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Out of the bedroom tent and into the loft

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On 3/15/2017 at 8:24 PM, Joint hogger said:



mate tbh, your build is a cracker but your taking a risk with the floor as your loft boards look like theyre just sitting on top of the fibreglass insulation

& the floor doesn't look like it's being supported properly,  the combined weight of a person & freshly watered plants could easily go through the floor

if there's no additional support underneath, I went through my attic's floor years ago, it didn't have the loftboards, just fibreglass insulation & a unsupported plank !





Those loft panels are quite sturdy (watch it I'll go thought mine now I said that lol), what happened with mine is panel down the floor to the beams, then kingspan the floor of the groom, then do down with another layer of loft panel on top. It was rednecked, not a professional job for miles around like but it holds up. 


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Nicely documented! Inspired to build a mega drobe now...

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Hey man, starting my iwn atic convertion myslef, would really appriciate some pointers 

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