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    • Jack010
      Bet he's in his mansion now drinking a glass of rum or what ever the twat drinks and smoking his tobacco pipe.   but that's ok cos alcohol and Tobacco are fine, don't cause any issues with people's health , mentally or physically, honest now, it's the truth, I read it somewhere or seen it on tv before.   And I'm always right cos I'm so educated from watching the news
    • Greeno67
      I'm in the middle of buying all of the stuff i will need to get my first grow started, what i need some help with is equipment needed.    Ive already got the following..   600w dimmable ballast          4x 3ltr fabric pots 600w super HPS bulb            4x 7.5ltr fabric pots 100x50x200cm tent              biobizz nutes (grow, bloom & top max) hygrometer/thermometer      biobizz light mix soil ph tester biobizz allmix soil   Equipment needed..   extraction fan phresh stealth fan (6 or 8" not sure yet)        2x small fans for air circulation  carboair filter                                                                  250w bulb dual spec lumii 2 way contactor                                                       400w bulb       Am i missing anything from my lists above? 
    • JamJar
      Its most probs the cold. I still use my electric blanket if temps drop at night to keep the root temps stable.    How far is ur led unit from the plants as led burn can look like pretty much anything  i would personally wouldnt go any lower than 24" with the blurple units.   Atb   JJ
    • vortex
      and with the ammount of  " cbd"  thats in the product ...( as with their other stuff )  .    you would probably get more health benefit  by pissing on a sparkplug   AND THATS FREE !!!!