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Found 5 results

  1. Hey again, checking in for some help and advice, Working with an under stairs style cupboard, It's roughly 5ft deep by 3ft wide and at the tallest point it's 8ft and smallest point 5ft, I did the Math rounding everything up to give some headroom, the space has a volume of 3.75m3, so would need extraction of 300m3/h A 4 inch rhino fan advertises as being able to provide us a healthy 420m3/h, if true this would more than cover my space, right? Thanks all.
  2. Cupboard setup

    From the album Dutch passion girls

    my little make shift setup. Does the job.

    © bluntz27

  3. Hey all hope its going well, Having ditched my previous idea of growing in a water butt due to having nowhere to put it I was thinking about growing under my bedroom sink. It is a relatively small space at W: .45m x H; .65m x L: 1.15m not to mention its got a sink in it but perhaps with some lst I could make it work. Does anyone any experience growing in very small spaces and could point me in the right direction? Or let me know if it just a complete waste of time? Thanks, budie
  4. Drobe Idea

    From the album Plans

    Grow cupboard plans: 1 x 250w HPS 3 x soil based plants 1 x 5" Ruck fan - high power - extraction 1 x 5" Ruck fan - low power - intake 1 x 5" Rhino carbon filter 1 x desk fan acoustic ducting..

    © ©

  5. Hi There Peeps, This is my grow room. It's 2 foot deep by 3.5 feet wide, i think i have to many plants in it this time round to be honest. I have a 400w Bulb in a cool tube all going through a rhino filter being pulled by a 100ml fan (maybe 150m) I have passive intakes, the intakes at the bottom are black plastic knuckle joints from the plumbers. I have created a little plastic flap that i have draped over the intake just incase of light leakage. The bottom part of the room pulls outwards but locks into place in the door frame, i also made some velcro straps for the sides of the removable panel for light leakage too. This is the first grow in this room and it's a bit fucked to be honest because for the first 4/5 weeks of flower i knocked the timer and it was coming on again in the middle of lights out for a few hours so the plants over stretched. But when i recitfied it the buds have now started coming through (3 weeks) Anyway, i cant see where to post pictures but im sure i will work it out in a mo..