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mad world

jimmy's storey

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Sorry to read of your loss, my thoughts to you and those close to you


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Thanks guys for all the kind words, I was a bit pissed the other night..

The oil never made him well, but it did have a massive impact on his last few months...

I started him off on a low dose as required, as he had never had a joint in his life, didn't want to put him off from the start, but he did say the day after the first dose that he had the best nights sleep hes had in years. He started to enjoy to feeling of the stonedness, as he said many times. And it helped him from being too real with himself and the cancer could go and kiss his arse, we used to have a laugh, better if I had a joint before I went and seen him in the evening, nice to be on the same level.(beautiful moments, soul connection).

After a few weeks he was having a gram a day, I used to put a gram on a plastic plant label stick in blobs of nine, he had 3 at 10/11 oclock in the morn (he used to like a lie in) since the oil started...this is the guy who was up a 7 all his life, but great, the more he was asleep the more he was away from the bollox of cancer, which was good for him, sleeps the key whilst healing.

Anyway he had 3 more blobs around 4pm then go to bed when it kicked in, get up have his tea and settle on the settee for the rest of the night, then 3 more at bed time..about 11.30, 12 ish, so that way he slept through till 11ish the next day, he slept very very well(as you can imagine) which was massive.

He did have dark days, (black dog days he called them. .depression) but as soon as this started he would mentally tell the thought to fuck off, he was very strong minded, top fella!

What a battle the fella had, but he fought it to the end.

When the depression started he did lose his appetite, but on a whole he eaten well, I was trying to get his diet on the low alkaline side, but he wasn't too keen, he liked his ice cream, sweets etc, which killed me, but what do you say to a man whos ill...

As the weeks went by the doctor would call to see him every 2 week, check him over and was scratching his head cause the doctors text book, and jimmys symptoms didn't match up..

The doc gave him bags of drugs to take to relief his symptoms, but mother natures oil took care of all that..he never wanted or NEEDED any pharma man made shite.

It got to the point that the doctor made him an appointment to go for a scan to see what was going on, because he wasn't doing the cancer dying thing.

On the 13th September I got a call from mum who said he was throwing up, but it was blood, the paramedics was called and by the time I got to his house he was in the back of the ambulance with blood all over his chin/chest, he was okay, just in shock of the situation...off to hozi.

When we got there they sent him for a chest xray and said they was going to keep him in to find out where its coming from.

I told the doctor on duty what was going on and all about the oil, she looked at me without a clue what I was saying about the endocanibiod system in the human body, and told her all about the plant and how it has been used for thousand of years to cure all medical problems....SHE NEVER HAD A CLUE.. its been killed off by the pharma companies, so they don't even teach the young doctors all about it...got to keep the money rollin in!!!

So the xray came back and I seen on the screen the new xray, which was compared to the xray he had 3 month earlier.

I stood there for ten mins not believing what I was seeing, I had to get my dads sister to confirm what I was seeing..

You could clearly see that the tumour had reduced by 70% from the images on the screen, it was on I don't believe it moment..

He stayed in and we all walked away thinking YES.. weve done it. or doing it!

We phoned the next morning and they said hes doing well, come and pick him up and take him home.

Myself, my mum and brother colin all turned up at 3.30. He was sat next to his bed in his hozi supplied jarmas, we seen him and got changed ready to go.

I went to see to nurses to see what was happening. .she was on the phone.. while I was waiting there was a shout from jimmyys cubical, I went in and he was throwing up blood again, I told the nurses and they all came running, the alarms was going off, and my dad was surrounded by 14 or so docs and nurses.

I helped him along with the nurses to get him on the bed, mum and colin had been removed from the room, but I insisted I stayed (hes my dad)

From the start of the throwing up till he died was less than 4 mins, he died in my arms whilst I was telling him in his ear he was going to be okay.

It was such an horrendous situation, an unreal thing, but I was cool, it felt like being part of a seen on causality, unreal, dream like.

But I found the strength to get throght it...don't know how, now looking back. But you do, you find it!

Ive never experience any thing like this in my life and I am 43..(young 43, may I add).

On jimmys death cert it said he died from a haemorrhage..first off, secondry lung cancer.

It seems the cancer eaten into a main vein in his chest and caused him to throw up blood, the body went into shock cause of the amount of blood he loas and he blacked out and popped his clogs...way to go jimmy, 4 mins of pain and suffering isn't a bad trade off for cancer eh!

So that's what happened, he went through it, he never ever felt too bad, he eaten, he had a shite, he done the do, but for this fella it was a little too late.

Lung cancer is what they call the silent killer, you don't know you have it till its 95% in you, so looking back we didn't have much chance of seeing this off, but I will say that every single drop of oil jimmy had made him better in his situation.

Just because jimmy never made it, I am 100% behind the use of oil for ppl, no mater what illness you have, no matter what the situation, take it, its the oldest plant used to make you well on the planet......don't let the pharmas tell you different.

whoever your god is, well bless you guys, each and every one of you who have posted on here is.

If any body wants advice on making the oil for cancer please let me know... theres loads of tips in internet for it, but one thing I found was if your using isopropanol to extract you oil you have to process it thru a second purge stage where you boil it on a cup warmer.. you have to wait till there is NO activity on the oil, to confirm this I found that if you do a run of oil,and your not sure wether its 100% clear of iso you MUST put it in the freezer

overnight, if its still runny, you need to get it back on the coffee warmer, the only wat you know all the iso is gone is when you freezwe it and it moves in the syringre ever so slightly.


god bless you all.

peace and love on the larger scale of love.



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Amazing show of character and strength both you and your farther have shown in this difficult time

I'm glad you have shared your story, it's only from accounts like yours that we can break the misconceptions about this wonderful drug

Sending you and yours some good vibes

Stay safe


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All the best Madworld....wish we all had your strength....kind thoughts sent within....

kind regards hd

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Blessings for you and your family mate xxx

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Keep up with the oil ppl to save lives, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but this is becoming more and more mainstream....call me synical but I think the government have found away of commersaling this......but I think monsanto have a large hand in this.

Keep well, and fight the fight.x

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Commercial..pre dick tive SHITE!

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Your a strong dude mate!

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Great report my friend, the sort to give anyone the confidence to try the oil.

Presently working on a very aggressive facial cancer.

Managed to get some expensive oil from Nedrlands, after about 2 hr iit does seem to attack the area of the cancer.

What I mean by that is, the area starts to be attacked with sharp jabbing cancer pians, can be really aggressive, can anyone confirm if this may by indicating healing ?

As I run down toward last grams of my Dutch oil, I have to think about what to do next, more dutch oil...too expensive, and I have no way of knowing if it is up to the standard required.

I am steering clear of NHS, and as a complete novice at 77 have recently put my first seeds to ground, they if successful will still be to late to bridge the chasm.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated. Would post a 'Horror' photo if I knew how to!

Regards, Brenie01

Right guys, just an update..jimmys doing well,been out the other day(first time in 2 an half month),not bad going considering the docs said he would be brown bread now!.

He is going to see a oncologist this thursday 5th sept,to see whats going on.

If its right i am going to say that he is taking cannabis oil....only if the guy is the right sort, gota wait and see.

His doctor who calls every two week has requested this appointment, because jimmy isnt ticking the boxes of a dying man, the doc has prescribbed all sorts of shite to hime over the last few months,which jimmy stuck in the back of the drawer,cause he dont need them.

his blood pressure,blood satuaton,water works....all bob on! so he dont take em, great!

he is eating like he used to do,sleeping well and doing the do.

He has the tumor growing out of his back, its a visable lump, which has gone red and purple and now(over the last few weeks) has started to develop blisters which will lead to breaking of the skin...danzig told me that its known for the body to expel tumors from the body,and for them to "break free" from the body..and to tell the truth,thats what it looks like in this case..

He is of sound mind and looking realy good,given the situation.

Sound mind...well i dont know so much..he is very stoned and going on and on about old times, but thats better than him talking about death and all that.

So guy i will let you know after his visit to the hozi on thursday.

If i was given the cancer curse, the first thing i would do is take the oil, thats how convinced of this treatment i am.

peace and love guys.


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This story is amazing, you are a real inspiration. I hope lots more people read this and this gets more people thinking on the same wavelength. I hope to be making some oil soon to give to my friend who has a brain tumour. He's 22 and is currently going through chemo which is utterly draining him :(

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dear mad world , I sat staring at those first three words after reading your story, in floods of tears and cant stop crying thinking how to respond,I had to walk away in flood, sit ,and regroup,

I am always unsure of what I think to post and normally talk myself out of posting at all. but am drawn to your story,far too close to my own


 I am sincerely sorry that your dad jimmy did not make it, No! even more than that but the right words dont come as they do for others  I was following your story with great joy in my heart, knowing that the oil was working, at the point of feet up with a cup ot tea playing bingo, cracked me up,sincere joy knowing, . the ending was not good and was like abolt to the heart and had me off again, I  am so sorry,  

but I have to tell you, You  shoud be extremely proud that you helped your father to an easyier end, rather than chemo


I have two daughters same age as you 5 grand kids,2 son in law well three realy,  wife of 44 years and a mad boxer dog and, life is good,ish  and Im scared.


Your post and others like it are are pushing me in the direction of   No to chemo!,  And I have to make the decision Tomorrow,


I also know in my heart that if I need help UK 420 is there for me, The PostUK420   A gree a day to keep the doc at bay  Page 3 and 6 has moved me more towards the nay side,

I have read since being told I have HodkinsLymphoma hundred of testimonials

iif I went to church and asked god, I think he would tell me to stay green.  love and best wishes          Jimmy h

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@George keep on keepin on mate. Stay strong and good vibes your way in your fight 


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sorry to hear of your loss mate .... condolences to you and the family ....

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