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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Simple question: Can I use molasses in hydro (I use wilma systems)? If yes, can you guys pls recommend a good quality molasses and give me some tips how to use it-i mean how much?
  2. Hello i'm first time grower. i want to build soil mix, but im bit confused how much should i mix into the soil, then how much can i put into teas? i have EC meter but i does not found any thread about how tea EC should look like. What i have: Plagron Lightmix soil Fish Hydrolyzate NPK 2-1-1 Plagron Bat Guano NPK 3-15-4 Blackstrap Molases NK 0.6-2.8 Kelp Hydrolyzate NPK 1-0,1-21 Leonardite extract humic/fluvic acid Botanicare Liquid Karma Bacillus IT35 Amyloliquefaciens Volcanic Basalt Epsom Salt Perlite Root Pouch Peace
  3. Organics - To Flush Or Not To Flush? that is the question,vote above and thoughts and comments below please im debating whether or not to flush(water+molasses) for 2-3 weeks before harvest to maximise taste and cleanliness of the buds,i know its said not to be needed but i still see some doing it regardless so i wanted to get an idea of the general consensus on flushing organics,would be much appreciated and might be good for future reference especially for beginners like myself. H4rdc0r3.
  4. I'm on my second grow. First was OG Kush using Biobizz All Mix, Root Juice, Bio Grow and their Bio Bloom. I got 47 grams of great weed! im wanting to improve if I can without messing up and I've read about using molasses and/or seaweed extract. My questions are, should I use either? Or even both? And when? I've read adding molasses every other feed after 4 weeks. I know to go very light on amounts. I usually stick to 3ml per 5L of anything. Plants are in 15 L pots. im growing a Jack Herer and a Northern Lights this time. It's been 3 weeks and 3 days since sprout and both look awesome!
  5. another day done

    From the album sbbx X B` line & Smile

    © mk11

  6. another day done

    From the album sbbx X B` line & Smile

    © mk11

  7. LHWWbuddage

    From the album Finally on the grow (Hans panel 180w)

    Just fed with light molasses added more pure cold pressed Organic neem oil. Into week 6.
  8. Hello comrades. I have been growing in coco with canna A+B and using granules/rootgrow or whatever mycos I have to hand based on a post by OT1 that said that basically myco's will do what they do and be beneficial to roots in this medium (not just compo). Now so far I have just been using normal pots and I have been suplementing the A+B with maxicrop seaweed and molasses o feed the fungi and it has been working very well (despite some fungus gnats) but I am about to make the jump to Hempy buckets and I'm worried that the "res" might go stinky with molasses if left too long. So question is - if I dont use molasses what will the mycos feed on ? is there any point in using mycos in coco (hempys) without molasses basically? Where u at @@uBercaMeL? presumably I'll be OK with the odd molasses watering as long as its followed by a straight A+B watering the next day to 30% run off to flush it all out and that way the fungus can get its feed? I am gonna pot up into the hempys tonight anyway I think and give em a dusting of rootgrow anyway but will hold off on the organix till one of the bigger lads has comes along to hold my hand. Peace out y'all MM Edit: also where do I drill the hole and how big? they are ten litre buckets but quite tall and slender less than 8 inches diameter at the base and about 11 at the top
  9. Reason I ask I am 3 weeks in 1st coco grow canna a+B and I got no boost. Will I get away with using molasses? cheers folks
  10. Hi guys, Anyone use the normal Holland and Barretts Molasses? My missus came back with some so now I'm curious. It's not blackstrap or organic from what I can see, just wondering if it's OK to use. Here's what it looks like: Thanks