Systemair K fans EC series

After many months of gentle persuasion I finally got the green light to grow indoors :yahoo: garage only mind, and no plants allowed anywhere else, not garden,patio,greenhouse etc.


I'm planning a drobe build 2m x 1m x 0.6m (1.2m3), with LED lights (F strips), in the garage which can get to less than 5C so prob won't be able to grow in the winter. Fan and filter will be outside the drobe to maximise space. Intake will be passive.


Just wondering if anyone has experience of the K Fans from Systemair preferably the EC versions. I read a lot about fans and hum and controllers. I need a fan that is temp controlled cos the garage temp can vary wildly.


The K100EC (4 inch) can flow more than higher rated RVK 5 inch. That's 277m3 per hour at max speed with 4 inch Carboair filter. The K125 EC can flow 360m3/h with filter.

Back to the fan question. I would need about 150m3/h air flow, so the 4inch fan should be OK but not sure how noisy it would be as dont want the fan to at full speed. If I went to the 5 inch version it may flow too much air, that wouldn't be a problem except that the garage can get cold.

My thoughts are that the K100 EC would do the job without too much noise but, fans are pricey so want to get it right first time.

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@Ajimango always go for a bigger fan and speed limit it, it will run more quietly, the carbon filter will last longer and an ec fan will use less electricity when limited unlike an ac fan so will be the most economical. The k series ec is an excellent fan :yep: 

Also I grow in a garage using leds, ask away. 

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@ritch thanks for your reply.


My proposed grow grow space is very small 2 x 1 x 0.6m. That's all the space I have, ceiling height is only 203cm.


I know I'm probably gonna need some heating but if I got a 5in k fan d'you think I'd be able to turn it down enough so that I'm not pulling loads of cold air thru my grow? It's improtant it's fairly quiet as my neighbour is just the other side of the wall. He's a friendly, deaf old bugger but I dont know how long he's gonna be there (live). Might get some nosey fekkers.


Reason i'm asking is i've never even seen or heard running of any any of these sort of fans, so I'm in the dark really.

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