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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

  • Posts

    • LA LUNA
      Is it commonly available though ?........ I’m saying stardawg the proper cut, readily available in Manchester, liverpool, Birmingham, London, up north, down south, strong as fuck, heavy fuel taste and grown in the right hands a frosty beast of a plant. stardawg the winner 
    • bfehillbilly
      I grew Bahia Blackhead about  10-15 years ago outdoors Toad81 it was good smoke nothing special 
    • beaney
      nothing at the moment, making seed was never on my agenda as i have more seed in my stash box than i could ever germinate in this lifetime and im thinking it would have to be a well selected male, any suggestions for strain to cross it with?
    • Ch@ppers
      I know some guys who regularly took international flights to shop for clones from source, always got them back