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Common kid

Showing my face

Hello UK420 

im new here and just thought I’d show my face and say hi

been growing for about 8 years, only in coco and mainly bottom feeding!

Have been looking at L.E.D more and more lately so hoping to get some good advice, I thought I’d seen something about making them which got my attention but I Don’t know how to use the search yet so struggling hahaha

Still trying to find my way around 


looking forward to learning off you guys!

see ya around ;)


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Hi bud, welcome.........


I've found the best way to search is go to google then add uk420.........usually gets me what I'm hunting for


See ya around


stu  :oldtoker:

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Thanks stu 


that nailed it first time :)

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Welcome aboard! Nice to have you here :) :skin_up:

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