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Dutch Passion's POWER PLANT 12/12 From Seed

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Heya, 420,ers, ......... good health to all onlookers........

Here we go then;........................ another journey, this one very different, in style and content !!

The Power Plant is beyond F8. So very stable, genetically. And is subject to selection. This means chromosomal distributions are 'Regularized' or trait constant. And 100% predictable.

Due to 8 or more generations of line breeding. A true monoecious strain. from the Greek mόνος (mónos), single, ie male and female are seperate. so you have a true female wonce males removed. No "Dioecious" tendancy's............... male and female gamete on same plant chrome set.

Soil is

inns seedling


lime free sand

cocco low % aid drain/air in

3pac genesis nute

led lighting 567w 3w 6spec inc uv ir 3x lens 189

4.5ltr pots


RO tap buffered to 150-200ppm. both supply's air conditioned standing only, 56hrs.

Ph 6.3 Ec 0.3 nute only/ every day 200ml in 4.5ltr soil. Hoping to end up in 100 days with, packed little 60-80cm new year power plant micro trees, one large centre colas, 80% of normal 18/6 yield, saving

There at day 21 now,.............and no sign of micro sexing yet, so still in veg on day 21 of 12/12 from seed.

Day 6 & 21 pics Dutch passion's POWER PLANT 12/12

international blog indoors

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 6 016

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 6 013

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 6 017

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 6 018

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 21 002

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 21 005

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 21 006

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 21 007

Should be interesting, some guys get 62-85 dry from these power micro super colas tree's !!..... see if i can beat that one !!................. ill have a good go.............AM
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Good one chap

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nice one

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Atb AM, I'm sure you'll hit the 85 dry.Super colas on these. :).

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Atb AM, I'm sure you'll hit the 85 dry.Super colas on these. :).

That would pass my expectations two fold, but would be a nice way to enter new year Canny mate, (February). Hope yuz well bro,.....

Day 29 / (Of 100) 12/12 from 1st wetting PP seeds, direct to final pots. 5ltrs.

They (The Females) are tramping on well on a low Ec, as sativas respond best to, a light hand, nute wise.......... Ec 0.25 (nute only), 250mls Buffered RO, every other day atm. Ph 6.4 now, from a 6.3 starting.

All "Dioecious" PP juniors have now micro sexed day 21 to 23, by 23 it was all hanging out. at 100mag a blind man can tell difference in Dioectious strains, (Dioecious species have the male and female reproductive structures on separate Cultivars.) Rather than fems, monoecious. Examples of dioecious plant species include ginkgos, willows and cannabis. Ginkgos, is a KC extinction event survivor. As are certain Canna, & Cannabinium genus/phlum.

The % male to female ratio in REG PP is; 47%. The males where isolated by day 23. And where duly, removed. i had planned for 40% males. A couple didant micro sex properly until day 27.

Dutch Passion Power Plant 12/12 From Seed. Day 29

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 29 003

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 29 002

international blog indoors

So far no issues, very small pre bud formations are developing on the couple that are slightly ahead. But overall the pack of females is very homogeneous, in pheno typology. Overall a good start to the 12/12. The sexing out the way, and not having to water every day is a bonus, very little trim to smuggle and dry. 12/12 and no 5wk 18/6 is a juice saver. Good quality stock from seed and not cuttings. They seem to like the 10-15% improvement in "Drainidge" and evacuation of un-used runoff. Due to including the 10% cocco in with soil and perlite/vermickylite.

A much more relaxed type of grow "Sativa" ........ even if you miss a watering say they go 3 days since last watering. You go in lights on, perky, fans up, like they aint missing the drink !!................. finger on bottom of pot in roots, slightly damp....................... ahhhma....................keeping reserves back for lean times ??.................. clever plant me thinks................. indica will drink it dry and dry out.

The PP has a good amount of Lux, and is keeping quite compressed under the led at 25' above canopy. it is not a good idea to top this sort of grow as, the spread is unwanted. largish vertical colas is the mission statement. AM

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Day 35 update; (Note; Posted 4 day's Late)

Alls fine. had a curve ball from the mother of PP natures, nurtures !!.......... day 35, two more males threw the glands late, luckily, i was looking in and seeing properly. No pollination occurred. After quadruple searches of sex organs !! had taken place from day 16 to 23, thought it was all over, all glands where thrown ! could have put 100 on them being 100% fem fatal's. They all had pistils, i would have swore on it.

Typical variance in pheno and geno typical traits, but quite homogenous. They are as sensitive around the nute as the "DesFran".......... showing quality pure line sativa inheritance traits.

This strain dominated throughout the late 80"s and 90's in the "Centrum"........... 7.8 million international peoples cant be wrong !!................. am looking forward to the DF comparative.

here are the PP 12/12 from hatch-lings....................... cracking on then the PP reg femfatal's, tallest 65cm smallest 48cm................... micro flowers, have 75 days to fill up those stems !!..........

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 35 008

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 35 010

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 35 011

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 35 013

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 35 015

international blog indoors

Now the PP (Reg) sex storm has hopefully passed,................ i am left with some stonking looking females with potential to yield, 85% of a 6ft plant, but at at 80cm finished. all the usual energy going into the larger frame structure. saved. And re directed into Flowers.where it should be !!..................... not for the faint heart, and not keen eyed though......................... the sex storm is like a jungle trial..........without the roaches in the mouth !!
Can see "Henk" original point now, after taking the trial, and why he was so spurred on for so many years to bring fems to the world. No more sex trials !! allowing more growers to not have to worry to take the trial to succeed in all females outcome......... and not knowing exactly how many you might end up with. but i found it an enjoyable wrangle with mother natures and her ways for 12-14 days of watching her ways unfold !
These little xsmas PowerPlant Trees are going to be great fun to watch develop all thier potential over the next 75 days now flowering has begun properly............. "Male-less"......... now the dames know the males have wondered off,............. they will make special effort to load up in-case they return some day.................................RIP PP males................. all except 2 "Super Males"......lounging in a desert free fro females !! like a PP boys day out !!.....AM
Ph 6.4
Ec Combined 0.54
temp low 21
High 27.5
RO (Tap Water) buffering 200ppm 0.31 Ec
Silicone half ml ltr/1 from start ph up.
Ph down to 5,8 PO4 1st then add nute then Ph up silicone.
Mix res slowly for 10hrs to stabilize Ph then re adjust for stability, just before feed.
250-300ml per day is drinking rate atm. Every 3rd or 4th watering. I let them go a day without watering. So 02 can get right in. The growth spurt after, never ceases to amaze me.
Edited by AutoMaster
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Hi AM, those males can be super sneaky. A couple I missed nearly spoilt my latest grow. Like you I could've sworn they were females in pre sex. Phew! girls all the way now. I've pulled up a chair. :)

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i love a good 12/12 from seed ,and this is lining up to be just that

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Update; Day 49; (2 Days late Upload)

have been keeping the nute Ec quite low, as i dont want early salt build up in the low volume 12/12 pots. however, these PP are very hungry Dames, especially as they are Regular Seeds. So at day 48 / 7wks or around the half way mark of 114 days. I spotted very early signs of what i though was a cal/mag def due to very eager consumption of nutrients. But telling the difference between a cal/mag def & a nitrogen def isant that easy !!

So first i lifted the nute Ec to 0.5, then added Epsom salts to res, and lifted Ec to 0.9, from 0.4 with Epsom. 4 days later, some greening up had occurred. However, i decided to cover both angles, and lift the Nitrogen as well.

This essentially, changed my base nute profile from, bloom back to a ratio of NPK thus; N10 P9 K13. They have responded to the even NPK very well.

Then i dawned on me well and truly. That from 12/12 from seed. With no oficial veg period, the plant needs an even NPK ratio. As it is vegging and flowering at the same time.

So starting with a veg feed high in N, And moving to a flower ratio, when flowers first showed wk2-3. Which is low in N. Led to early defs in N & K.

Concluding, i am now running an even NPK ratio throughout the feed schedule now.

So it is clear, an even ratio of NPK from the start, with calcium buffered RO at 150-200ppm is the way to run 12/12 from seed nute profile. As both veg & flower progress together in this method. And the nute Ec was a bit low in the first 4wks.

Better to be low, and not block salts into medium, leading to flushes being required. rather, the PP will tell you what she is needing, when slightly underfed. So the rectification profile would look like this. N10 P5 K12.

Moving from that after rectification, to an even profile, N10 P8 K12. Until the last 4-5wks, when it will flip to, N4 P8 K16 @Ec0.9, not inc tap water calcium EC @0.31. Total Ec 1.21. + silicone Ph up. Am running Ph at 6.9 at the mo, to bring up a suspected lower Ph in soil. In addition. The soil temp light out was droping below 20c. Exacerbating the nute issues.

So a lights out 1Kw floor heater had to be put in to keep root ball temp up above 20c minimum. A further exacerbation or antagonism was the nute temp was also sagging, as res is outside room, and also dropped to 17c. Not good. So a 10ltr hand balling res is drawn off each day and put into room to warm upto 23c, as room is running bang on 26.5 at the mo.

This combination of temp and Ec adjustments has now brought the early def issues to a close. Strange thing though, i notice on some PP blog pics i have found, of PP in 15ltrs 18/6 + 12/12, some of the pics show the same early def signage !!....................... concluding, some of it might just be genetic hunger rampage !!.............. causing mobile nutes to be drawn of from lower leaves and redirected etc......... a mild molasses feed has also been given to improve bacterial symbiosis in the medium.

The baby flowers have responded with power blushes of growth from the Epsom uptake, and the Nitrogen, has delivered the structure for this, power plant power growth surge !!

They are at around 70cm tall at wk 7, and most of the stretch is now over. But i will be keeping them on an even NPK for anoth 2-3wks, before starting to intro the PK13/14 with molasses every other feed. They are drinking around 250-320ml per day, each day atm. Every 4th day left to dry out with no feed.

Power Plant 12/12 from seed day 49 Wk 7;

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 49 001

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 49 008

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 49 026

international blog indoors

Other than that they are ramping on, despite minor issues. Which will fissile out over the next 6-10 days i would expect. I also have 4no PP's that are pushing upto 90cm, from a 4.5ltr pot !!...AM

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Hi AM,

looking good mate with loads of good info. I've just popped some of the fem version of these PP's to go in my Wilma. I'll see if they use the nutes at the same NPK rate as your regs. I doubt they'll be as N hungry in the first two weeks of bloom but we'll see. Height restriction means I'll have to flip them early and they'll be mainlined. atb.

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12/12 Power Plant UPDATE:....... Wk 9 today.

The flush down of the high Ph issue, is showing dividends, 7 days on from prescription.

i have also found the PP has a tendency for that "Light Green" leaf color, but the flowers stroll on like there aint a problem at all. The Ec is back on at 0.45 (Nute) 0.35 tap water buffer to the RO. Got run off Ph down to 6.9. using 5.8 going in to slowly bring down the medium Ph. 5 of the Dame De PP, had a 4-5ltr 5.8 flush, and these have shown, quicker recovery signage.

Considering the 4.5ltr pot volume, the PP has still hit, with 4 of the samples, 1.1m. which is amazing considering the root volume. drinking rate is slowing now wk 9. The PP is said to ripen quite quick. i will run these till they cant take any more, around 13-14 wks. So on the Pk nxt 8-10 days, with Boost Accelerator, to ease the Pk in.

They are packing trichs atm to. Showing the full nute spectrum is now fully available again !!.............. think the lime free sand, (Bulk bag), wasent that lime free in the end !!

They are clearing 400ml or 4 deciliters a day atm though........... and plenty of osmotic differential at watering as well. having to give 5 deciliters to get a small amount of run off daily. have to have run of daily atm to ensure medium is saturated with 5.8. To keep Ph down. Like hydro in soil !!............ defo the cocco will be out of calcium at this stage, so it must be the lime free sand, that held up Ph.

The aroma is very nice, and full on........... bang on......HB

Day 63 12/12 PP (Regular) Wk9 (Already)...

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 63 004

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 63 007

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 63 005

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 63 001

Some long Sativa "Candy Sticks" building good structure atm. Still4-5 wks to go. So looking about right, for a verified high yielding of a sativa. This is a superb way of controlling the height issues with high class sativa strains. Would love to try the "DesFran" in this mode. A lot more good size satellites than i was exspecting as well. She got the proper lux, and she is making good of every photon she can get upon her..... even so, 4no are occupy about 80cm squared. Due to slim sativa leaves, light get righ down in, with the x3 lenses, directing every ounce of photon, straight down into the framework of the PP.............. they got 4-5 wks to triple the load............ lets see how they finish.............. quite pleased with recovery speed to....

Here are a couple of pics of PP showing the light green leaf coloring, and the odd ragetty leaves, same as i have got !!.... might be the genetics and not a deff issue at all !!, still showing good trich load though !! .....Automaster

PP Wk9

PP wk10

we are sure along way from this little fella now.....

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 6 017

Edited by Owderb
links removed
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surprising speed, and looking good.

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Thanks Tone......... they are ripening fast for sure, and packing on the weight atm........ quite dense flowers to the sqeeze as well.

Day 70, Cultivation Review; Power Plant (Regular) 12/12 From Seed.

Hi all, it's been a surprising week, they have gone to work on the Pk, and boost accelerator. With intermittent molasses (2tsp in 4.54ltrswarm water) doses. In a res water warmed to 23c. The space temp has dropped, to 25.5c. Ive been weather bombed !!. And point blanc refuse to resort to HPS thermal back up. They seem to like the warmed nute Ph,ed at 6.5, now stable. I usually push up to 6.8, with 7 as ceiling, during fruitification, of these, pure bred, regular anemophilous strains.

Pushed the nute Ec, even NPK ratio, to 0.8 plus buffer and silicone and boost. 0.8 inc 160ppm of Pk13/14, genesis nute substitution. They responded well. The def issue has gone. and they are moving into late middle age. Flowers are packing it on. And very hard to the squeeze......

They have had thier dry out day ending tonight. The pics are pre feeding. They where last fed, 48hrs ago. And very perky, showing no wilt through drought conditions. Wide thermal and hydro environmental tolerance noticed with the pure breed sativa. Recon you could go another 24/36hrs and she would still be eking reserve. A couple starting to show signs of ripening at 10 weeks. Nutrient retrieval begins. Flush is only 14 days or less away.

The next 2wks are crucial in terms of nute balance delivery, with energy source to digest the sugars !!...... thought i would put a few more pics than previous updates. Well i am off for xsmas break now,.............. TFc................. here are me "Dames De Power Plant", No veg window at all given. Trich are 60% cloudy atm. PP 12/12 >> Automaster

Mixed long and short shots, PP Bud close ups at end.

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 002

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 003

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 007

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 023

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 004

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 009

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 010

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 021

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 035

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 012

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 013

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 016

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 017

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 019

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 020

tn_gallery_80973_7327_156452.pngDelta 9 carbon sugar molecule

I am never one for cutting even a couple of cloudy satellites, and having a preambles of the UN-finished item. would rather take the long road to the end of low pressure cure, at 14psi. Which i find drastically improves the terpen and VOc compounds, as the cure also creates its own low oxygen, Co2 rich environment at 62RH. Like a slight vacuum in the cure vessel. Under 14psi pressure. here is a pic of the one i designed and made myself. using an 11bar gauge, and 25psi hand pump, to a rubber sealed wide neck high density 3.6ltr food grade Polypropylene vessel. Which take a hygrometer sideways !! and handles the pressure due to shape. Am pleased with cure low pressure results, so far.
405473d1418498512t-regular-power-plant-1 Thanks for looking in, Nxt update wk 11 77 days....... they should be double the weight by then !!........Automaster

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Day 77 11wks 12/12 from seed. Dutch Passion Power Plant.

They continue to impress, with weight gain, most have begun taking back mobile nutes at wk11. But are still in final panick mode, loading trchs up to say the least. 80% plus, cloudy/milky, 20% deep amber, @100mag. As the pistils start to turn golden brown, about now.

Some Key figures, that made them perform at best;

Room Rh 45.
Room High 27.8
Room Low (Not below 21), but upto 23.5 Lights out (Day)
180-200ppm Pk13/14, Genesis nute substituted. leaving 150ppm genesis Microbase B (Vit/Min/Pac) Bloom Nutrient 3 50/50. Inc tap Ec and silicone salts total Ec 0.9
Nute (RO/Tap Buffered)water, warmed to 23c, post aeration, degassing, before feeds and re Ph,ed fresh before feed.
Fed to 1st run off sight. 250-500ml day, hr after lights on with sativas.
2 days out of 7. Left to dry out regas o2/Co2 in medium.
Run off Ph 6.8 Nute Ph in (Flower) 6.6. Amazingly, efficient use of water. I have halved my water use, for more efficient production. And used alot less nutes, being sativas.

Will probably go for the full ripen. @15wks, 2-3 will finish before that though, and wont be long before those 3-4 will be on flush 2-3wks early.

Dutch Passions; POWER PLANT 12/12 From Seed, Wk 11 from 1st wetting seeds. 77days; PP>> genetically speaking it is also PP and not Pp. As in PP Pure Breed. >>

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 70  10wks 020

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 041

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 008

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 019

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 033

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 033

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 003

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 015

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 011

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 023

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 036

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 037

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 038

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 039

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 008

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 030

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 031

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 006

PowerPlant 12 12  Day 77  11wks 013


if they keep this up, could be promising, on the dry front !!........ hard to say but couple defo up in the 50-56 bracket. Considering some super slim, low side bow sativas struggle with 25. But a couple are 1.5 zip......... but they still have 7-10 days nute before 10-14 day flush on Pure RO and lemon juice !! Very fruity aroma now from the PP. The shot where taken before feed, after 48hrs twice weekly dry out. This is end of week dry out. And still perky. Do like the PP hardness, vigor, environmental stamina. Automaster

As it is the last update before xsmas; I thought i would round up the year with some pics of the years flowers. In this order Dutch Passion Euforia / Orange Hill Special / DesFran 100% Sativa. All harvest last day pics, of fully ripe flowers of each. All 3 where very enjoyable, both in fragrance, and when smoking, and power. But the DesFran, topped the year, with the best ever sativa i have, seen, or completed. Topping my top 5 this year. AM

Dutch Passion


FINAL PICS Euforia Day 91 Fwr 70 10wks 029

FINAL PICS Euforia Day 91 Fwr 70 10wks 046

Copy Of FINAL PICS Euforia Day 91 Fwr 70 10wks 003

Dutch Passion

Orange Hill Special (Nieuw Strain This Year 50s/50ind 2014)

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 030

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 051

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 055

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 066

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 092

Orange Hill Special DP  HARVEST Day 109 Fwr 68  9.7wks 103

Finally the "DesFran" 100% Sativa...(Nieuw Strain, This Year Again)...... Top of my list now, displacing the Think Different to 2nd.
What to be said, other than it is the best i have ever done. In all aspects yield, temperament, vigor, flavor, aroma, density of flower, trich load (Mental), power "Insane" & mental... best all-rounder so far... Automaster DF 2014>>
The 2014 DesFran, (Potent@25%THCv/Min)

DF Harvest 104  74 047

DF Harvest 104  74 082

DF Harvest 104  74 126

DF Harvest 104  74 143

DF Harvest 104  74 007

DF Harvest 104  74 012

DF Harvest 104  74 023

DF Harvest 104  74 042

DF Harvest 104  74 111

DF Harvest 104  74 020

DF Harvest 104  74 021

DF Harvest 104  74 097

Thanks to all for looking in this year...... it's been fun. And the smoke, the best a man can get. patients have raved all year, and where literally blown away by the DesFran at the end......
Have a good one all, wk12 nxt satdy update the PP 12/12.coming along nicely, if i could of saved 3wks this year, would have brought in 4 strains in 2014, bet they are preparing the Dam already !! Automaster 2014 :xmas:
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just fed em,............ the last feed before the flush starts proper......................... looking good.........................xmas all....AM

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