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Found 4 results

  1. During the mid-1980's I was dabbling quite a lot with hallucinogens, which gave me the first internal insight into 'chaos patterns'. I knew about the popularity of the paisley patterns with people taking hallucinogens, and along with mandala's these were really the poor persons fractals of the time. Repetitious and iterative colourful tiles, or rings, on which to focus and allow your 'reducing valves' (as covered by Aldous Huxley in Doors Of Perception) to dilate and open yourself up to the ever-present stimuli which your valve protects you from. The hallucinogens I was taking were allowing me to see the next-generation of the paisley and mandala patterns (without them being there!). 'Chaos patterns' were the term I used at the time to describe them to others, and often the skies could be an absolutely overwhelming sight of these patterns, in all colours know to man (including Octamarine!). During the early to mid-1980's in the US, Benoit Mandelbrot was discovering some REALLY remarkable and seemingly magical geometries, as a result of simple iterative algorithms. As far as I know, he wasn't using hallucinogens to make this discovery, although that is a possibility (Ralph Abrahams is a mathematician who does value the insights they provide him). It was still very early days in the use of supercomputers, but Mandelbrot managed to get enough computing power to enable him to run a large number of tests, with some stunning results. Very unusual images were emerging which had some amazing properties. These structures were called Fractals, and one of the most interesting ones was named the Mandelbrot Set, and they all contained infinity in a beautiful but bizarre way. Over the coming years the world went fractal mad, including me. I learned to program computers using the Sinclair Basic of the ZX Spectrum, and even then I would try and make interesting images with my own code. Those images were really simple geometries, but with a random element (which I loved watching). When I had discovered proper Fractals, I bought a book called "The Science Of Fractals (published 1988)" which contained pseudo-code for making these mini applications yourself, to enable exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and other related Sets. I spent days and days with my head in books learning how to program these into C++, and then sometimes waiting days and days for images to be revealed. It was exciting for me to see that these things were hidden in the world between numbers and nature. Seeing them in an application you have created yourself allowed much better understanding of these insane structures. The world soon provided me with fast computers and really, really clever people created stunning computer programs I could use (e.g. Fractint, Tierazon, SterlingWare, Ultra Fractal, Fractal Extreme, Kalles Fraktale, Xenodream and Mandelbulb 3D). I am still being amazed by the fractal artists I see and these days we have such powerful computers and really ingenious programmers, that we are able to see things never seen before. Fractals are a discovery of a magical multi-dimensional landscape, and if you share my never-ending hunger for them, please post here on a regular basis, and share with the community. Some Free Tools: Kalles Fraktale http://www.chillheimer.de/kallesfraktaler/ * Ultra Fractal http://www.ultrafractal.com/ MandelBulb 3D http://mandelbulb.com/ * Fractal Extreme http://www.cygnus-software.com/ * Are not free but do have some free trial options Documentaries to begin with: The Strange New Science of Chaos (1989) Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity (1995) I will post some contemporary zoom animation videos here shortly, but I wanted to give some details in an introduction for those who are interested, and especially those who are yet to discover.
  2. Just thought i'd share these kaleidoscope images i made from various pictures from my 2013 guerrilla grow and also of a few liberty caps i harvested during the last season. Enjoy....