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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I want to start making tinctures as I had a lung collapse so I had to stop smoking. I have read methods and I have seen one that involves putting your decarb cannabis in 95% alcahol (I have ordered the 95% Spirytus Duch Puszczy) As everclear is not aviable in the UK. So my question 1. why does freezing it extract faster than just leaving it in a jar? 2. How long compared to smoking it does the effects last. 3. Does it burn when using it under the toung, is it better to let some of the alcahol evaporate. If so how long? 4. Can I add water to reduce the burn? And any advice in general?
  2. I've got suspected Cal/mag issues with one of my autos. I posted in the sick plants section to confirm this earlier this week, it was suggested that I get some cal mag, so I waited for my hydro store to open and picked up the only stuff they had Plant magic Magne-cal since learnt this isn’t organic and may affect the beneficial microbes living in the soil ,so I put that to side and ordered Humboldt Equilibrium in researching the stuff I read I should probably have a look at my water report so I have results below Water hardness Water hardness can be expressed in different units - please refer to the instructions for information on how to enter these values when adjusting the settings on your appliance. Calcium 107.4 Calcium Carbonate 275.6 Degrees Clark (UK) 19.29 Degrees German (dH) 15.43 Degrees French (f) 27.56 Your water hardness level is classified as Hard. (CANT POST COMPLETE RESULTS) wont paste the word cells properly ? So it looks like I already have plenty of calcium in the water...? Which leads me to believe its mg that I need and not the calcium. My water regime consists of filling a watering can with tap water leaving it outside for a least 1 day and they topping up by 10-15% hot kettle water to bring it up to tepid temp - is this the problem ? Is my regime a bad way to do it? So I’ve then seen about Epsom salts, (read the pinned post) would this be a better option? If so what kind Epsom salts do I need? I have the stuff you put in the bath but I’m guessing this isn’t the right stuff? Where can you get the right stuff? I haven’t done anything to help the plant yet, as I want to know, what my best option is and fear I could make things worse. I feed the plant Sunday to see if was just underfeed, been waiting for the plant to dry out, the feed seems to have done nothing to help the issue So as it stands I was going to water/feed/give Equilibrium, test run off PH, should I? What dose of Equilibrium should I give per LTR? Any suggestions or confirmations would be great thanks Will post pic of current state of plant in reply, seems to have to developed blotches on the leaves over last couple of days.
  3. Hi all, im sorry for asking a question that I know has been answered before, but i couldn't find the thread. Im in flower and im currently using 5 mil bloom per litre. (Bubba kush n strawb amnesia) The plants are loving it and don't look over fed at all. So my question is how much have people safely used per litre? Can I go up to 6/7/8? Im not using any pk boost. Ta