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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

  • Posts

    • diyleduk
      I completly forgot about the "buddies" testers i have from the AUS man.   I will grab them today as theres about 10 of them for testing. Cant remember who wanted what  
    • buddy13
      I'm a big fan of black cherry punch   I'm off to Neptune now....
    • Bhang Buddie
      There's much rust on that shotgun it would've most likely blown up in his face and there's no shells in it anyway, but the fuzz might've taken the shells out as it was so rusty.   In the Oz outback you can't bury a tank in the ground as you'd quite possibly be feeding your plants boiling water, it's soooo bloody 'OT'  out that way. I stayed in a place called Coober Pedy, many years back, and even though your 'hotel' room is underground, it's still bloody 'OT'  Bom Shiva
    • highcontrast
      i read it that the hot plate reaches 180c, i dont think the thermostat would be able to dial it down, i figure their either off or on until the temps met, don’t quote me on that tho     I've been using f-strips for a while, i used to use a 100w cmh which worked great too in small spaces but the strips provide a better spread.
        Have you seen diyleduk’s new QX boards? Ive put an order in, their 300x250.   Like you mine don’t run too much passed 50%,no longer stealthy if i have to run my extraction to loud.