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Passive Hydro/Coco

On the below pic, I have knocked up a feed schedule for flowering strains that go for longer than 8 weeks, for passively fed coco.

These would be using the appropriate Root Stim and Pk Boosters for the chosen brand.

Are they appropriate for the length of time in flower etc, particular the max EC, and extension of PK.

The Flush section would start 5 days prior to chop date in the final week, with straight tap water.



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You would have to stipulate what nutrients it is for mate because unfortunately one doesnt fit all, pk's need using at different times all depending on nutrient maker

Plus no one can really say what the maximum ec will be. Different plants require different food levels and environment also has a huge effect on nutrient uptake

EG...If I followed that chart for my present grow they'd be as yellow as they come seeing as Ive had to push up to 2.4 ec. Whereas on another grow the chart may be pretty much spot on

Guides are just that and unfortunately some are miles off


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Evening Owd.

It would be Plant Magic as i've got quite a fair bit stock piled at present and they are an adaption of that schedule.

Thanks bud.

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Hi Budlaire, I have been doing so much reading up on your grows you are truly an amazing grower!, I have been digging and digging and digging to piece together find out what your schedule is for the Hempy buckets that you've been using, Im going in on the Hempy buckets for my next one, Can you please give me some advice on nutes you are actually using on the hempy's  and the kind of ec/ph levels, Im new to coco and vermiculite/\Hydro as im a mud man but you have given me inspiration as my last 2 grows have been dog :soap: on PM Soil and nutes

All the best buddy 

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Posted (edited)

I usually peak at EC1.4 of added food.  

The mix is tailored for their stage. PK, Root stim etc. 

I now negate the EC0.7 that my water is so I would peak at around EC2.1-2.2. 


Doing it this way, no longer counting the tap water element, I’ve had much more successful grows.

They are usually multi strain so I aim for a middle ground feed wise vs getting it perfect. 

I also add dry inputs, bat guano, charge and bio products like mammoth microbes etc (effecting slow release food availability for the media).


Coco Hempies. I’d say feed a little stronger In general and go for every 48 hours fertigation wise. 

I’ve experimented with different buckets etc and 20ltr and just one or two to a bulb/Sq meter of canopy is sufficient.  Daily irrigation may be needed if say it’s just one per bulb. 



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Posted (edited)

Is ec of 1.0 during the first week of veg not a bit much?


Edit: ahhh is this for cuttings? Not seeds.

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