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Rusting Auto BlueBerry - any idea's?

Hi all,

I germ'd a mixed bag of 5 strains, 1 of which is this DP Auto Blueberry. It was the only auto I had as a little filler whilst I veg out the other 4 regs. It has just completed week 7 since being chucked in a root riot and all was going nicely until a week ago I noticed little brown spots appear and has grown worse by the day :headpain:

With so little time to go, I am not looking to treat it, just would like to know what caused it and if it could affect the others it grew up with? They are showing no signs of rust so am hoping it is feed related to the auto only as have been feeding her a different ratio to the vegging plants. Time for pics...




She is in an 11 ltr pot, Westlands MPC, 1ml veg+2ml bloom (Biobizz), 400w on 19/5, good air exchange and as I use linked cooltubes, temps are between 29c down to 22c. Any input greatfully received as don't wanna lose my other girls. Cheers, Bogsy
Just to add, a lot of the reading I have done here re rust, ends up with a suggestion of using Cal/Mag. So if anyone can pinpoint a cause for the above, then would Cal/Mag do the trick to prevent this happening again?

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