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Found 19 results

  1. IMG-2423.jpg

    From the album FIRST EVER ROOM

    Mounted Drivers outside the room so could manage any issues with ease. Should have gone for the 'B' version of the driver with an external potentiometer. but on the 'A's" you can control the wattage and current separately.
  2. Hi. I am trying to design my own grow room. Right now the dimensions are going to be either: 50 cm (width) x 75 cm or 90 cm (length). I have ordered the wood and everything but now I'm starting to wonder if 50 cm is big enough? This is my first grow so i don't know what the minimum dimensions should be. The reason why the grow room is only 50 cm (width) is because i live in a small apartment and i want to keep it stealthy. Do you guys think it will make a positive difference, if i made the grow room bigger? (60 cm width instead). I can't make it bigger than 60 cm though Stiggy
  3. Hi everyone, I need a little advice if possible. Ok first of all abit of back story, I have just inherited a half cellar i think something like 3m x 2.5m squared but with only 1.5m height so im really going to have to keep an eye on the stretch. Now the problem i have is technically the cellar runs the whole length of the house but half of it has been walled off. Behind this walled section appears to be nothing but rubble. Now that side supposedly does have some air bricks running around one side of the cellar and on the back wall which leads to the garden. My question is can i just vent into the side of the cellar that is rubble filled and will that be enough for the hot air to just dissipate and also give me free underfloor heating in the room above or will it just not work. My main problem is i don't have any chimney stacks to use in this house so old tricks wont work. Thanks
  4. Groom in flower.JPG

    From the album Randoms

  5. Groom.JPG

    From the album Randoms

  6. Hi all I posted a few weeks back, asking for some help and advice as my friend (@maverick40b) and I are getting set-up for our first grow, we got some good feedback across the various posts we put up and some great help along the way. It seems like this has now been going on for a while but we believe we are now very close. We have put together an itinerary of the equipment we have gone for and think is necessary to get everything setup. This is now our final step before committing and spending alot of money on this, we would appreciate any feedback and advice from you guys, what do you think of the list? have we forgotten anything? would you change anything? reasons for changing any equipment? Any other valuable information? Itinerary • 1 x BudBox Pro - 1.2m x 2.4m x 2.0m • 2 x Adjusta-watt digital dimable 600w light kit • 2 x Easy Rolls & Hooks Set (Pair) • 2 x LUMii Heavy-Duty 24Hr Analogue Segmental Time Switch (for timed light switching) • 1 x Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x 12" (600mm) • 1 x Systemair RVK 150mm L1 In-line Duct Fan • 1 x 5 metre length of 150mm Flexi-Ducting Aluminium • 3 x Duct Clip 60-170mm • 1 x 5 metre length of Jack Chain 2.5mm Width • 1 x green power 6 way power box • 1 x Agrolab Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer • 8 x 12 litre Root Pouches • 8 x Round Pot Saucer (Black) 12 Inch • 2 x Plant Magic Plus Soil Supreme 50 Litres • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Grow 1 Litre • 1 x Plant Magic Plus Oldtimer Organic Bloom 1 Litre 1 x Bucket (for mixing nutes) • 1 x 10ml Syringe with 0.5ml Graduations • 1 x 2 tube t5 propagation kit • 1 x pH and EC test kits thanks for taking the time to read through this post and we appreciate any feedback or advice given no matter how big or small. Happy 420 everyone
  7. Hi all, im new to the forum and excited to be here, a friend @maverick40band I are looking to start up a personal grow and are looking for some good advice/ information, we are fed up with unreliable, poor quality or overpriced products out there and would like to have a clean tasty reliable source of our own. At the moment we are completely undecided on the best way to set up our tent. Hydroponics or soil grow? Potsizes? Light types? Fan/ extractor sizes? Nutrients? We are looking at a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.4 tent and would like to grow 8 plants, is this tent adequate for the quantity and if so what equipment is needed to setup the tent to achieve a perfect grow environment? We do have some ideas of our own but would like some fresh ideas from experienced growers to compare notes and to see if we are on the right lines. I won't tell you what we have in mind as i feel we will benefit more from the knowledge and experience of this forum. Any advice on the equipment you would recommend, what and where to buy from, things often not thought about when setting up, recommendations on soil or hydroponics (pros and cons), or just any information you would like to share would be greatly appreciated. We are fairly new to this, we have a couple of 1-2 plant grows under our belts, so we are looking for as much knowledge as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I look forward to hearing from you all.
  8. Trumpton, 27th Sept. pre watering

    From the album TRUMPTON.

    The chaps 31 days old.
  9. Hi guys I am a new member to the forum. I live in Australia and have grown for two years . For the first time in this growth cycle I have decided to do 2 Indica, and 1 sati a in the same nutrient supply. Just wanting to know if this is a good idea or not. I would love your thoughts .
  10. Groom6week 16082016

    From the album Finally on the grow (Hans panel 180w)

    Slightly better picture
  11. Groom6week16082016

    From the album Finally on the grow (Hans panel 180w)

    A shot from inside the tent. Into week six.
  12. Stage 1 Cleaning up/ Preparation

    From the album Grow Room

    This area will be for the veg room. Right hand wall will become the back wall. Back wall you see will become the left wall. Stud frame top, bottom of your left & stud frame to the front of your view. If enuff space allows me I will have door to ur front facing, if not it will be to the left facing with one side boarded up.
  13. Bottom left in this picture linked, on the outside of the property, looks like some kind of vent, I don't know what it is and whether I can make use of it by drilling a 5" hole from the inside to meet it, then tucking the exhaust through the hole in the wall from the inside of the property so that the end of the exhaust is nestled right up against the inside of the vent. Is this plan possible with this vent looking cover? Please advise
  14. Rsz 1img 0846

    From the album 1st Grow

    tent i will be using
  15. Hi, just wondering - wanted to start some seeds off in the greenhouse and them put them into the grow room. Reason being the grow room's not ready yet, and just wanted to get cracking. Are there any problems/constraints with doing this? Was looking at putting the plants under 18/6 in the grow room, just because this seems to be the general period that people use to veg with. My only thought is that possibly you might stress the plants when you move them from natural light, into your artificial grow room. What do people think? Thanks.
  16. Look what I found!!

    From the album Our girls

    Look mummy I've found the sun cupboardy!!
  17. Hi all I plan to start my first grow in a month or 2 and have some space under the stairs I was looking to use instead of buying a grow tent. Its a reasonable size - 2.5 x 4.25 x 5.7 in ft. I was wondering if any experienced growers could tell me if i could use the space well or if it would be better to just buy a tent? My initial thinking was that its a decent space, and also has holes in the far side wall where the old toilet was which I planned on using to run the ventilation tubes through into the next room {which is a small laundry room with a small window that is facing the back garden} Grow plan was an indica strain under 600w and try to use the scrog method of training to maximise the space??? However now upon looking at a few grow tents Im not sure if this space will be big enough for a decent harvest worth the electricity?? I might just be looking at the whole situation wrong so any and all help, opinions and advice will be greatly appreciated. P.s I tried to upload pictures from my pc onto this post itself but couldn't figure it out for the life of me. Probably just high to be honest ha Cheers again BuddyLuv
  18. Hi There Peeps, This is my grow room. It's 2 foot deep by 3.5 feet wide, i think i have to many plants in it this time round to be honest. I have a 400w Bulb in a cool tube all going through a rhino filter being pulled by a 100ml fan (maybe 150m) I have passive intakes, the intakes at the bottom are black plastic knuckle joints from the plumbers. I have created a little plastic flap that i have draped over the intake just incase of light leakage. The bottom part of the room pulls outwards but locks into place in the door frame, i also made some velcro straps for the sides of the removable panel for light leakage too. This is the first grow in this room and it's a bit fucked to be honest because for the first 4/5 weeks of flower i knocked the timer and it was coming on again in the middle of lights out for a few hours so the plants over stretched. But when i recitfied it the buds have now started coming through (3 weeks) Anyway, i cant see where to post pictures but im sure i will work it out in a mo..