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intense nutrients hydro feed chart

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another week over starting to see orange hairs growing on the tops of the girls now wont be long before i am moaning about trimming lol 


aprox 1.2 m2 of flowering goodies

4 pots that i usually move out the way fed on the old feed from the bubble pots in the front pic :)


closeup of a random bud still got a way to go yet but is started packing on weight and i smell juicy fruit chewing gum whenever i open the tent up so im happy :)


and here are the rdwc pots a bit closer up for your inspection am happy with what i see from them so far :)

this weeks nutrient feed:


bloom a & b 4ml ltr

wide load 4ml ltr

runzyme 2ml ltr


once again the nutes have been spot on no burning of the tips even when higher than usual ph and ec have been used with the girls in previous weeks it seems to be a winner in my book anyway :)

thats it for this week unless i get phototastic

all the best with your grows people 

cheers doobie :)


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@doobie01  Looking good mate.

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week 7 

were getting into last few weeks now so i have tried to get a couple of bud shots for you aswell 

feed as follows :


flower a & b 4ml pl

runzyme 2ml pl

wide load 2ml pl 


not touched it last week as it was just swelling the buds and starting with the orange hairs etc trichs are still clear about 10 % milky so we seem to be on target :)




couple of bud shots as they are better quality pics (and i like them more )



plenty of sticky frost about and sweet smell in the growroom so im happy :bong:

all the best people 

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were on a slow flush now for the next week or so as the trichs are turning quite fast most are starting milky stage so were into clean water now it will be a staggered harvest as a couple of plants are like below 



white hairs but i cant get a decent picture of the more"ready" ones


probably best part of a week to go before its down but will be starting getting chopped out of the net and hung begging of the week gonna take a few samples for a speed dry tonight lol 


all the best:) 

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Loving the updates.



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Alright there @doobie01


Seams like IN are performing well for you mate all looking grand in here,


Take it easy.Jj:haveadab:

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@Jibba jabba

thanks bud,

cant say enough good things about them mate they just seem to have made things easier this run next time im feed shopping it will be intense nutes i buy.

They look better than the canna 5l and are easier to dose with and no dribbles down sides of bottles from pouring lol its the simple things in intense nutes that have pleased me as i dont know enough about plant science to come up with some tech data i just know it grows big beautiful buds and i want more lol   

 another day or so and the lot is coming own :) 

thanks for looking in mate :)



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These are swelling up a treat!...lovely job of it :yep: 

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thanks for following along through the journey mate:)

am happy to say its been cropped and is now hung upside down in my tent drying out had quite a few ambers but mainly milky trichs which is where abouts tend to chop at and i need it to be down and away before end of next week (guests) 

when it comes time to trim it i will chuck a few more pics up but this is a pic of the sample bud i picked last week 


still a bit damp to smoke yet but im managing ;) you can see the purple hue to it ever so slightly but it came out more on a few buds better thats drying now.



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all chopped dried trimmed and curing here is a couple of budshots just want to thank @Intense Nutrients once again for the feed happy to say the smoke is smooth with no chemical aftertaste and all the bud flavour come through clean as a whistle large.compressed_1067994040IMG_20181207_164609.jpglarge.compressed_1208133529IMG_20181202_200319.jpg


as well as a carrier bag of trimmings ready for a bubble ice session .

thanks to who have read and commented :cheers:

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