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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to the Critical Swarm! Over the last couple of years I've amassed a nice selection of Dinafem beans, and this diary will mainly focus on photoperiod strains with a few auto's being grown in the greenhouse and at the plot. I'll be using a plot that I had regs in last year, which I will have to expand to fit everything in. Here's a pic of it from when I first cleared it... Really nice soil here, only problem is there's a massive tree blocking sun from about 10-12, so I'll try to expand in front of it. Right on to the beans... I chose Critical+ and Critical Jack for the competition, thanks @Dinafem-Mark. I've seen some good grows of the C+, but nothing of the CJ. the plan will be to take cuts from the CJ for an indoor run at some point just in case it doesn't do very well The others I have are Critical+2 (also have a mother of this that will have cuts taken for outdoors), Critical cheese (another possible mother), Critical Mass CBD, Purple Afghan Kush and Diesel. See why it's a critical swarm On top of that I have loads of auto's! I'm not going to list them all as only a few will be grown out, probably Critical+, Critical Jack, Blue Kush, White Widow and Haze CBD. I'm hoping to get out to the plot either today or tomorrow, and I'll get fresh pics of it then. Good luck to all in the comp!
  2. Haze Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a Sativa-dominant, feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Haze XXL Autoflowering and a CBD-rich strain. Dinafem Seeds set out to create this cannabis strain in order to meet the demands of Haze and Sativa fans looking for a more gentle and bearable effect. That is why we can now enjoy a splendid Haze-like fast-flowering marijuana plant capable of improving a wide range of ailments and suitable for most types of users. Thanks to its 1:1.3 THC/CBD ratio, Haze Autoflowering CBD is an excellent option for several therapeutic purposes. People suffering from physical and psychological problems will certainly enjoy the benefits of this not-so-potent CBD-rich cannabis seed. Regular consumption will not prevent them from leading a normal life. In fact, its soothing properties are sure to bring many benefits. In addition, the original traits of the Haze lineage are kept intact and so neither its flavour nor its aroma have at all been altered. Haze Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds evolve into small bush-shaped marijuana plants that produce numerous branches full of compact resinous buds surrounded by such a reduced number of leaves that the after-harvest manicuring is just a piece of cake. When growing Haze Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds, phenotypes develop beautiful orangey pistils that resemble those of tropical Sativa strains. If provided with an organic diet, the high quality of the end product is totally guaranteed, and if a 30% of coco is added to the substrate, it is sure to grow strong and healthy. Haze Autoflowering CBD has a deep intense flavour and aroma, with hints of Haze and incense. The rather cerebral effect it provides is more than bearable. This strain, unique in the market, is ideal for alleviating muscle pain, for fighting stress and anxiety, or just as a sedative. Characteristics of Haze Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem SeedsSuitable for indoors and outdoors Sex: feminized autoflowering Genotype: Sativa dominant Cross: Haze Auto XXL x pure CBD Indoor flowering period: 70 days Outdoor harvest: 70 days Indoor yield: 300-500 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 25-100 g/plant Height: up to 1.2 m THC: 5.5% CBD: 7% Ratio THC/CBD: 1:1.3 Video Haze Autoflowering CBDhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=FADMq9l7-xI
  3. Another year, another dinafem diary This season I'll most likely only do autos and I'll not be entering the competition. So, for the diary I chose these I've also bought or won these + more Most of them will be going out to the same plot that I showed in my hso diary I'll also be keeping some in a greenhouse, most likely wwa in the ground and some others will be seeded in 5l pots. Once the reversed plant has done it's job, there's a good chance I'll start a second run Feeling a bit rough with manflu today, so I'll leave it there for now. Good luck all
  4. Let's get this outdoor started then! So I'll start with my strain selection, after seeing how well critical cheese did last year, I selected 10 for this year's comp I'll also be testing 3 new varieties for dinafem, purps#1, purple moby dick and dinamed auto. Many thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and the dinafem team for these! Now onto the plot, I'll be using the same one as last year for dinafem gear, but it's had/having a lot more work put into it! Here's the reason not much grew last year... Heavy clay soil, aaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Anyway I've made a start digging the whole lot over which was really tough going! Here it is before I started And again after a lot of work I've already added 3kg of FBB, I'll also be turning in chicken shit and rotting leaves from the near by woodland on my next visit, probably Seeds for the plot will most likely be started in my greenhouse, in root trainers next week... I have already started a dinamed auto that will stay in the gh (Friday 6th April for reference), the seed went straight into a 15l bucket of compost (Levington M2 mixing with compost bin stuff) and I'll expect to see something in the next couple of days. Good luck to all the other growers, may your harvests be bountiful!
  5. Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminised autoflowering marijuana strain that originates from the cross of an Industrial Plant and a CBD-rich auto. Dinafem had long been itching to create the auto CBD version of one of its pet strains, nationally and internationally appreciated since its creation. The resulting hybrid is a truly innovative proposal, now available in our online store for everyone to enjoy. Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD is a marvellous option for breeders on the lookout for a not-so-potent cannabis seed to add to their collection. The gentle effect it provides and its sweet fruity organoleptic qualities are the hallmark features of such an outstanding strain. This medium-sized plant is noted for the large number of buds that pile up in the upper part as well as for the several surrounding branches it develops that end up laden with plenty of compact buds overflowing with resin. However, we should shine a spotlight on the various therapeutic properties that its CBD-rich buds possess, such as the ability to alleviate a wide variety of physical and mental disorders. In addition to all the aforementioned advantages, we cannot fail to say that users with little tolerance to cannabis will at last be fully satisfied. When growing Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD marijuana seeds, the homogeneity and stability shown by every individual is undeniably amazing, and so are their heavy-yielding properties, too. Adding 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate is recommended to boost not only the plant's metabolising processes but also the development of healthy roots. Thanks to its 1:2.25 THC/CBD ratio, it can be consumed on a daily basis without suffering from concentration or physical problems that may interfere with everyday life. Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD has a deep aroma and a really pleasant taste with hints of sweet fruits, Skunk, citrus and species that is a real treat for the senses. The physical and mental effect it provides is moderate and not as long-lasting as usual. As a plus, it leaves no trace of pain or discomfort later on. Summing up, it is a marvellous cannabis seed that alleviates muscle pain and helps you sleep deeply. Characteristics of Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD cannabis seeds by Dinafem SeedsSuitable for indoors and outdoors Sex: feminized autoflowering Cross: Industrial Plant x pure CBD Indoor flowering period: 70 days Outdoor harvest: 70 days Indoor yield: 300-500 g/m2 Outdoor yield: 25-100 g/plant Height: up to 1.2 m THC: 5.89% CBD: 13.28/% Ratio THC/CBD: 1:2.25 Video Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD
  6. Due to the great success of last seasons best outdoor grow thread competition. We at Dinafem have decided to do the same again this year .The prizes for this year will be similar to last season with 3 winners :). 1st place will winner will get1-The 7mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bag 2nd place winner will get 1-The 5mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bag3rd place winner will get 1-The 3.2mm RooR beaker bong 2-A 10 seed packet or 2 x 5 seeds of any Dinafem or AutoDinafem strain3-A Dinafem T-shirt, Grinder and goodie bagIf you would like to enter this you1-Must be a UK420 member in good standing and over 18 years old2-Must have over 50 posts and have been an active member of UK420 for at least 2 months3-Must be willing to do either A- A weekly update of your grow including text and pictures.B- A monthly update of your grow including text and pictures.C- A diary in a day type thread with pictures from varied stages of growth including text and pictures. **We at Dinafem reserve the right to use any pictures for our social media or marketing platforms. No names of members will be given if your pictures are used**Right now for a few questions with answers.Q- Who can enter?A- Anyone who is doing a outdoor Dinafem strain grow in 2017 and willing to document your grow on UK420 Q- Will Dinafem be providing the strain/strainsA- Yes, we will be picking 50 members who will be able to pick ANY 2 Dinafem or AutoDinafem strains to grow and we will send each member a 5 seed packet of each strain selected.Q- If I have my own seed can I enter?A- Yes you can the more thread`s the better!Q- When will this start and finish?A - All threads must be started before 4/20 (April 20th 2017) and the end date will be 15th November 2017 . Winners will be picked by late November-Early December, just in time for Xmas. For members who are not intending on germinating your seed`s until after 4/20 ( April 20th 2017). You must start a thread in this section with your intentions and your estimated start date before 4/20 (April 20th 2017)to be eligible for the competition. Q - Where should I start my outdoor grow diary?A - Here in the 2017 outdoor grow thread section of UK420 http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/forum/270-dinafem-seeds-2017-outdoor-grow-diaries/Q - Which strains from Dinafem can we pick to grow?A - Any. The whole catalogue of our autoflowering strains and photoperiod strains can be selected to grow.Q - What we will be looking for and judging the threads on.A - We would like to see as much detail and as many good pictures as possible. Try to make as much effort to give detailed information through all stages of Growth and keep your thread active with as many updates as you can. The more detail and attention you put into your grow thread the more activity it is going to get so there is a better cancel of your grow being seen .If you would like to enter this please put your names in this thread and we will pick the members on 21st February 2017 giving a good 14 days for all members, that want to participate time to get your name down. We know not everyone is on here daily so the 14 days should allow plenty of time.Once we have the selected members all seeds will get mailed out asap. Members should have there selected strains by late February-Early March. As we said last year was a great success and we hope this season is going to be even better We hope to see a lot of participants this season so if you qualify get your name down All the best Mark.
  7. OUTDOOR DINAFEM AMNESIA/CRITICAL JACK AUTO DIARY PREPARING THE BED I started work on the bed well inavance of planting tuning over and removing the garden soil so i was left with a 2ft hole to add my soil mix to later After a few days of turning over i added some perlite ,vermiculite,locally sourced chicken manure,bone meal and mixed in i covered bed with black plastic to stop weed growth (not the good kind) DAY ONE (SEED) 16/6/17 Welcome all to my 2017 auto diary so lets get started Here is a few pics of the great packaging you get from the @Dinafem-Mark guys So lets get started i decided on a nice layed back grow so i rolled a nice big blue cheese joint and grabbed my self some starter pots coz i have autos i dont want to faff around with transfers so i used this method to limit root stress mixed up some perlite and coco soaked with rain water and rhizo ph'd to 5.8 popped the seeds in and left the pots in diy prop at botom of a shaded seedling greenhouse The temps you see on the above hygro meter are from wierless probe's. The top reading is the wierless probe in prop box readng 26.8c and 84% RH NICE WARM AND SWEATY SPOT ON FOR MY MAGIC BEANS The bottom reading is from the actual station showing nearly a 10c drop just a few inches above the prop box its important to keep close eye on temps and RH during the first few weeks
  8. Hello, all. I have been asked quite a few times when the 2 new autos strains will be coming out Industrial plant cbd Auto And Haze auto cbd These will be officially released on Mon 15th February All the best D-M.
  9. Just a nice quick video showing one of our strain test rooms Enjoy All the best D-M..
  10. amnesia xxl

    From the album gib

  11. critical+2.0 auto

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