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Outdoor Growing

Make The Best From That Great Growlight In The Sky


  1. Guerrilla Growing

    Growing in the great outdoors
  2. Growing Under Glass

    Growing in greenhouses and poly-tunnels

  • Posts

    • Budelaire
      Combinations are fine and even more productive.   Top your plant to leave 4 heads, let them grow on.  LST these to the pot and then some even put a net on top at this point (I do), then train them through the net for a Topped, LST'd ScroG.    
    • zen-ken
      https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/needcalmag/   Read this.   Things like 'I didnt care' are never going to yield good results bro   Start again with some decent plants.....get a diary up and ask for help
    • michaeldbc
      I'm a bit nasty and top at 3rd node. But I wouldn't advise this not all strains will thank you for it. If I was growing something I'd never tried topping before I'd let it get to the 6th node and then chop at the 5th. And after topping I'd be tying everything down so it grows nice and bushy.
    • Naz007