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Found 102 results

  1. Hi all ! My 10th grow, with the aid of the forum, my 6th with Sweet Seeds goodies. I have upgraded my setup a little. There are now two lights in the tent, squeezed in with the carbon filter, the fan is now outside the tent, the air cooled hoods are identical and I have hooked it all up in one long line across the tent with jubilee clips and 6" ducting, I am also using yo-yos for easy rising and lowering of the lot. New bulbs also, identical, got two blue omega bulbs 600w and two red for flowering later. New airstone in each Wilma 4 pot and hooked up to a timer to blast out for 15m every 6h. Currently the plan is to grow just 8 plants, 4 Crystal Candy on the left Wilma, then 2 Killer Kush and one of both Green Poison and Sweet Cheese in the other Wilma. I am hoping to find a mother I can clone and keep for a few runs - we will see ! Almost all of the plants rose on Easter Monday, putting the plants at two weeks old tomorrow. They have just been rooting up in their little root riots and then in some coco in a small plant pot - Today I put them in their Wilma's, and the ones I am not going to keep are potted into fabric pots and in soil, destined for elsewhere later. Currently reservoirs have the following nutes in : 100ml Canna start 100ml A + B Canna Vega 100ml Atazyme Lights are on 20/4 cycle, water pump is on 24h.
  2. The 3 plants featured in this diary all hit the ground on 7th July at 51N in the UK as part of a late plant out. Consequently, two of them didn't grow overly big, in part due to the late plant out, but also due to the fact I didn't do a great job prepping the soil. Although 1 of these 3 plants grew to monstrous proportions in a very short time and it turned out to be one of, if not the, biggest & highest yielding plant of my season. Jack 47 FV I estimate just 1 more week left for the Jack 47 as she is looking very, very frosty indeed and nearly ready. Just the odd few white hairs on the lower buds still so I could actually stagger harvest her. I really like the buds on this plant, like I cannot wait to smoke her. Next year I will definitely be growing her again, but starting 2 months earlier. Killer Kush FV (mid July plant out) Harvested top... Here is the pic of the KK FV after harvesting the main coala and the best tops. The floor branches/vines on this plant are insane, like the way they snake out along the ground. They are actually resting along the floor, possibly due to the weight of the buds. There is an enormous floor branch/vine in the bottom right, just out of shot. There is also another big floor branch at the back of the plant, again out of site in the below pic. After the first chop... I can't say enough great things about this KK FV plant. Due to the plot location (corn/maize field) I had a specific window in which I had to plant (and harvest). I couldn't get my plants in the ground until July due to the corn planting and Round Up spraying which occurs in June, and of course I had to harvest before the combine harvester comes around to cut the maize. Paranoia got the better of me and I ended up harvesting the first lot of KK FV at around week 5 of flower, just to play it safe. This is thankfully the fasted flowering plant I have ever ran, like it flowered at light speed. I still have more than half of the plant going in the cornfield, but I think I will HAVE to chop the rest in this week coming week, which will be about week 6 of flower. It's just too risky to leave. That combine has to come through here sooner or later... Green Poison FV (harvested October 3rd) (4 weeks into flower) (7 weeks into flower - before harvest) Just a quick question... when I run the next batch of FV strains again next year, am I able to germinate them on say March 21st, with 4 weeks in a greenhouse and then into the ground for late April, or will this early cause them to flower early due to them being light sensitive? I know some semi automatic strains flower early under 16 hours of daylight, so I was just wondering whether an early start would cause them to do this? I don't want my FV strains going through vegetative regeneration... Thanks
  3. Germinador

    From the album Green Poison fv

    Germinador que ba de fabula para germinar las semillas ninguna se resiste.
  4. JACK47,GREEN POISON,SWEET SKUNK in this diary i will be growing 4 jack47 2 green poison and 2 sweet skunk fast versions I will be using jacks magic soil potting upto 3.5 ltr then 11ltrs to finish using biobizz nutrients and pm silicone as always! one green poison struggled a bit shedding her shell but shes growing ok now 100% germ rate day 3 jack47 7 days 4 jack 47s on the left then green poison and sweet skunk on the end peace out M99
  5. Green Poison

    From the album old shots

  6. H ya everyone, Hope all is well out there. I've got some green poison f1 (possibly fast version) I've read as much as I can find about, and it seams there's different pheno's of it. Some seam to stretch loads and others barely any. This is my first grow so sorry if a stupid question, but is there anyway I can tell what type mine is? I've got it under a scrog net, and need to know when's the best time to flip the light? A pic of one of them, if it helps Any help would be most appreciated. Atb ✌🏼️ mr PM
  7. anyone had a go of these? thinking of trying some but not seen much of them on here or the net, only gp autos heard its not the best tasting but gives high yeilds and is meant to have good mold resistance im after a high yeilding, strong indica that will get me to sleep for many nights
  8. Hi All Well as you can probably tell I am growing 2 x Green poison and 2 x Cream Caramel F1 in my DR90, their being grown in 20ltr DWC bubblers using the Ionic nutrient range under HPS I normally veg between 4 to 6 weeks but just wondering what you guys think is the optimal veg time for these specific strains
  9. Thanks to Tommy we have growth !! Seeds cracked yesterday picture taken 36 hours after soaking. I put the seeds into individual coffee filter papers, could have put them all in one but rather be safe than sorry. Filter paper wicks well and doesn't appear to hold on to the fine filaments. Cream 47 on its way. More to follow as we progress through.