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So last night dreamt of grapes and ladybirds

Same dream ... I was walking down the alley behind my parents house, and saw black grapes growing on a vine - pretty ripe, and looked like they'd make a nice wine.


I carried on to open the big garage door, and inside, on the floor were loads of ladybirds.


Grapes ... I can just about get sense of (Dad has retired to grow stuff, including grapes. Except his are white ...)


But ladybirds ? No idea where they come from.


But a quick scan of woo-related sites suggests it's a double good luck portent. I'll assert my scepticism here by saying that bollocks also comes in pairs ...

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Definitely stay away from those woo sites lol might as well dig up Freud's corpse and ask him to interpret it for you.


Have you been having any issues with spider mites lately? Been thinking about ways to deal with them?


I know I've only seen them in the last couple of weeks. The beetles in general seem to have really come out now. Have you been noticing them lately as you walk about? I know the thought of creating a colony in my garage has certainly crossed my mind, what with all these mite problems I had last year.

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