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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

  • Posts

    • stu914
      Cover it over with cooker hood filter material, you might have to double it up to kill all the light...Robert Dyas stocks it, about ten quid...
    • icki
      I used to use the first feed at 5ml and the root stim at 5ml at that stage.   Water to run off and dont let it sit in the run off.   Looks like a bit of bad watering practice to me.   No dramas theyll soon be up and running.   e2a I used to start seedlings in soil and transplant into coco once id sexed them.I couldn't be arsed mixing a flower feed for main room and one for veg.   No problems doing that.
    • ananda
      I have a Lux meter too, but isn't there something about them not being a very relevant measurement for CMH and LED? Isn't it all Par and uMols or something these days?
    • BarrySHitPeas
      @monkeypig   Do you treat yours much like you would in soil ? Apart from the nutrients from the start bit ?   I've just started one more in pure coco and a load of others in Tropic mix which is 60/40 peat to coco, could you foresee any issues starting in the tropic mix and transplanting in to coco ?    Thanks  for looking btw