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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought it best I leave a diary, or at least outline how my first attempt is going! You'll have to excuse me as I've been a bit lacklustre in terms of keeping everything up to date and I still haven't figured out how to upload pics But I'm now on day 18 since germ so here's my private notes so far: CITY SEEDS KOSHER KUSH GROW Equipment: Tent 60x60x140cm Mars Hydro TS1000 LED 4" rhino/ram filter+fan combo 12"oscillating fan 1' tube heater for lights off Plant level: 9 litre fabric pots Biobizz light mix+all mix Biobizz rootjuice/grow/bloom/topmax Days 1-10 I followed @Serpent how to grow autos in soil guide and it helped massively so shoutout to you buddy Day 1: 23/03 Germinated: Damp paper towel in ziplock (closed) in airing cupboard Day 3: 25/03 TAPROOT 3-5mm Into solo cups (Biobizz light mix - pre wetted) covered with cup, sprayed with water to increase humidity until soil break In airing cupboard Day 4: 26/03 (around 21hrs later) SOIL BREAK Temps 24-29 humid 35-55 Into tent, kept moist, under 24hr lighting. Still covered with sprayed cups, Day 5 Still moist Temp: 27 Humid: 40% Using wet shirt to increase humidity Not much progress - hoping ^RH% will help Day 6 Temp 27-29 Humid around 65% Given very light watering with spray bottle but leaves starting to fade? Day 7 Leaves more faded Day 8: 30/3 Temps 27-29 Humid low 40 high 77 steady average 68-70 Finally got fan+filter setup. Cups moist, soil lightly watered Day 9: 31/03 Temps 27-29 humid 50-60% Final pots in tent to acclimatise soil 2L water+0.5ml rootjuice for pre-wetting final pots Day 10: 01/04 Temps 27-30 humid 60-70% FINAL POT TRANSFER Leaves were starting to droop slightly - due to rootjuice overfeed ? Given 1L water (very small amount of runoff to flush rootjuice) Day 11: 02/04 Temps 27-30 humid low 55 High 70 Recovering from transfer really well, good new growth - 3rd set of cotyledon leaves showing Day 12: 03/04 Temps 27-30 humid 55-65 Added oscillating fan Day 13: 04/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-55 Big growth on 2nd set of leaves Day 14: 05/04 Temps 28.5-31 humid 55-60 WATERING 1L per plant No nutes Day 15: 06/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-50 FIRST ATTEMPT AT LST I've no idea what I'm doing - tied main stem down and started tucking leaves maybe too soon ? Day 16: 07/04 Temps up at 29/30 Humid up 60+ Day 17: Temps 29-30 Humid 50-55 1 or 2 big leaves leaves starting to curl - one leaf showing rusty tip Day 18: Temps high 29-32!! Humid 45-55 Raised light to highest point and lowered intensity to 50% (as advised by Mars Hydro) Temps concerning but extraction on full blast Noticed a couple vaguely rusty spots One minuscule tear/hole in a leaf I know my temps and humidity are moving mad but it's dependent on the time of day and I'm struggling to regulate them both It's just nice to be able to share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts and to know there's a vast wealth of information and knowledge to take in so thanks for stopping by and hope you've enjoyed the long read. Pop in occasionally for updates and to see how these babies progress! (If I can figure out pics ) PEACE AND LOVE
  2. Hey Guys and Girls. I am living in Span, Mallorca I have recently purchased 120x120x200cm Cabinet. I Have 5 Seedlings going at the moment. (OG Kush) Past Germination Stage Set tent up with 2 small fans plus fresh air Extractor at the bottom and Outtake Extractor at the top. Potted the seeds in Coco and for the first 7 Nights of Light (NoL) i had them under a house hold 3 bulb lamp i adapted. I then placed 2 new 20w Led Flood Lights i purchased from amazon and have adapted also to go into my grow cabinet. Now they are on there 10 Night of Light. Hours [18h on] [6h off] I have noticed some stretch in them. First week fed them with only Ph Correct water then i have done 2 Feeds with Rhizotonic and Cana Veg mixed in. This is where i am at currently. I have tried to add images however cant seem to do so. Here in these 2 links are the images i have taken so far.. HOPEFULLY THESE LINKS WORK Off site links removed.
  3. Hello all, Just after a few pointers if possible please. I'm experimenting with a CBD auto strain called dinamed kush, I use CBD oils and i'm genuinely curious in the cultivation of the plant. Needless to say, I'm now treating my little plant like a newborn child! I think she popped on the 18th Feb, making her about 3 weeks old now. From my copious amounts of reading; I think I have over-watered this first plant so i'm just easing off a little now. I maybe over compensated due the humidity only being around 40% (up to 50% for a while after misting). Also trying to increase the humidity, I stood the plants in clay ball pots and fill (most days) with water, taking care to only fill about half way up the tray. I did gently ease out the plant to see the soil, and the roots look a healthy white colour all around the container. The USB fan is just simply intaking air from the open flap at the bottom of the tent and expelling passively it out the vent at the top. I'm just wondering if i'm doing anything obviously wrong (other than over-watering/stunting the growth), and for example when I should move into the final 7litre pot with Canna Terra Pro (mixed with perlite), or when to give her the first diluted grow feed. By the way the second plant is an auto called Charlotte's Angel which has just popped, and I'll treat differently by not watering as much. Here's my set up: 40cm x 40cm x 120cm tent Mars Hydro Reflector 48 300w Dalefoot fine wool seed compost peat-free (using now for seedlings) Canna terra professional (for repotting later) USB powered fan (half speed) Light is roughly 24" from plant P.M. O.T. Grow & Bloom (not used yet)
  4. Hello again, We are a couple of weeks down the line and boy have we had some changes.... Just to give everyone the basics of my set up: X1 300W LED Light 1.2x1.2x1.2 Tent Tower Fan Co-Co perlite mix CANNA COCO A+B Nutrients PH feeds between 5.8-6 Ionizing humidifier electric dehumidifier 500ml 24Hr Cycle (No Switch off) Hand Fed Tap Water readings 6.5-7 PH with 297-350 ppm (Average) I have LST the plant, and only trimmed throughout her life.. To be honest she has been a pain, shown lots of signs of issues her whole life, diagnosed on last thread as a deficiency caused by cold roots. Now I have tried to address this problem by leaving a blanket on floor to help insulate until I can afford Heat Matts. It's not a 'fix' as such but at least i know about it now... 22-24'C Average Temp readings 48-60% Humidity Readings On todays inspection tri-combs seem to look see through still, I've been told to look out for milky ones, with a 1/3 being amber for a harvest.... 61 days told today! How long left?? Big question and can I do anything different to increase yields and achieve a better grow overall... Thanks
  5. Hi there, looking for some help on what may be wrong with my plants. Some leaves look very strange, see images below. They pick back up but then others go like this, almost like they are being rated down one side of the leaf but no sign of pests! I am growing in coco, fabric pots, 600w hps, have done 2 weeks cuttings/seedlings am now on second week veg. Transplanted into bigger pots last night not that this means anything as the leaves have been like this for a couple weeks. Feed bucket stays in my Grow room that I built (1.2x1.2x1.9) so not cold feed. Also looking for advice whether I should start stress training at all, if so what method and how do you recommend? thanks in advance
  6. Can someone help with what this may be? some of my leaves look very strange, almost look like they’re being eaten but no signs of pests at all! They have done two weeks seedlings, now into 2nd week veg.
  7. Hi there, new to this forum so your help would be really appreciated! I have a 1.2x1.2x1.9 grow room that I have built, it took me some time and built it to perfection. I have 4 cuttings that I have planted in 3.8l fabric pots, gelato strain. They are on the cuttings and seedlings section on my grow chart, using mainly samurai nutrients. Finally got the temp right, about 21.5 lights off, 25 lights on. Temp has previously got pretty high due to working out the right timer settings on radiator, intake etc. I have noticed that my leaves have started to very slightly turn yellow on the ends, and have started to curl downwards - can anyone advise their experience on overcoming this? I am going to leave them for two days without feed as I believe it may be possibly an overfeed of nutrients or something, then next feed just give water to flush anything out. Does this seem the best course of action? Many thanks in advance!
  8. I'm looking for some beginner friendly fast autos recommendations. Being a squatter plant would be helpful as there's limited head space (about 1.3 meters) The main focus needs to be speed for my first attempt while at my current location! I really wish it wasn't as it should be the least concerning factor in my books but its just the current situation As for the grow it's self I'm hoping for 2-3 autos under a 300w LED. As a totally new grower I'm looking for any recommendations on feed and pretty much anything. cheers.
  9. hi to anyone whos reading just joined the site and looking for some tips new here been reading alot of the pages after deciding after a few years of thinking about it to do my own outdoor grow and iv just got my first grow site thanks to a sound farmer i know planning on 10 plants and have made a list of stuff i am gona buy in prep and my method. just want a bit of advice really to know if iv got my method right or what should be changed / could be improved (alot i can imagine) So first off seeds i will be using: 4 feminized purple maroc 3 royal ak auto 3 auto frisian dew my plan is to buy the smart start kit off zamnesia and the propagator to germ the seeds ready for planting (thinkin of plantin me autos 20th april an maroc round mid may? ) il be buyin around 100l of plant magic plus and fill all my pots about 3/4 with this and for the top 1/4 use regular multi purp compost basically leave the plants to do their own thing checking up on them whenever i feel like as its in me farmer mates back garden literally in the middle of nowhere so not bangers at all. then using nute bloom later on in grow (5/6 weeks into autos and abit later with maroc) my questions are 1. is basically is this it to get a decent beginners grow on the go? 2. how do them planting dates sound to yous? 3. do i need to add any more nutes to my soil before they flower or will the plant magic cover them until flower stage generally? as i said am brand new to all this so if i am way out dont be scared of bein rude jus tell me what should be done differently i get that unforseen probs can pop up an am thinkin in an ideal world but il deal with them if they happen..... any replies appreciated cheers
  10. Hi all, my autos are starting to preflower at around 3 weeks old and the leaves (mostly on the new growth) have begun to droop and curl down. Everything I can find online points to overwatering but I've been cautious not to overwater and have only fed when the pots have been dry and light. Could they be underfed? The soil feels slightly moist and quite loose but definitely not dry. Up to now they've had plain water, a 1/3 strength feed and a 2/3 strength feed (Biobizz schedule). Also struggling to keep the humidity above 20, could this be causing them to curl like this? Thanks in advance to any experts that can diagnose from these pictures
  11. Hi all, Normal post which I assume has been answered many times before but I thought i'd ask again. I am Bristol based and have plenty of experience with weed, but growing seems the next step to try! My idea is to wait until april/may time to start the grow. I have a wooded area of which to start the grow in and plan on 1.5 ft deep holes, lining with black bags and filling with compost and starting from there. The questions being; how hard it is to do an outdoors grow in England, especially with the weather being as bad as it is. What seeds are recommended? I've seen a few types scrolling through the forums but do not really know enough about growing to justify a decision. Will the grow take longer outdoors than it would indoors? I've looked through the forums enough to find guides and such as to how to tend to the plants once the initial work is done and intend to keep looking through them as the grow continues. Does anyone wish to share their first experiences so I can get an idea of what to expect? Thanks for all the help,
  12. My first grow in an English cellar so not ideal conditions. This is a grow of medical cannabis for oil for my son - a philosopher and musician who enjoys the side effects - but more importantly, maybe the only real hope we have for the cancer in his brain. And I've found these in the grow. Can anyone tell me what they are and how to get rid of them safely without damaging the flowers? Hardly any room to manoeuvre down there so hoping an organic spray that's ok to use with the lights on that I can get in the UK? I'd really appreciate any advice.
  13. My first mixed trim Dry-Sift

    From the album Extracts etc...

    A mix of the very few sugar leaves left after trimming and drying - in the mix is UGORG Blues, Noname and a tiny bit of Killer Skunk, there is also a selection of the Orangeberrys (SmellyBerry x Orange 13 x Agent Orange) First sifted through a nylon sieve, then, after watching the net curtain flutter in the wind while smoking some Blues, I decided to give it a go with that, carding it over a taught net, then deciding to bag it up in the net and shake it in a big metal bowl for round 20mins - and got this! Very pleased with the result from relatively small amount of trim, even if there is a fair bit of green matter still left. Gonna make me a small frame for next grow when I hopefully have more trim to play with... It is a knockout smoke - straight to the head, and almost immediately strung out for a good 2-3 hours... this may be the start of many concentrates/extracts to come.
  14. First Grow CFL 9/1/14

    From the album First Grow (CFL)

    First Grow CFL 9/1/14 1-2 week before harvest
  15. My first baby

    From the album Untitled Album

    My first sprouted seedling from a World of Seeds Star47
  16. Test Grow Wk 7 Flowering

    From the album Test Grow - Wk 7 Flowering

    What I have to look forward to