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    • bongme
      Hi   My last post, for now, am off to bed as your just getting up  see you later when waking up (am doing my best  )   Smoking weed during pregnancy could put a developing baby at higher risk of addiction - but only if it's a boy, rat study suggests   Only If its a Boy What are you Girls aliens or something?? load of     At that development, they are not any different, MORE UK NEGATIVENESS NEWS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!      This should of been the top Hitter in the DM     Some years ago, I knew two women who both experienced excessive nausea all day throughout their entire pregnancies; both women were so sick that neither could work. The first expectant mother smoked cannabis throughout the day to settle her nausea and was able to keep nutritious food down. Her daughter was born full term, normal weight. The second expectant mother did not smoke cannabis; instead, she threw up so much that she didn't have a bowel movement for 5 weeks and wound up having to be fed intravenously in hospital for 2 weeks. Two years after he was born, her son was diagnosed as autistic. If cannabis really can help a constantly nauseated mother keep food down and minimize abdominal spasms, both of which produce healthier babies, exploring possible medical benefits is responsible. Further research before outright rejection is merciful to the brains of vulnerable babies damaged by strong abdominal agitation or needed nutrition being hurled into the toilet.   World community, Canada,   We like our,,,,   CANNABIS By SimXSantana       Bongme 
    • Gumbo
      So sorry to hear this Bear.I'm sure you have already started researching for yourself but in case you haven't come across these before check up on Papaya leaf tea,sweet potato extract,Essiac tea and black seed oil.Also aside from the obvious Jeff Ditchfield on facebook ,another group there that seem to give good advice and have many encouraging testimonials too is  'phoenix tears cannabis oil advice with corrie, janet and jenn ' .    Keep fighting,you've already beaten this once and can again. Stay strong in body and mind   Gumbo.  
    • Boswandeling
      Ierdbei F3    3 weeks of rain in week 5-8 flower and only 1 Tiny Bud with rot in it.   amazing smell also!
    • bongme
      hi   High crimes: Britain's cannabis farms     A derelict hospital, dog kennels, abandoned warehouses, suburban homes and buried shipping containers -- cannabis farms dot Britain, often staffed by Vietnamese migrants-turned-growers. Some have been smuggled in voluntarily, others trafficked against their will. Here are a few high-profile busts involving Vietnamese migrants. - Bunker turned weed farm - When police smashed through the padlocked doors of a former nuclear bunker in Wiltshire in 2017 they found three Vietnamese growers and thousands of cannabis plants. More than 20 rooms in the World War II era bunker were used to grow weed by the migrants -- suspected to have been trafficked -- who spoke little English and had been locked in the site. More than $800,000 worth of electricity had been illegally siphoned off to power the massive underground factory that cops said was capable of producing nearly $2.5 million in weed yearly. Three men were jailed for running the cannabis farm, which police were alerted to when dog-walking neighbours said they smelled something awry. The growers were later deported from Vietnam, having declined to claim asylum, according to British media reports. - Duffel bag of bills - A duffel bag stuffed with �75,000 ($93,000) in cash was among the evidence police recovered when they busted a Vietnamese cannabis syndicate in Lancashire last year. They also found several houses converted into grow-ops plants valued at �80,000 and a handful of Vietnamese suspects, including ringleader Jack Nguyen, who was charged with conspiracy to produce cannabis and money laundering. Syndicate bosses posed as expectant parents to rent houses, and police unearthed cellphone video of a baby cradling wads of cash, according to media. When the investigation was over police uncovered more than 21 house, confiscated over $300,000 in cash and convicted 16 Vietnamese suspects. - Stuffed in a suitcase - The case of the 16-year-old Vietnamese boy found stuffed in a suitcase in the back of a van in Dover last year laid bare the dangers facing migrants sneaking into the UK. Phong was discovered with life-threatening injuries in the trunk of a car chauffeured by a Romanian man who was later jailed for 18 months. The teen was rescued by British authorities. He has since been placed in foster care and has a bedroom "for the first time", Phong, now 17, wrote in a letter addressed to the English public. "Now I have a mum, brother, sister... Thank you everyone for helping me with English and myself." It was not clear if Phong was destined to work on a cannabis farm, though growing weed is the top job for young Vietnamese males smuggled into Britain. - Body dumped - The body of a 41-year-old suspected Vietnamese cannabis worker was found on a mountainside near a golf course in Wales with two bags of clothes and documents in 2016 -- discovered by a man looking for a spot to bury his cat. One of the bags smelled of weed and contained notes detailing cannabis growing equipment, British media reported. Police said the man was believed to have died in a cannabis farm before his body was dumped, possibly after dying from electrocution. Map showing route of common human trafficking routes from Vietnam to and through Europe, common jobs done, typical profile of a trafficked person   https://au.news.yahoo.com/high-crimes-britains-cannabis-farms-034139606--spt.html   Bongme