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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

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    • CBDGUY
      i have aspergers and adhd so i cant read all the posts,  but if your farming worms, put a slce of bread and yeast extract in there with them, it makes the worms breed like crazy.  marmite or vegimite work the same.     hope this is new to many
    • CBDGUY
      get some comfry liquid, itsa complete feed solution but not ballanced if i remember correctly. mix 15 to 1 water/comfrey borage liguid works too same as comfrey 15-1 or make a tea from worm casts, compost to feed with. i highly recomend the comfrey liquid, its up there with guano/wormcast and compost teas  
    • CBDGUY
      can you realy not get to it under the cover of darkness??
    • twigs
      Study: Medical Cannabis Associated with Prolonged Reductions in Opioid Use   Falmouth, ME: Patients who initiate the use of medical cannabis experience sustained reductions in their use of opioids, according to data published in the journal Cureus.   A pair of investigators assessed survey data from over 500 patients registered with three state-licensed medical cannabis practices in the northeastern region of the United States. Those surveyed had been prescribed opioids for chronic pain treatment for at least three months. Forty-five percent of those surveyed reported decreasing their opioid usage following the initiation of cannabis therapy and another 40 percent of respondents acknowledged ceasing their use of opioids altogether – findings that are consistent with dozens of other studies.   The majority of respondents (65 percent) reported that they sustained these changes for over one year.   Authors reported: “To our knowledge, this is one of the largest surveys of chronic pain patients who used opioids continuously for a minimum of three months and combined it with medical cannabis. Our results show a remarkable percentage of patients both reporting complete cessation of opioids and decreasing opioid usage by the addition of medical cannabis, with results lasting for over a year for the majority   We believe our results lend further support that medical cannabis provided in a standardized protocol can lead to decreased pain and opioid usage, improved function, and quality of life measures, and even complete cessation of opioids in patients with chronic pain treated by opioids NORML