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Found 15 results

  1. Outdoor Grow 2018

    From the album smokeymcpots outdoor Grow 2018

    so this here is one of the autoflower chemdawg and it has started to flower for some reason ?
  2. Hi there everyone - newbie to the site. Just thought I'd intrduce you to this year's 'Girls'. After an abnormally 2nd warm day here on the East Yorkshire Coast - I've moved em all from the 40*c greenhouse, outside to catch the last few rays of the day. ( 5x Hindu Kush Auto Fem / 1x Peyote Critical - Barney's Farm Freebie currently @ day 20 now, (which is ironically on 4/20 exactly) after paper towel germination method and weaned from Indoors temperatures until warmer outside. Really nice growing in a concealed garden and being able to give them the most that nature has to offer. My next venture is to move into HK Regular breeding. I will be trying to use natural resources as much as possible - I'm not too bothered about forcing for high yields......."Let Em Grow, To See What They Show" - Kindest Regards to you all - update to follow
  3. HK Early Summer 2018 (Fem Auto).jpeg

    From the album Early Summer 2018 Fem Auto's - 20th April #420

    This years first crop....HK Fem Auto's - catchin' today's last rays of sun (20th of April 2018) #420
  4. In the first of our two competitions during our 4/20 promotion, one lucky customer will win a €420 voucher to spend on anything they want at Seedsman.com. How To Enter https://blog.seedsman.com/4-20-competition-win-a-e420-voucher-to-spend-at-seedsman-com/
  5. Choose Your Own Freebies This 420 Seedsman are giving you all the chance to get your hands on some epic freebies, we have also listened to your feedback in included some new varieties of bundles including our main bundle (fems and autos) a high CBD bundle and a classic regular seeds bundle. A standard policy of Seedsman is that all of our bundles can be combined this means over this promotion you could get up to 12 seeds in our 420 bundle (spend €99+), 8 seeds in our Bitcoin bundle (spend €50+ and Pay By Bitcoin) and another 6 seeds (spend €50 or €100) in our with every order bundle - that's 26 extra seeds!! This bundle will be automatically added to your basket, you can find out how to change your freebie below. GET 33% OFF SEEDSMAN COLLECTIONS GET UP TO 50% OFF POTENT HIGH THC STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF HIGH CBD STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF HUGE HIGH YIELDING STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF TOP FEMINISED STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF AMAZING AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF CLASSIC REGULAR STRAINS GET UP TO 50% OFF OUTDOOR STRAINS 12 Brand New Seedsman Strains!¡ If our amazing discounts and giveaways weren't enough Seedsman are also bringing in 12 new strains available to purchase. We have been listening to our customers and the new selection features some of your favourites. They will be available to buy at a discount for 420! FULL INFO HERE https://www.seedsman.com/en/fourtwenty
  6. Hi guys, I'm just looking to have some feedback and opinions to help me through my first grow. i've just got a stealth grow box 50x50x77cm and I want to pot in soil. So I was thinking of using canna professional soil, with ecothrive charge as a base. Mixed 50:1 like stated on tub! I'm not sure which nutrient to use on veg, if at all?? Then im wanting to use shogun sumo booster to aid flowering. and I'm gonna be planting in square pots if that makes much difference, I heard it's better for the roots to grow in a stealth box with square pots! I was thinking two 5 litre pots in my 50 x 50 x 77 will be plenty of space near the end of the grow? will this yield a good crop? Any hints and tips?
  7. Evening all, My plants were started on a 12/12 routine a little over a week ago. They've stretched a good bit but seem to have stopped over the past few days. Can anyone tell me if the pictures below resemble the start of the flowers forming? This is my first grow so I'm not that experienced. I've done some reading up but I'm hoping someone on here can confirm for sure if it is the start of the flower. I'm still unsure if my plant is male or female as well so the sooner I know the sooner I'll be able to push on with this one or bin it and start a fresh with some feminised seeds. Cheers folks, -C
  8. The website is new and It's like imdb but the layout was very well done. You can review movies with a score out of 10 and a score of how high you were when you watched it from sober to "andromeda". The guy is still updating and you can suggest ideas by messaging him on his feedback forum on the bottom right corner. He already planned one out from someone else's idea which you can see in his forum and he's actually going to start improving the site right now so hopefully it's updated soon. Check it out guys (Spam removed)
  9. Buy any Collectors pack from UGORG.COM this 4/20.. .and recieve 10 noname seeds absolutely free. ^Theokoles prize winning entry from the UGORG:Annual Flower Show 2014. First 50 orders will also include a free UGORG badge. Offer starts midnight tonight. ends midnight tomorrow. FutureCannabis! With love, VRG.
  10. hi My name Is The Madame hip hop artist from NYC giving all the stoners what they need Trapping Marijuana new smokers Anthem https://soundcloud.com/themadame/trapping-marijuana
  11. Don't forget to use code:420 at the checkout to get 10% off your order
  12. IMG 3696

    From the album Oil domes, nails etc...

    © original-glass.co.uk

  13. IMG 3692

    From the album Oil domes, nails etc...

    © original-glass.co.uk

  14. IMG 3691

    From the album Oil domes, nails etc...

    © original-glass.co.uk