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pH for organix

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just trying to give the nutes a fair shot.

gonna run half my smile not ph and the other half ph,d


should be a fair comparison with everything being the same strain

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57 minutes ago, K71 said:

gonna run half my smile not ph and the other half ph,d


I like this idea :yep: 

Haven't ph'd my organix, although I did notice it was on the low side. 2 runs in so far no probs, but it would be interesting to see a side by side.  Are they clones then?

*H&G Batmix, filtered tap wat ph 7

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forgot that I recently had a water analysis done:wallbash:


looking over it, it had low levels of alkalinity. 18.3 it was, they did say that this could cause low ph when nutes were added so that seems to be the reason the feed is sending the ph low.


Its no isssue just want to rule out any ph problems from the start

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I never ph my soil grows ever. Plant magic old timers and bio bizz organic and never ph and never any problems 

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