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Home made butane extraction question

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17 hours ago, Devcal said:

@Greywolf cheers for the input mate :v:


Ya'll are welcome brother D!


I've been busy in my absence, with both Skunk Pharm Research and WolfWurx, so lots has changed in the last few years. 


Us'n three original Skunk Pharmers got locked out of Skunk Pharm Research by our new partners, so started The Alchemist Resource blog site at:  http://thealchemistresource.thealchemistresource.com/


Since we had to rewrite all the data, it is relatively up to date and in researching some of the articles, I was further enlightened myself, so offer the blog site as a resource of free public information on cannabis related subjects. 


We've also been able to attract some guest authors, some with doctorates, who are at the cutting edge and share their own insights.  I heartily recommend checking out all new 3.0 through 3.6 for deeper insight into what we are actually extracting. 

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ive been extracting with butane for nearly 2 years now.started off using an open blast tube made from stainless stell gauze and coffee filter at one end and gas hole at other.blast on to ptfe.then i moved onto closed column extraction and closed loop system.never ever had any issues with explosions..especially with the cls,dont see how blasting through platic pipes will get you a clean product.ure trying to remove all the lipids and fats from your material by dewaxing at subzero temps...or even kryogenically freezing .steel is the way forward peeps.

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