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Comrade Stoker

Spring Rolls

I'm not sure if anybody makes these regularly? Please let me know your favourite fillings if you do make them.

I bought some Blue Dragon Spring Roll Wrappers at Christmas. They are like rice paper. You put them in a pan of warm water, move them around, lay them out on a damp tea towel and then add the filling and roll. It takes a bit of getting used to, and it may seem like too much hassle, but, here is the thing. I've been cooking them (Ingredients are mostly cabbage (White, Red, Savoy, whatever), bean sprouts, chilli, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, thai chilli sauce). I fed the whole family for the cost of 3 cabbages (£2.70), a packet of bean sprouts (70p) and a bit of garlic, ginger, chilli (Maybe £1.20 worth). The kids can't get enough of them, yet they wont eat the mix on its own. When I try the mix, its nowhere near as tasty as the spring roll, I can't fucking work it out at all, its a mystery. 

Anyways, back to my point (I'm baked), Spring Rolls for the win, they're cheap, healthy and not that much hassle.

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We have made them before but it was ages ago.  I was wondering about the wrappers you used.  They are the hardest bits if you can't buy them.


I think we ended up using the pancakes from duck wraps in the end as they were all we could find even in Chinatown.


Mung bean sprout are great but always get out of hand ime.  It's all the water changes.

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Blue Dragon sell a pack of 12, for about £1.40. The prices vary wildly online, but £1.40 is about right. They are rice papers, not the crispy sort that you get at the Chinese chippies. They are translucent and the don't fry too well. I just put a small tin of red salmon, some coriander leaves, chilli, soy and sweet chilli sauce into a roll, then cut it into 2 inch lengths. Proper beautiful they were and only cost about £1 for each roll.

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filo pastry,then you can cook them crispy just like the takeaways


i like me some iceland duck spring rolls,£1 for 10-12 iirc,i couldn't be arsed to make them tbh lol so good on you for making your own ;) 



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We were aping the takeaway rolls.  So it was char sui, shrimp, beansprouts, cabbage & parboiled carrot for filling afair.


Very tasty but crazy expensive.  It was the gf's brainchild, who was mildly addicted to them from chinese restaurants lol .

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Cheap enough from local Asian supermarket (predominantly Indian) both veg ones and prawn, why make them? Same with Samosas, I have a couple of bags in the freezer.

When I do an Asian fry-up, the only thing I make from scratch is the onion bhajis.



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Before leaving Thailand I was lucky enough to spend a week being taught to cook but an amazing Lady  'P-Li'. She worked for Thai family who owned the local sports club and helped out doing the lunch time grub as well as the families, we got on well although she was probably 40yrs my senior.


This is her recipe:


One coriander root, 2 garlic cloves and black pepper all ground up.

Mince 10 prawns and 1 pork loin and add to the above and mix.


Grate carrot

Add some softened rice vermicelli

Add 1 egg

handful of coriander leaves

1.25 tbsp of soy


Mix all of the above together


Use Round Egg Spring roll wrap, put a decent size of mix in the middle to make it 2cm thickness, do one turn the tuck the edges in and roll the roll. Fry at medium heat.


For the dip...


1 mug of water

6 tbsp sugar

0.5 tspn salt

1 tbsp white vinegar

1 tbsp Sweet Chilli sauce

little cornflour to thicken


Can be done with chicken or without meat, you could mince fish.





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Over time I now prefer the Vietnamese Raw spring rolls with the translucent rice wraps , filled with tonnes of fresh veg and even a soft shell crab :wub:

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I had some amazing spring rolls the other day from a Chinese in town...

They had all the usual beansprouts etc, as well as meat and a layer of really thick, meaty sticky sweet gravy....they were big too, two of them would make a decent sized meal. :)

They were bloody lovely. :yep:


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