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Found 13 results

  1. indecision,indecision,currently in the market for some new air circulation,narrowed down to either the Meaco 650,1056 or 100mm diffuse air,the meaco`s by all accounts are pretty silent,however the diffuse air saves floor space and the science seems good.Would a 100mm diffuse air cover a 0.8x 1.6x1.8 space?and just how loud is a 4" RVK?,only ever used TD Silents and currently the stealth hyper fans for extract,but surley a tiny lil RVK cant be that loud can it?
  2. Hey guys and gals... I have a Q regarding extraction for more than one tent! My less than problematic but somewhat perplexing issue is this: I have just bought a BudBox Pro L200 white tent and I already have a Greenlab Pro 80 tent. New Budbox is 100cm x 100cm x 200cm. Existing Greenlab Pro is 80cm x 80cm x 180cm. I already have a RVK (4") on the existing (80x80) tent with a Rhino Pro filter. I know I can't use the RVK for both so my question is, do you guys and girls think there's a solution for extraction from both tents combined ( a larger 6" RVK outside the tents with passive extract vents) or should I just get a separate system for the Budbox Pro (5" + Rhino Pro)? I'm trying to think of costs, partly, but more importantly, venting both via a single extraction point if I can. I know there have been posts like this - I am a noob in awe of a lot of you guys and... well, I want to learn more but am struggling to understand how to best facilitate my plans to the best energy usage given the soon-to-be energy price hikes. Tl;Dr is a 'centralised' extraction system the best way to go with two different sized tents or should I (KISS) keep it simple st**** To complicate matters (or not) I have an FC-E3000 and a Mars Hydro TS1000 lighting set-up, the former for the Budbox, the latter for the Greenlab so in terms of heat, perhaps that is a consideration? At least, for me anyway it's something I'm considering. Really appreciate any help please, before I buy twice, etc. Thank you so much!!!
  3. Never realised how electronically illiterate I was til now starting my first indoor! I've got this 5" RVK which I was gifted, and I know to stay away from cheap electronic controllers to avoid the hum. I read on a thread from many years ago oN THCtalk about someone saying SystemAir (who make RVKs) actually make suitable controllers themselves, but on their website I'm completely lost. My next step would be to just ring them up and try ask them but I was wondering if any of you guys could please help a dude out to save me doing that ? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, I have a dilemma, i currently have 2 systems for my air flow... RAM 125mm 2 speed inline RVK 150mm I don't think i will need both, possible in the warmer months, high pressure passive intake should control most of the grow, only ever used 1 in the past, but made sure i covered all angles first, just incase... Which should i set up first ? my gut tells me the ram air, connected to a filter, having 2 settings as a means to aid in temp control, but as i have never used one i would like some feed back, Tent is 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m, 600w hps, havent bought the filter yet so any reccomendations that pair nicely with either will be great also have to wire the rvk up, does not come with wires
  5. My 4 inch inline fan / sms twin fan controller are playing up... Not sure which though Funnily it was working fine on my last grow and this time I turned the speed below 40-50% to see how quiet i could get them. Sounded like a light bulb going out so i checked the tent and the light was still on, and then started smelling a bit like plastic and fireworks. Checked the fan which is an RVK sileo from 2013 but used only in 2 grows.. It was running very slowly at full power and eventually was fried. Its currently at the hydro shop they gonna 'look at it' or send it off and let me know what the 'outcome' or should i say 'income' is.. Got a new fan... plugged it in the same way and everything into the SMS controller... left it a while I come back and theres a PULSATiNG ... WHOMMMP ...WHOMMMP . sound coming from the fan at 2 second intervals and a faint smell of fireworks and plastic again. I have turned the fan speed up to around 50% or a tiny bit less. It seems to be managing ok but I feel like the fans bearings or something have been ruined somehow. Can running a fan at a really really low speed affect the internal parts and make them overheat maybe? Anyone experienced this or maybe an electrician who can help?
  6. Hi guys, I'm gonna start posting more often I swear it! My question is simple really, I have - 8" squirrel cage tornado fan (for which I have 2 filters - 1 is HUGE and the other is slightly less HUGE) - RVK fans: 4", 5" with filter that clicks in, 6" in huge MDF box, another 6" in a smaller pointless MDF box, the 8" is a badass fan and I'm tempted to say I'm compelled to grow just so that I can make use of those awesomely quiet fan! So back to the question - Can I have 8" out + filter and 4" in + passive intake in a 2.4m x 1.2 x 2 tent? Or would the pressure be too much? Cheers for years
  7. Hey there, So I have a number of questions related to my enviroment which I will try and number to make it easier. Ok so my plan is a 1kw parabolc in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 metre tent (green qube). Using DWC ( 2 100litre coolers) and SMS Hybrid controller. Now my original plan was to get an 8" RVK L1 so I could upgrade in future if neccessary. However I have been advised that it is too big for tent my size even on controller. I read that a fan shouldnt be turned below 40% and was told that an 8" would be, especially in winter. This will cause it to burn out. So I have a number of options. There is a vent in the bedroom where the chimney was (fireplace was taken out recently as we got the whole house plastered and vent is now there instead). I can intake from the fireplace and extract into the room or else extract through the fireplace. This is a close family members house so I cant do anything major. Beneath the vent the hole is about 7 inches long and 3 to four inches high. Now this doesnt fit the 6" or 8" ducting. 1. Can I cut through this plasterboard to make it bigger (under the vent it is just plaster board and hasnt been skimmed over like the rest of the wall)? 2. Will intaking through the fireplace bring in nasties (even with bug catcher over it)? Will it be stale air? 3. I can extract through the chimney and intake from the room. Also I could possibly put black out lining on the window in the the room with net curtains in front of it fro summer. Cut a hole and attach spigot to the black out lining as a fresh air intake. Issue with this is I would prefer not to keep the window open all the time and im afraid that houses across the way (20 feet) might see that it doesnt look right. 4. Will extracting through the chimney cause lots of condensation in winter time due to hot air meeting cold. Im afraid of water streaming down the chimney as it isnt my house. Chimeny isnt shared with neighbours im pretty sure. I have heard people mentioning dryer vents not sure exactly what they are or how they work. Have found some on ebay i think but only 4". I think this might work. Its a condensation trap. (Description: 10mm, 125mm and 150mm Condensation Traps, for fitting in vertical rigid PVCu pipe ducting. Must be used where pipe ducts pass through unheated roof voids. Fitted with 20mm pipe connection for running off condensate. Not suitable for use with flexible ducting.) I know it says not useable for flex ducting but im sure i could fashion something. http://www.vent-axia.com/range/condensation-trap.html 4. What size extraction/intake is needed for a 1kw. I want to dial it down with a controller to make it alot more quiet. I was hoping a 6" RVK L1 (Ruck Rvk 150 - L1 = 715 m3) would be enough but have been advised it might not be enough to even properly extract the heat, never mind dial it down. So I can get an intake no problem. Should I get the 6 inch A1 (Ruck Rvk 150 - A1 = 470 m3) for intake? Would that be correct and would it be enough to dial it down but not be too much so that it will be dialled down too much during winter etc? I could get the 8" RVK (1000 cfm) but i wont have the height for it or the filter in the tent i reckon so id need to vent into the room im in. Think thats all for now anyway. Cheers for any replies. Ill like all comments too :-)
  8. High again, I'm soon going to be setting up my growdrobe and thought I'd get some insight on making my fan as quiet as possible, I've seen other threads using similar methods so hopefully it will all work out! I've ordered my fans from Greens - so hopefully the box the fans are supplied in will be ideal size for the d.i.y silencing.. I plan to put the fan in a box.. 2 side of the box will have holes for attaching my ducting to be connected to the fans inside the box / all round the fan I plan to pack with acoustic foam (lots of offcuts not expanding foam) Seal up the box and hope it works! I'll repeat the process for both my intake/exhaust fans depending how noisy they are once they arrive etc. also would the boxes on the floor be okay or should I attempt to hang them too? I'll update my post once trying out my idea but any tips on reducing noise are welcomed!
  9. After botching a leepy box, the fan (a spare, luckily) is making lot of noise as I think some of the foam has made it into the centre of the fan (not accessible from outside) so I have to take it apart - clean it - then put it back together again. I have been searching and searching but can't find a thread someone had mentioned Does anyone know the location of this tutorial? I can probably take it apart and put it back together again without instructions, but it would be nice to know what I have to do in certain ways/orders. Anyone done this or know where there might be a tute?
  10. RVK + CF

    From the album 1st grow coco perlite CFL's Bluematics

    Rvk inline fan, sucking air throughout my carbon filter and exhaust out the top of tent. Duck tape and jubilee clipped to high hell
  11. Hi people, need some help or ideas to stop the swooshing noise that can be heard outside house at front. I only use acoustic ducting Air is pulled through airbrick 1.2x1.2x2m tent 1000w air cooled light 10" l1and 6"a1 rvk fans 2x 90l bubblers Outside> ducting> 6"a1 rvk > ducting > icarus king size 1000w air cooled reflc> ducting > reducer> 10" L1 rvk in grow room Noise only happens with 10 inch on at the same time with the 6" cant hear noise but temps go too high so will need the 10" on through out lights on Has/ does anyonw have the same problem? Any fixes? Thanks
  12. Hi, this is my first post and I am a noob anyway. I've just started growing in my tiny tent, (I can't get a bigger 1 in my flat at mo), It's 40x40x120 so its only for 1 plant. it's in a cupboard and I brought a rvk100 fan and a rhino pro carbon filter 4" But.... I can't fit them in the tent. Could I just put the filter and fan (stood up-right) on the floor of the cupboard and let it clean The air of the entire cupboard? (It's a very small cupboard, 1m long by about 40cm deep). I would add pic's but I'm not sure how to. Ill read up in a min n try add pics Thanks for any help.