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Found 64 results

  1. @HSO-Mark Has been kind enough to throw us some lovely free beans to test out. OGKZ and Green crack FVs. They arrived safe and sound after roughly two weeks and were germinated using standard cup method. I'm planning to give them 3 weeks veg then throw them in with my Dinafem Orange Juice and Ocean Grown Cookies. I'm not sure on final pot size but will be using Clover Multi-purpose as always. Brilliant stuff. And will be feeding with intense nutrients until I run out at which point I will either buy more or use up my remaning bio bizz nutrients. Waste not want not. Can't be wasting the ol' Biobizz! Right now, I have them in jiffy pods. which are then inside a 1L pot. They will be vegged under 150w of blurple UFO LED. I probably won't TOP them since I'm trying to fit them in with the others. Timescale wise. Orange juice are supposed to take 9 weeks. I've had them on 12/12 for a week. I'm hoping that I can squeeze these in while OJ is flowering. Thought that would be a good way to use these FVs. OGKZ & Green Crack FVs - 15.12.2019 - Day #1
  2. Chapter one: I’ve got it, follow big bud to Mr.Big. Noodles why don’t you help me? Welcome one and all to my attempt at a diary of growing in a confined space....a Bombay bad boy. I soaked the first Ogkz seed in water with a drop or two of liquid seaweed for about 30 hours and then put into a 0.3L pot. A tap root emerged then stopped. I put this down to the hottest day of the year (so far) giving it a beating. Second seed I just put straight into said 0.3L pot. several days later.....and a couple more besides. yes you little beauty. I can taste the kushy rainbow already.
  3. Well with the summer fast approaching I thought I’d use up some of my seeds that I’ve had in the fridge for a while I don’t like doing autos indoors I like the photoperiods as I scrog in rdwc. I’ve gone with the following World of seeds-Afghan Kush Ryder G-13 labs-fro-yo humbolt seeds Org - Fast Flowering OGKZ Delicious seeds-Northen light blue Exotic seeds-Green gummy. I had a few others but see which of these beans pop up if any fail then I will add some more. I soaked them in water for 24 hours and today put them into root riot cubes. fingers crossed they all come up, not sure what size pots to put them into probably go with 15litres which they will go straight into from the cubes. I’ll be feeding them with plant magic oldtimer nutrients. here they are waiting patiently peace.
  4. OGKZ macro - Day 52

    From the album Multistrain Grow 2020

    Got milk
  5. OGKZ - Day 52

    From the album Multistrain Grow 2020

    hello at the back
  6. HSO OGKZ - Day 52

    From the album Multistrain Grow 2020

    This girl...
  7. hello again. im back with a brand new adventure. And it should be a good one... This time im doing this fine selection of seeds. im waiting patiently for the gelatos to drop, but they shouldn't be long.... I kept back a seed from the new and ogkz from my outdoor adventure specifically for this grow. Some of you might have noticed my pathetic attempts at amateur breeding in another thread, and I have got to the stage where I appear to have finally managed after 4 attempts , to reverse some females to sprout nuts, woohoo. so this collection will be grown out to be pollen recievers, as well as some personal stash for special occasions, like,...…. say Mondays, or Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays etc, they wont last long …... they will be receiving pollen from another couple of HSO and dina strains (|Black D.O.G , critical+2, moby dick and cali hash plant, if it survives, its looking grim, but you never know) the velvet octane and lemon citron are all new strains from HSO and the descriptions had me drooling so when I got a chance to grow them out, I jumped at it- Thanks Mark for the seeds, its much appreciated, and i'll try and do them justice. im going to be growing these in hydro, because I suck at mud and coco, but seem to get on better with water. so, once germed they will go into my mini bubbler, till by dwc buckets arrive . mini bubbler below. from here, most of them will be going into some 37 litre bubblers, and will be fed my usual nutes, which are ; IOnic grow IOnic bloom growth tech silicone Canna cal mag Growth tech ph down and that's it, that's all you need imho. more once the seeds crack. im only doing one seed of each, I need to be careful with plant numbers, so if they don't sprout they aint coming in. Stay tuned
  8. OGKZ 18 days from flip

    From the album Multistrain Grow 2020

    OGKZ coming in with the plumpest
  9. Hello 420 Start off with a massive thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending me a 5 pack of THE NEW by sherbinski much appreciated Iv also got .. Choc mint og Sapphire og Black d.o.g Bubbas gift Sugar breath Ogkz Soil:plant magic Ferts:biobizz Veg/clones :5-45w led/100w cfl/ 200w cfl Flower:400-600w hps This will be a timeless grow journal will do bits on clones,veg ,flower & Harvest won't be any Schedule/Organization will try and do regularly updates through veg and flower from the seeds/1st clones then after that will just do updates of the clones in flower with the odd update of mothers/clones/bits&bobs when have the time also any new HSO seeds i start Still in the boring stage at the moment... few will be going into flower in the next couple weeks .. don't want them going in very big until i see how they express themselves in my flower room ...
  10. Welcome everyone! Thanks to @HSO-Mark & the gang for the seeds& comp ..good luck to all taken part Started off by rolling out the red carpet .... INGREDIENTS... And then this happened!!... Decanting sesh over I poped all 3 in some water to have a wash & cool down.....
  11. Hi all. Seeds arrived today so its finally time to get the new environment up and running. First strains in the new grow environment are Sherbinski & HSO "The New" and HSO OGKZ. The New: And the OGKZ. Will be growing these in the Alien Hydroponics RDWC Pro system. The seeds are in a Seaweed soak for the next 8 hours and then I'll put them into kitchen roll until I see a tap root and then into the cubes. I'll be using the new Quantum Boards I got from DIYLEDUK for the first time with this grow well as using full on RO water for the first time, so if anyone sees me doing something I shouldn't don't hang about and shout very loud. 1500w of Quantum Boards over 350 litres of RDWC... I'm trying some Shogun Hydro Nutrients on this grow and I'll keep the diary well updated with what I'm doing along the way in the hopes anyone with DWC / RDWC experience will share some wisdom. This is my 5th grow with this system now, I'm just about getting the hang of it but with the addition of the RO water I'm in uncharted territories tbh. New lights, new strain, new water, new nutrients, I'm a born again nooob! To hand I have the grow and bloom, PK and Cal/Mag. Again if anyone with full RO water in hydroponics experience drops by please do follow and lend advice along the way. Possibly the most interesting diary I've done to date for me this one, lots of new stuff, so I'll be updating regular with what I'm doing, or trying to do... The net will be going down at some point too so this one should keep me well on my toes. Just to add, I know there's been a fair bit of flare up about these seeds and the price etc, really would appreciate it if we could stick to the grow rather than have posts about all that Got to say thank you to @HSO-Mark for the info etc on these strains as well, cheers matey. Thanks for reading. Hope everyone's well and toking something frosty. GV.
  12. Here we go, straight into final pots , my first noodle grow. I have chosen Beef King size, I confess to eating the contents, I also confess to enjoying the contents. In my defense most things are edible by 9pm in my house Keeping things simple, straight into lightly fed Coco, pots 1/3rd full (taking notes from the 'King' ) TBC
  13. ogkz

    From the album Noodle

  14. I ended up ordering a seed for this so I could participate. I'm not expecting great results as I havent even completed my first grow yet! This is going to be quite a challenge and hopefully a great learning opportunity. I decided on the King size so I could have a little extra medium. I am going to try a similar method to my first grow using coco coir and canna coco a + b nutrients as it's been going well for me so far. I cut some drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and filled it with coco coir. I then fully saturated the coir, made a small hole and popped the seed in. I then covered it with fresh coco coir and misted it in: I then just popped it into my tent with my 2 other plants
  15. HSO - OGKZ

    From the album Mixed Grow - No.2

  16. HSO - OGKZ

    From the album Mixed Grow - No.2

  17. My seeds arrived today, within an hour of being in my hands they were opened (in the pro way with a lighter on the glue ) and planted in starter soil. Thanks again to @HSO-Mark (here’s the official diary). Not long after: Straight after the planting I went on to trimming some bud and sieving the trim from a previous plant that had dried enough: The kief below: Pressed: I feel pretty amazingly chilled. Back to the actual diary, and the plan- Will more than likely fim the plants and do a little training. One with poundshop base feed and extras and one with canna vega and flores and extras. I usually start with liquid seaweed, slowly add in small doses of molasses, then go on to feeds. Supplies at my disposal: The canna terra vega and flores don’t fit on the table but they are there and waiting. The sauce bottle is my ingenious molasses dispenser: Good luck to anyone still going.
  18. PNC OGKZ

    From the album Summer 2019

  19. OGKZ baby

    From the album Summer 2019

  20. OGKZ pot noodle hockey stick

    From the album Summer 2019

  21. OGKZ germ

    From the album Summer 2019

  22. OGKZ is alive

    From the album Summer 2019