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Found 7 results

  1. Hi @HSO-Markkindly selected San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha for me in this wonderful seeds4diaries promo. I've got my 400w HPS out of retirement. Currently with a Philips veg bulb soon to change to a flowering bulb. Plus a 220w Strip LED Both lights slightly to the side and angled a little to add some side lighting. It's busy in there. They are on 24/7. I have flowering plants on large drip trays which slide across the tiled floor into a nearby dark bedroom with an oscillating fan set up. So I rotate two sets of flowering plants. It also means I can veg in the same space. So the San Bacio Gelato and Purple Matcha are joining this rotation. They arrived really early and I planted them that night 29/05/20 I planted 2 of each into a seed tray with new compost. A Purple Matcha broke surface in 4 days, the San Bacio Gelato took 7/8 days. One Purple Matcha didn't make it. It germinated and I could see the cotyledon leaves but it didn't grow any stalk and after about 4 days started going brown. I potted them into 1 litre pots 3 days ago. They look happy. SBG @ 8 days old today. The brown blotches on the first true leaf are from an accidental splash from a nearby Neem oil spraying. My mistake, I thought they were out of range. It only hit the Purple Matcha and she's fine. PM @ 11 days old Looking forward to growing these. They sound a bit special. Fun Summer Grow 2020 ... fat fruity nugs is the goal.
  2. hello and welcome to The Cave, This will hopefully be a record of a successful grow but, I'm promising nothing more than a really good go from a crazy old bear. First the Space(s): I will update each space as we reach it (veg and flower are also separate) Nursery is a small cupboard with mish mash lighting and clip on fans for air (not ideal but it is only a nursery) The lighting for the seedling stage is 1/2 a T5 4 tube (half is fookeded) Nutrients and compost : Thanks to @Intense Nutrients Matt for kindly helping out so I could run the full organix range on this run! Top man So, I'll be using ; Granules Runzyme Foundation Grow Bloom These will run according to schedule, I will make any adjustments as we go but from what I have seen that won't necessarily be required... we shall see. Compost: Clover Multi-Purpose (on it's own for seedlings) Wormcast Kelp Meal Dolomite lime Ecothrive charge Other information: Water - my water is horrendous out of the tap (very mg heavy) I amend it with Canna Mono Calcium to a ratio of 3.5 : 1 Cal : mg I add this information as I get asked a lot about water and I hope this will be a good reference point for future enquiries. Ok thats it for the intro on space etc .... heres the pics, 2 of each got dropped in for a soak and all came up! Out of the gates and we have 4 runners Cheeky shot to show non destructive seed removal Runty PM on the right was the last to show and has been a tad slow in getting herself going but its only very early and everyone is alive!!! and now , in keeping with bear necessities... We have the "Pandometer" for measuring level of excitement Week 1 rating is .......... back in a week to see if its getting the Panda up SSAS (Stay Safe and Stoned) Obie
  3. How is everyone? When @HSO-Mark offered me these Sherbs I thought he must be fucking nuts, having a serious moment, a midlife crisis or trying to finish me off for good. But the seeds arrived, and even though he said I didn't have to, I knew I had to do a diary here with them, so here I am, brave, stupid and switched to Coco just for the fun of it. Hold on tight.... Ridiculously or not, im running San Bacio Gelato and Sunrise Sherbert. Two of the juicy offsprings of the steamy affair between Humboldt and Sherbinskis. I thank them both for the extreme generosity, and Mark for even considering me. I'm now fully supported by Shogun, who have been so helpful and understanding of my position. I've use their coco products for a while and I've had nothing but grow perfection once I'd settled into Coco. I started this grow a few weeks back and after a planned slow pause they're at week 5 having just upped the PPM and feed rate. Here are my future plans.... Ingredients - Ecothrive Coco Pro . Shogun Coco Multipack. 2 X 150W CMH Digital with G12 bulbs. 6 inch inline extraction and carbon filter. 12 inch Ram self oscillating fan Here's the method.... I do nothing out of the ordinary for germination just soggy kitchen roll in a ziplock back like a goldfish. Once popped they go straight into the coco with a solid dose of Katana Roots to give them some pep. After breaking ground it goes something like this.... 1 - Veg straight up to 6th node in 8 inch pot. 2 - Top down to the best node/ pair of branches on offer, save all prunings for cuts. 3 - Repot to final pot (8ltr tall square) positioning the chosen node level with the pot top, across which is fixed a 70cm cane. Engage each branch L/R on to it. 4 - Veg and tie until each branch is near the end of the cane. From each pair of flower sites select the sturdiest and prune away the other for more cuts. Allow each branches main/top cola's to form, only removing small low down fluff from it if needed. I dont remove any fans unless really in the way. 5 - Veg/recover for a week then into flower. This method gives me a dead straight plant with a mohican of flowers, 8 - 11 usually. They're kept within the width of the pot top, enabling pot to pot growing as if rows in a net. My flowering space is W70cm x L135cm x H140cm and I can squeeze 7 in like this but its normally 6 two weeks apart. Because of the close proximity I squeezed in the biggest fan I possibly could to give bags of air movement around the comparatively tightly packed plants. The 12" Ram internal oscillating fan is an excellent product for the money and even in a confined space you can see the directed flow passing around the canopy. Yes, I would prefer much more space but I'm doing all I can to moderate the risk and I need to keep the strains coming and going. There we are then, started and rolling, see you next week with a normal update.
  4. From the album The White House

    HSO - Sherbinski San Bacio Gelato - Mother Plant - Plant Before Second Topping - 21/08/2020
  5. hello again. im back with a brand new adventure. And it should be a good one... This time im doing this fine selection of seeds. im waiting patiently for the gelatos to drop, but they shouldn't be long.... I kept back a seed from the new and ogkz from my outdoor adventure specifically for this grow. Some of you might have noticed my pathetic attempts at amateur breeding in another thread, and I have got to the stage where I appear to have finally managed after 4 attempts , to reverse some females to sprout nuts, woohoo. so this collection will be grown out to be pollen recievers, as well as some personal stash for special occasions, like,...…. say Mondays, or Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays etc, they wont last long …... they will be receiving pollen from another couple of HSO and dina strains (|Black D.O.G , critical+2, moby dick and cali hash plant, if it survives, its looking grim, but you never know) the velvet octane and lemon citron are all new strains from HSO and the descriptions had me drooling so when I got a chance to grow them out, I jumped at it- Thanks Mark for the seeds, its much appreciated, and i'll try and do them justice. im going to be growing these in hydro, because I suck at mud and coco, but seem to get on better with water. so, once germed they will go into my mini bubbler, till by dwc buckets arrive . mini bubbler below. from here, most of them will be going into some 37 litre bubblers, and will be fed my usual nutes, which are ; IOnic grow IOnic bloom growth tech silicone Canna cal mag Growth tech ph down and that's it, that's all you need imho. more once the seeds crack. im only doing one seed of each, I need to be careful with plant numbers, so if they don't sprout they aint coming in. Stay tuned