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Mum Who Took Illegal Cannabis Oil To Battle Terminal Cancer Given The All-Clear

A mum who took cannabis oil to battle her terminal cancer has been been given the all-clear by doctors after being told she had just six weeks to live.


Fifty-two-year-old Joy Smith was diagnosed with incurable stomach and bowel cancer in August 2016.


But in an attempt to defy expectations, she started taking cannabis oil that contained THC, which is illegal in the UK.



According to the Daily Mail, following a rollercoaster two years, Joy found out on Monday morning that she was cancer-free and would no longer require chemotherapy.


Joy, from Coventry, West Mids, said: "I am going to party for the rest of my life. I have got to be the only person in the world to have survived this.


"I keep pinching myself to see if this is real. I am being monitored every three months, but other than that I have no more treatment planned."


Back in 2016, Joy was told she would have around six weeks left to live and chemotherapy would merely buy her more time.




So she started having treatment every two weeks for three days, but had to have the line that delivered her chemotherapy taken out after she developed sepsis.


In the background, Joy's pals had been researching alternative 'cures' until she was handed a cannabis-based tablet.


She admitted that she didn't want to take it as first because she 'didn't know what it was' but did so anyway, with all other hopes of a cure receding.


She claims that the THC left her feeling 'drunk' and she struggled to speak with words coming out 'slurred'.


Credit: BPM Media


However, after taking regular doses of the cannabis oil, her once inoperable tumours almost completely disappeared.


The mum spoke about her battle against the cancer with the oil in March, when scans showed just a small amount of the disease left in her stomach.


With hope restored, she continued her treatment and she hasn't stopped smiling since the appointment with her consultant on Monday. She said the news has yet to sink in.


She said: "I am just so happy. This is all down to the cannabis oil. I shouldn't be here, but I am.


Credit: BPM Media


"My daughter is in Australia at the minute and when I told her she thought I was lying.


"Everyone around me has been amazing, I have an army behind me and they're all so happy."


Now Joy is writing a book about her journey so far and is determined to get THC legalised.


She said: "I have got to get it legalised. I am so happy, happier than I have ever been. I just keep sharing the petition and hope it will make a difference.


"I believe my reason for being here is to help everyone else. Unless you have been faced with death you don't know."


She has started a petition to make cannabis oil legal in the UK for medicinal use, which has attracted more than 17,000 signatures.



Source: www.ladbible.com/community/interesting-mum-who-took-illegal-cannabis-oil-to-battle-terminal-cancer-is-clear-20180612?c=1528803917608

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Cannabis has no medicinal value though. :lookaround:  

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because it cures things instead of allowing the patient to be  a cash cow.

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What an amazing recovery.

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4 hours ago, bazil brush said:

because it cures things instead of allowing the patient to be  a cash cow.



tumors is a better word.

"Cure" is a word that gets beaten up


250 pounds for FIVE FRIGGIN GRAMS  wtf???


good clean oil costs pennies to produce!!!


this sounds more like a cash grab than helping people


ps  we are all different and it doesnt work for everyone sadly  well one strain anyway,,,where another may work for a different person ;) WE NEED TRIALS AND STUDIES like the one they have done here that no one knows about where they have looked into why one strain kills a person tumor and not another person with the same cancer,,,


Id try this and as many strains as I could before Id go Chemo or radiation,

Still here for that choice thankfully,

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Another positive medicinal cannabis story in the UK media (The Daily Mail, no less!)


If we aren't careful, there will be an unstoppable momentum behind it being legalised for medicinal purposes. Give it another 20 years or so and we might even step forward out of the stuffy 1950's thinking.



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