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    • badbillybob
      hello again, its sunday so im updating my other diary, I thought id just pop in here and post some pics.   Anyone grown the blueberry headband and green crack. Ive got this bloody triffid that keeps on keeping on and im not now convinced its a blueberry head. it might be a green crack head. here it is, its the one in the bottom right corner. Anuyomne got any advice on her? bloob or crack, wotchareckon? bottom left and top left are the purps#1's, the top left one is a bit behind, but plenty of time to catch up.  The pre 98 big bud is doing what big bud does, and growing like a maniac. its a bit of a shame that I suspect the big bud will not be up to much.    The others tho, I have high hopes for.  Ive not changed the res on these but will do mid week some time.    Cheers and let me know about the triffid, if you have any ideas? I think I mixed the blueberry and crack up at seed stage, so took a gamble, but now im not so sure.
    • zen-ken
      So now the system is alive again I have had an icicle growth spurt    Sugar breath up first......OGKZ second ......group shot last (LHS is SB middle is OGKZ) 
    • Michael Luchóg
      Lovely grow Inspiration ,and great photogragphy skills . 
    • badbillybob
      if they were all flipped at the same time, then you will be ok I reckon, but check the trichs. I don't bother flushing n hydro, I just reduce the feed for the last fortnight (cue the haters), because ive tried flushing for a wek, flushing for 2 weeks and not flushing at all, and im fukd if I can tell the difference in the bud, when its grown hydroponically. (cue more outrage)   I can tell the difference in mud and coco tho. Maybe its because im feeding less in hydro, I don't know, but personally I wouldn't worry about it. If you are concerned and the trichs are looking much nearer finished, then as said, just take the dripper out and hand flush them.