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    • Bwm
      ok, I asked for that reply. We’ll see if it’s still any good in 6 months or so.......
    • Hairy ape
      Ah, mines being used currently. Must go to bed
    • Joint hogger
      yes, it can help keep the temps up in winter, you can run 20/4 or 24/0 at a push.
    • ForrestGreens
      I wish they would atleast allow something full spectrum instead of just thc or cbd. All phytochemicals have uses and benefits including positive effects within cancer treatments, it makes no sense to seperate alkoids, flavanoids, cannibanoids, and terpinoids which synergise perfectly in the first form - the plant! Not too mention the save on cost for the public, instead of making rich richer. A diverse and truthful education on cannabis and how it actually works would be outstanding and very forthcoming also. I mean we have, i think 113 cannibanoids known already, and likely more undiscovered and we only seem to fully utilise 2, and thats generally seperated.