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Billabong`s Loft Build - Need Some Help With Equipment

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Build a separate enclosed room maybe..in the loft is what most people do mate.

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Just been asked a question by a loftie 2b which i am trying to answer .. when lights are on they tend to seep through the loft hatch ..in turn light must also go through when lights out?

Hoping that perhaps @@Billabong or someonelse may come up with something better than i have thought of

1. Fit foor brushes around edges

2. Fit expandable tubing around edges

3. Velcro black and white above and wider of the hatch

Someone please do better ?? It wont take you long to offer better alternatives to mine lol



I take it you/they are using the full loft then ?

If so I think you are thinking along the right lines

I would probably use the foam draught seal.

I am planning on using this around all my doors

I cant say 100% yet that it will work as I havent done it yet, but I think it should be fine.......

The tubing sounds like a good shout as well :yep:

Only problem I could see with the hatch would be creating enough pressure to make the seal

You might need to put a hook and catch or a lock to make sure it pulls down tight

Also if light is getting through then I would imagine air is too

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Build a separate enclosed room maybe..in the loft is what most people do mate.

@@icki has the best solution @@Billabong ..i can see myself having to do it for her but the partitioning is needed

Thanks guys



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definitely the best idea :yep:

You may as well make it from celotex or the foil bubble insulation

Just to give you a bit more insulation

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Thought I should update this with the choices I made

I have had a cycle through the veg room and currently have some clones in there ready for the next flower run

In the flower tent I have

5 x NoNames

1 x Physcosister (only got 1 female out of 8 beans :( )

4 x Sweet Tooth (subbie seeds)

All at just over 4 weeks into flower, cant wait to try them just a shame I didnt manage to get it done in time for Christmas

I have been battling along getting the rooms dialed in and starting to get the hang of the growing malarky

I have started to get the temps stable and have been battling a calcium deficiency along the way

So equipment wise...


For the veg room I have

8" High Power RVK Extract

10" Rhino Pro Filter

10" acoustic ducting after the fan

6" Low Power RVK Intake

all connected to a 5 step fan controller running on number 1

Light wise I have 2 x 4 tube 2ft T5`s, the spread off these isnt really enough when the plants start to get bigger so I plan to add two 400w dimmable MH/HPS in there

Flower Room

For the flower room I went for

10" High Power RVK Extract

12" Rhino Pro Filter, I had to mount this off to the side a bit as it was to big to fit in the peak. Hopefully this will be ok if not I will need to rethink it

12" acoustic ducting after the fan

again all connected to a 5 step fan controller running on number 1

Just now I only have a 600w dimmable lumatek HPS, I have this right at the top of the room in the centre of the two trusses

There is shaded corners so two lights would be give a better spread, the plan is to add another 600w in. Hopefully I should be able to handle the temps since I am only running them at their slowest speed

Noise wise, you can here the fans a wee bit at night when you are below them

But I have still yet to box them up which should hopefully keep them quiet for when they need turned up

Still loads more building to do in the loft, I dont think that will ever end lol

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Sweet build mate :yep: (ex lofty here ;) ) once dialled in they are great and out of the way, atb bud

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