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Dinafem Purple Orange CBD

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Alright there @colboyxx


Great result mate,


Always a great feeling when it is down and all the hard work has been done,

Enjoy your stickiness bud.

I’ll look forward to reading your smoke/vape report.


Take it easy. Jj:yinyang:

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@colboyxx Nice to see you got harvest done and dusted, buds look lovely. Enjoy and hope the CBD helps any ailments.


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On 14/11/2018 at 5:26 PM, colboyxx said:

Hi everyone, the purple orange has been weighed and jarred today, I've taken a pic for you and pulled 69 grams of smokable bud, @Jibba jabba you asked me earlier on in this grow whether the buds were sticky, well I can safely say yes mate, the buds are as sticky on this one as any other grows I've done,(which is not many I know) but I never noticed and difference in tackiness at all. I hope that helps mate, and I must say a big thankyou to @Dinafem-Mark for making this grow even possible, (another diary coming very soon mate) and everyone who's taken an interest in what I'm doing and helped me along the way, thankyou all, here's a pic of the the outcome guys, stay safe and thanks again, 





Considering that the grow was finished 2-3 weeks early you've not done to bad at all buddy :yep:


The main difference you'll notice is the trichomes will be present but still clear/cloudy I doubt you'll have many Amber showing. As this is a CBD grow that's good as Amber trichomes are a sign that the CBD content is dropping. So in theory you should have some nice, high CBD flowers  :yep:


Let her cure and let's us know what you think of the end product of are you making extract? 


Thanks for the final weigh in mate and I can't wait for your next Dinafem adventure  :bong:


Do you have a strain in mind buddy?


All the best 



Edited by Dinafem-Mark
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