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Found 20 results

  1. Here is a tree I harvested a month ago. I know a lot of you want to know about dem strains. These trees that grow in Nepal are local landraces that has been growing here before I was born. I am 41. Here is the link to the video and some close up bud shots from that tree. https://youtu.be/oRCkWfUAqPw
  2. Hey all, it's been quite a while, I'm in Lebanon now, have been for the past few years, not that travelling was an option anyway under the conditions.. Anyway, life is good-ish here, I am growing food crops now as well as Cannabis, to deal with food prices etc, you know how it is I think, I am also now a full supporter of Jadam Natural Korean farming methods, all my crops have been loving it, especially the cannabis, to know more look up garden like a viking on youtube and his videos will blow your mind.. I also make self watering containers for my more demanding crops and cannabis really appreciates it, for instance the tall girl below is almost as tall as I am! I am posting some recent photos in the next post, Peace.
  3. Weeds.jpg

    From the album Balcony Girls 2023

    The other girls on my balcony.
  4. TallWeed.jpg

    From the album Balcony Girls 2023

    She's a tall girl, she reaches up just above my nose! I'm 5 foot 7.
  5. Hello once again, it's been a while, more than 2 years i think, I've lost count, anyway good to be back on here, I wasn't doing any growing for a while but started again last year. Right now I have a beautiful Landrace Lebanese mother plant, growing under the sun in a pot on the balcony, i took 2 clones from her over a week ago, i don't have access to rooting hormone over here in Lebanon so i used organic honey instead, i heard it gets good results, now, one clone seems to be ok and i think might have rooted, the other is wilty and doesn't look so hot, maybe she won't make it, i put them in soil as i also don't have access to rock wool here, in small pots that are half full, then i covered the top with cling wrap and a rubber band, as a makeshift dome for each plant in this case. i try to give them a bit of direct sun every day, but then move them in a shaded area as i don't want to stress them too much yet, i also periodically uncover them until they start to wilt, then cover them back up again. Today, i took 3 more clones from the mama but this time i decided to try using Aloe Vera gel instead, i have a big aloe plant so that's easy, i hope works better than the honey. So...... have I done it right? what would you suggest? i have not cloned in a long, long time now, and the last time i had rooting hormone powder, that was years ago. Peace and stay free.
  6. Wondering if anyones seen much or grown any of Afghan selection. iknow other seedbanks have the mazar but these seem to have more to offer but not alot about them online. "cleaner longer lasting high" they say with these varietys. which is what im looking for and a sleep aid.
  7. I’m just looking for information and opinions from members on their favourite landrace strains? Also where is the best place to buy them - ACE?
  8. PineappleJam Mothers

    From the album Pineapple Jam

    The hybrid pheno. Vigorous and bushy
  9. PineappleJam Mothers

    From the album Pineapple Jam

    Jamaican phenotype
  10. Pineapple Jam

    From the album Pineapple Jam

    Pineapple Jam
  11. Hello, I have been passionate about the history of our beloved plant for over 13 years and more specifically about landrace strains. Unfortunately, it seems that just like regional accents and dialects, landrace strains are also dying out and disappearing quickly. It can be attributed to globalization, eradication campaigns, demand for an end product higher in cannabinoids and the list goes on... I would like to go to the Moroccan Rif during the summer, to find some real moroccan landrace seeds and bring them back in an effort to preserve the very old and unique genetics of that region. However, from what I have heard and researched, it appears that the Kif landrace, also called Bledia, has already almost disappeared from the Rif. Apparently, farmer brought seeds from Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 90's which "polluted" most of the pure Morrocan Sativa genes. Then, since 2002-2003, moroccan farmers have started hybridising their strains with genetic material from Holland to bring up THC levels and resin production. The genuine Moroccan landrace is supposed to be Sativa and automatic as they used to be harvested in July in the Rif. My Question to all you old-timers and landrace enthusiasts out there: Is it too late to find some seeds of that Old-school Moroccan Kif or is it still being cultivated is some remote areas? I really want to preserve that cultural heritage (I'm part Moroccan) and preserve the genetics by open-pollinating. I also believe that, as it becomes more and more legal throughout the world, people will want to use it as a medicine but some unique medical properties can only be found is some specific strains. I think the real genetic diversity lies in landrace strains. However, if we don't fight to preserve the genes, it will be lost forever. Before it even becomes legal worldwide once again. Your input would be very appreciated!
  12. The Five

  13. Malawi x Panama X Violeta x PCK No3 at 45 days

    From the album A Mostly Ace Seeds Hybrid Adventure

    (Malawi x Panama) X (Violeta x PCK) No3 at 45 days
  14. Hello everybody, i am not sure whether this is the right place to post this. Moderators, if you think it isn't, please move it where you think it's more appropriate. So, i'll try to be as brief as i can and get straight to the point. Am a seed collector. Have a friend in Israel, who doesn't smoke so can't help me as his friends also don't smoke. I, sooner or later, will go and visit him and would like to take the opportunity of doing both things. Visiting my friend and looking for ISRAELI LANDRACES SEEDS. Never been to Israel and don't even know whether a landrace from israel exists. Does any one know if such a strain exists? and if so where it is grown or which place in israel it originates from? Do you know of nay particular name (for the landrace in question) and village/area i could go to / look into? If you have any pic of such a native plant don't hesitate to attach it here. If you know of a farmer who produces plants and seeds, i'd be grateful for any info. I can also go directly to the farmer/producer/merchant and buy the seeds. Thanks to anyone who can help me with my quest Dan
  15. IMG 4208

    From the album Sinai

  16. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get Original Moroccan LandRace seeds. The strain that comes from Ketama region. I've googled and done a lot of searching and only come up with 'World of Seeds Ketama Landrace' but have heard many negative reports of this company. I don't have any first hand experience of this company so maybe they are in fact o'k. I am quite aware of fact that there are now a lot of Pakistani strains in Morocco but really I am looking for the original strain. Any advice really appreciated. Thanks.
  17. mango thai

    From the album Mango Thai

    Real Seeds Mango Thai clone of a clone

    © cannabisnz

  18. mango thai clone1

    From the album Mango Thai

    Clone of last seasons big female Mango Thai

    © cannabisnz