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2 lights, 1 tent?

Just wanting to know peoples thoughts on having 2 hps lights inside a 1x1x2m tent? 


I have 2 digital ballasts laying about and I also have 2 x 6" cooltubes. 


Would I be better running 1 hps bulb at 660w in an adjustawing reflector,  or the 2 cool tubes with both hps lights running 400w to make 800w total?. 

What would be the heat difference etc (I have a good 6" duct fan to draw the heat out) 


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the 600w hps is perfect for that size tent mate....


i would use the adjustawing or the cheap dutch barn type reflectors instead of the cool tubes and a decent 6" fan will be sound for that size space....


i'm in a 120x120x220 tent with 2 600w hps and i'm using a 6" rvk which is enough for me so you shouldn't have a problem in a space a little smaller than mine with a 600w and a decent fan.


you could use 2 400's during the winter months but i think that size tent will just get far to hot if you try it during the summer mate.

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If you can get a stable source of cool air for lights on, you could get up to 1k in there, imo. I have ran 2x 600 in a 1.2x1.2. Lose the reflectors altogether, they just create heat, your tent is a reflector, and hang the lights vertically. Use a big fan pointing upwards, pushing warm air away from the canopy and towards extraction. I use an 8 inch ruck for extraction and one about 2/3s as powerful for intake.


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