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Found 14 results

  1. Franks Crystal maze madness

    From the album Franks Crystal maze madness

    unkown 3 around 6 week flower three degree`s around 5
  2. Welcome back to the House of Freax HSO High Jinx (mainly HSO anyway) 3 x Mango Sapphire 1 x Black Dog 1 x Killer Kush F1 Fast (Sweet Seeds) 1 x Girl Scout Crack (Seedsman) So like i said mainly HSO the others were freebies a mate gave me Got given a sample pack of Mills nutes when i called into my local shop the other day so i thought id give them a go this time. 2 x 600w lamps 1 x MH 1 x HPS at the mo, ill change to 2 X HPS when i flip to 12/12 Alien F&D System running 6 pots at the mo will be adding the other 3 shortly to hopefully start a staggered harvest that i might be able to continue for a while 6 inch Can Fan Q-Max exhaust and 4 inch active intake Various circulation fans So the tank is set at 0.8 EC right now with a PH of 6.0, the girls had been built up to 0.7 EC while i had them in the Aerogarden so i know its not too strong for them even though ive only just put them in the Alien (fingers crossed lol). They have survived their first night in the groom and are looking happy, which makes me happy Ill get some pics later, grandkids are here right now. Take care all.
  3. OK... I couldn't resist these strains... Thanks HSO Mark.... I will be running.. BUBBAS GIFT MANGO SAPPHIRE BLACK DOG CHOCOLATE MINT OG I hope these will be absolutely AMAZE BALLS! I have run Bubbas Gift before.. And gave up on it prematurely.. But really wish I didn't... So very pleased I have the opportunity to grow all of these! I will try and do my best
  4. Welcome to my HSO guerrilla grow! As you'll be able to see from the tags, I'll be trying green crack and mango sapphire, cheers @HSO-Mark I'm not sure if they're good choices or not, but if the weather is better than last season in sure I'll get something good home For these beans I have a new plot with 2 beds that I've dug over with my grow buddy. The soil looks OK, but there was a lot of bracken roots removed from here too. I've added calcified seaweed and gypsum, in a week or so some chicken shit and FBB chucked in and left for at least a couple of weeks. Now I just need to get another root trainer for the beans and we're away
  5. Happy 420 all of you crazies . Thanks to Mark for letting me run in this comp. I'm very excited. The strains I chose are Mango Sapphire (a buddy of mine grew it 2 seasons back and I was very tempted to get some beans but he reckoned there was better out there so he in effect negged me out of it and I regretted it since the smoke was beautiful I thought. I think he was talking a bout yield rather than smoke btw. SO, I've set out to prove him wrong and chose this strain that I will pamper to the max and give it a nice hole to settle in. Lost coast OG seems like a no brainer for me as I'm a coastal grower. If it finishes earlier than the usual OG kush, then all the better. Expecting mid October finish as opposed to 1st of November with OG kush at my Lat of 51. I popped 2 beans yesterday even though it's a bit early - the weather was so glorious I couldn't resist. I have a buzzy season ahead so will pop 1 of each and if I have anymore holes by mid may, then will crack some more. But as is at the mo, I' m going for quality of grow rather than quantity of plants. I'm thinking of an outdoor SCROG for these girls which takes more time. Here we grow! Top first Inch of soil is sieved Jack's magic and bellow is JM with coco and a bit of last years super soil.
  6. Time to start the HSO diary for Mango sapphire Thanks for the seeds @HSO-Mark Just dropped 3 seeds in a glass of water