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    • blackpoolbouncer
      Yes mate. Obviously. Starting your seedling on a North facing windowsill is inadequate light and the plants will stretch unduly because they are searching for light.    A seedling bathing in light which in our environments they are and you shouldn't see any more stretch than expected.    Seedlings will stretch during first few days. Its what they do and no amount of high powered light changes that.    After that, say day 7. I think don't think your gonna see any difference if your t5 is 6 inches from the tops or 3 foot. As long as there is enough light, how close it is is a bit irrelevant.    Just my 2p. But my t5 is always 2 to 3 foot from my seedlings or if they are vegging in the big tent it's under 315w of cmh that's 6 foot away.    Under  the t5   and then same plant under a light 6 foot away......hardly stretchy or lanky eh?   Plenty of space between plants and light make for happy plants 
    • Idicanna jones
      Overnight temps looked OK so I thought I'd leave them outside under a bit of cover.....  Well ten minutes into a biblical thunder and lightning storm i bravely rescued them and brought them in. Come on summer ffs
    • Farmer Fett
      Annnnnd, they don't even train the fuckers properly, so when I creep past the (mainly) stuck up twats on the road, their horses get all freaky. How come Police horses don't do this at football matches and riots?, they were trained properly not to do that. Not just broken in and left to the experienced skills of a 17 year old. Fuckin pricks, train your animals if you are going near other people and roads.
    • Idicanna jones
      Keeping a couple of freebies and a pineapple crack (all auto) for later. Got to convince the better half to let me do another harvest later. Was thinking of popping them end of May to go in as seedlings early June