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Sweet Cheese ,Psicodelicia, San Fernando Lemon Kush

Been a while thought i should do a diary.. No pics from veg as i had to move them twice due to inspections etc.. They vegged under 2 x 75w Hs1 led by grownorthern in a .5m x 1m lighthouse tent. They in canna coco and feg GHE Flora Nova Grow @ EC 1.5 . Ph 6.0 ..They have been back in the flower cupboard since Thurs night so been on 12/12 since then so now i up to EC 1.6 ph 6.0 .. I have 2 x Sweet Cheese,, 2 x Pscicodelicia and 2 x San fern lemon kush ... They got germed irc last week of aug, not sure as had lots going on at the time...


Plant 1 Sweet Cheese ..




Plant 2 Sweet Cheese ..




Pscicodelicia plant 1 ..




Pscicodelicia Plant 2  ..




San Fernando Lemon Kush Plant 1 ..




San Fernando Lemon Kush Plant 2 . ..




Lit canopy before re shuffle . 150w hans and 250w hps




How it is now ...




That it for now till next time take it easy ...:oldtoker:

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on the third pic down ... look on the right hand side shoot ...... is that 2 seedpods there ???

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Literally have one San Fernando pushed through some soil today and just waiting for her sister to join the party, jack 47 there as well.

Gonna plot up for this one Arf  and scribble some notes :)



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Nice arf dinna mind me al just be in the corner here keepin yer biccy stash safe :wassnnme:

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healthy looking plants

i have grown the sweet cheese before. i have a few san f lemon ,and indigo berry kush on the grow . only seedlings tho. 

all the best with these.

the psicodelicia is one ive allways wanted to try but put off for other strains of there's. 

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@vortex  in the 3rd pic on the list on the right side was where the branch said hello to a door frame when it was moved. It only just been in 12/12 for a few days. Those are knuckles from where the branch snapped, unless i am looking at the wrong thing....:oldtoker:

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ok thanks  ....  i know bugger all as im all new to this  and just thought i would ask  .... thanks for the reply

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Smoking some SF kush now. Strong super sticky. Stretched a fair bit and large internodes.  Good smoke. Strong. Smells really chem funk. Feels like it should batter you but very in the head then body smoke. 

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 Hi my friend, thanks for sharing your diary here in the Sweet Seeds subforum.

It will be interesting for sure mate, I'll keep passing by!


 Sweet smokes and good luck!



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Todays update, fed at 1.6 ec ph 6.0 .  lights 250w hps and 150w hanspanel lights on temp 27c off 23c rh is 45 and 55, extract on step 3 of 5 ..


Plant 1 Sweet Cheese 




2 Sweet Cheese 




1 Psicodelcia 




2 Pscicodelcia 




1 San Fernando Lemon Kush 




2 San Fernando Lemon Kush 




How canopy looks all sweet seeds apart from far left side .




Thats it for now till next time take it easy ..:oldtoker:

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These are really going for it now stretch wise, i may have to do some bending etc , see what happens over the next few days lol . They being fed Grow and Bloom GHE Flora nova @ EC 1.6 PH 6.0 . I am quite happy with how they responding so far apart form i not have much headroom to play with..


Plant 1 Sweet Cheese ..




2 Sweet Cheese ..




Side by side Sweet Cheese ..




Plant 1 Pscicodelcia ..




Plant 2 Pscicodelcia ..




Side by side Pscicodelcia ...




Plant 1 San Fernando Lemon Kush ..




Plant 2 San Fernando Lemon Kush ..




Side by side San Fernando Lemon Kush ..




Unlit ..




Lit .. All Sweet Seeds apart from the 2 on far left..




That it for now till next time take it easy ....:oldtoker:

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Lots of vigour, a bit stretchy but all under control, congrats ;)


I'm sure you'll have a jungle of frosty buds in a few weeks... keep it up mate :yep:


Sweet smokes,



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God I love cannabis, nice plants there,


Grow Chum

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