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Found 12 results

  1. Hi and welcome to my diary in the 6th Sweets seeds grow competition. Thanks to the Sweet seeds team for sending the seeds and hosting this. Looking forward to watching all the entries in the coming months. I have gone for Cream 47, Indigo Berry Kush and Mohan Ram. The Mohan Ram I have grown before, its a fantastic smoke. Cant wait to try the others. Starting life in seedling trays with seedling compost, then potted up into 10cm pots with coco, rooted out then into final 6 litre square pots. I will be using Bionova coco a/b along with some rhizotonic. Like to keep things simple They are starting off under 110w cfl propagation light then into the 2.4 x 1.2 x 2m tent with an Adjusta-watt 400V DE hps, starting off at 400w the building up to 1000w with supplemental led lighting when in flower. Tent has 6 inch Q-Max fan with Phresh filter. So I soaked all 12 seeds on Saturday for 20 hours in water at 24degrees, then planted into the seedling trays in a heated propagator. 48 hours later 11 of the 12 have all sprouted. Happy days. One IBK to show, not given up on her yet. Few pics to get started. Today is day 1
  2. A quick snap of my small greenhouse with a few Sweet Seeds autos, black cream, blow mind, mohan ram. All went out too early and the cold almost brought them to a stop but the warm weather is working wonders I have never ever lost a single Sweet Seed in germination, lucky i know , but i lost a whole packet in 1 hit this time but the other seeds in the same germination plate all cracked !? Anyway i went off for a week away at work and the wife rang me to say she had managed to get 1 of them to pop !! happy days. Say hello to my latest baby ... a Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarin auto. I normally order direct from sweet and did ask if there were any issues reported with the auto Mandarin, anyway i ordered a new pack from a local shop and they should be here Monday ...... another batch of Cream Mandarin heading for the big greenhouse going to be a decent year me thinks
  3. Hmmmm not what it should be lol

    From the album Sweet Seeds Autos

    This one is the 3rd auto blow mind that is being fed differently from the others for a test, no where near as far on as the other big shes a fair bit bigger and filling out fast , see a day by day change she smells wonderful !
  4. Mixture of Sweet Seeds

    From the album Sweet Seeds Autos

    All autos and all healthy, outdoor / greenhouse grow in low temps. Looking no worse for the cold other than smaller and behind normal stage of development but they are packing the weight on now and fattening up nicely. Can see them getting fatter by the day now. .3
  5. Hi guys, thought id post up the progress of my little sweet seeds lovelies.....5 jack 47 and 2 mohan ram. These are the seeds I won on a previous photo of the month comp and I hope to be back with more!! jack 47 got 5 weeks veg and mohan got 4 but theyv stretched up at the same rate so not too bad. one jack is taller than the rest but well manageable, the plants are growing themselves, very vigorous specimens.. It's a little higglety pigglety but not bad, so we're right into the action at 23 days flower, each plant topped twice for 4 colas with the 2 mohan ram front middle......in a 1.2 sq tent under a 600w hps and 4*80w grow LED's... I'm going to update now and again and maybe do a wee smoke report....adios amigos
  6. here is my entry for the sweet seeds 2016 / 2017 growing competition.. grow style ..... tent in the attic , tent is hydrolabs GL150 grow medium ... erins multi purpose compost nutes ..... bio bizz fix mix , bio bizz bloom , pm root stim light / electrics .... 1 meter parabolic shade , 600w dual spectrum sunmaster bulb , maxibright digi ballast , 6" can fan L1 , 6" rhino pro carbon filter , 2 x 80 w tube heaters , 1 x 600 w bambino oil filled rad , lots of extension cables , soft start system , STR fan controller.. etc etc 6 seeds hit the damp compost 9 january.. all 6 popped within 5 days.. they lived in the germination until 21 january. now they live in the warm tent :).. light is on 24 hours a day.. they will be going into final pots in a few days.. thank you for reading .. more to come very soon
  7. 1st Edition - 2014 20th of December The Algarve - Portugal Sweet Tai® Indoor Champion Mohan Ram® 2nd Place Indoor