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Paradise Seeds Diaries Contest 2021

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    • Hashslag
      I'm all fooded-out after my holiday recently, although we did order a really lovely Indian takeaway on the night of our return. I don't know what's cooking tonight... the cupboards are pretty bare at the minute as I haven't done a big shop since we got back. Hopefully household edibles will improve after the weekend shop run
    • Cursed
      Yes please.   seen anything leaning this way owd? 
    • BilgePump
      @latitude54 awesome!   I sell a LOT of Stewart pots on the daily so I'm not surprised you found a deal   
    • latitude54
      I've literally just got home with 2 x 14L Stewart Plastics pots! No idea what range they're from but they wer 2 for £10!   Also ended up with a bag of Clover MPC to help fill them.