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vertical HPS, and tree growers use this

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wow Tigseyjnr, that DOES look epic.

that's the sorta thing I'm on about, I see hes done s vertical scrog, with plants underneath too, making the most of every square mm of surface area , surface of his groom.

Why waste space, and electricity, when you could double your output. 

I also think that a lot of light is wasted by being behind the plants, even if it is reflected from normal horizontal reflectors etc.

That diary is inspiring stuff, thanks for posting the link.

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11 hours ago, tigseyjnr said:

Anyone else remember @Owderb's cube grow?


Done a quick search but cant find it? Got a link for it owd?


Don't think i dreamt it :wacko:


I didn't make it up though :yep:




It wasn't owd. Sorry mate. It was @Budelaire


Epic :magic:

I was actually thinking about how to achieve something like this but with the ceiling covered as well. 


I think it would be incredibly difficult to get exactly right but with practice definitely possible! 


Great find 

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11 hours ago, badbillybob said:

a lot of light is wasted by being behind the plants, even if it is reflected from normal horizontal reflectors etc.





verticle hanging bulbs work much better than horizontal. I have both on the go atm. 


I really like the parabolic shades. Much cooler than a euro wing etc and without the hotspot below the bulb. 


Nice one, 


Tigs :guitar:


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Lovely thread 

I thought it would be rude not to throw down a few pics of my exploration into vertical growing over the past three years or so. 

I Started with a drobe I built for a couple of plants to test the theory and fuck up after fuck up I learned the hard way. 






Spacing from the bulb all wrong , plants got burned. 




So I made a wider cage . 





Decided to use as much of the space I had , so put the screen right back on the outer walls of the drobe.




I was confident enough with the style of growing to build a new grow room , specifically built with everything I had learned. 



My garage is 2.4m wide and I wanted 2 rooms so this one being the first was approx. 1m tall by wide by depth. Or a cube lol. 



Following the drobe idea I am using the screen round the outside as a vertical scrog. 




After a while I built an identical room next door . The plan was while one is flowering, the other is vegging. 




This second room was a bit nicer than the first and ever so slightly bigger. 

But that's how I'm rolling with 2 rooms. 

Big light is a 400w and the smaller lower one is a 250w mh for vegging and recently a 315cmh for flowering. 



each room has massively overkill an 8 inch fan and Rhino pro filter to itself. 




The top is used as a working bench/work station. Little bit of stealth when doors shut. 



Coco fed by drippers I found to be an explosive way of growing and so easy. 




There are my 2 rooms with the doors off. 





The other room filling up around the bulb.




To get 360 coverage around the bulb I put a plant in front of the door and worked out its own screen that I use to keep the plant away from the bulbs.




As it has worked out most of the vegging is done with the 250w mh as I need 12 weeks (10 weeks of flowering and 2 of drying) before I can flip a room. 12 weeks with the 400 on and I would literally run out of space and the box would become near enough full up . The 250w for the dimensions of the box is just the right speed for me to fill the screen for flowering in 12 weeks. 

Then I fire up the 400 and add that to the mix to go 12/12. 




Till we come right up to date with my first room 3 weeks into flower now




And my other room, this has 9 weeks of veg before I flip the room. 4 weeks to go and I will take clones from everything and root them for the next room . 



Its an amazing way of growing and the biggest bonus I think is the way heat is removed from the room and therefore how well the plants generally are sitting not very far from a very hot bulb. 

The fan blowing up at the bulb towards your extraction point helps create a column of air that the heat just goes up and out . 

An excellent way to grow if you are space restricted . These are meter square boxes with 715w of hps hung in the middle and 9 plants grown around it. 

Check out my sig link if you wanna see blow by blow how I got to here from the beginning. 

If I had a much bigger space to work with I would go vertical again , just scale up . 

Sorry to crash the thread I just felt it would be a good place to lay down some vert pics. 

Good luck to all , vert or Horizontal lol

Merry Christmas


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@zztopbudz some inspirational vert growing right there,i was waiting for you to lay down some posts in here(im sure others where also)


roughly how much temp decreases when getting rid of reflectors?

any tips/heads up in your experience for those of us planning vert lights?



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Hello mate its difficult to say really because I built the rooms for vert so ive nothing to compare it to. 

Its a bit different but I would estimate easily 5 degrees cooler. My set up horizontally , heat would build up under the shades and crisp the top of the plants. especially if u cant raise it any higher.  In the winter tho its just as effective and then you have trouble keeping the heat in. 

I'm in a garage that I insulated the roof of and each of these boxes are insulated completely and 2 summers temps barely get over 80 , 83 tops I think . 

But its more than just heat loss , when u see it all in action its a powerful thing a vert grow. 

I would just love a bigger space to work with. I'm tempted to just increase the height of both the rooms to the ceiling and make myself that extra room. 

I think also u can scale it right down if needed and get the most weed for your buck in a tiny space. Same principle would apply , bulb in the middle of a box and heat sucked out the top , with plants grown around the outside of the box.


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epic update showing the pitfalls along the way and how you streamlined the technique, thanks so much for posting zztopbudz. 

I didn't realise how limited your space was, but you've certainly made the most of it.

I have a question and its the only thing that bothers me about vert growing.

You see the top light holder? would it not get really hot and have the possibility of cracking the fitting? I was thinking it would be safer having the lamp holder to the bottom, to save the heat getting to it? And I take it your extraction is blowing through the filter, with the extract ducting just above the lamp. Thatmust be great for temps and keeping them in check?


Awesome work fella, much respect for going your own way . 

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Fantastic post ZZ :yep: 


Your work mate is outstanding and I'm seriously going to give this vert growing a run out next year as I struggle with heat and not enough headroom with my box with using 7.5s and don't want to go back to 5's so this way will sort it for me plus more weed would be helpful to say the least...itching to get some screen now and have a bash at it! lol

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