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    • NezA
      Thanks for the details @wotnwhy can't be easy to share that kind of stuff especially after reading about how it negatively affected you, your relationship with weed and the community. That's a really rough account. I'd read some of that stuff in another thread where he'd cropped up on here, but as I recall there were only vague references, nowhere near as much detail as you provide. Your post has helped me join some dots.    Because he's clearly a pathological liar, I have to admit, I didn't trust the burn victim story. Reading your account, at least confirms he is on occasion, capable of telling the truth. Only when it suits him I guess. You'd like to think people wouldn't lie about that kind of stuff, but life hasn't treated me well in that regard. I've had people I know tell me heinous lies because it gave them an emotional advantage over me. A stranger who seems to be motivated purely by profit has no chance.   This has become an important thread where facts surrounding this whole situation have been documented, thanks for contributing to that.
    • Joolz
    • EM Punk
      It would have the opposite effect
    • Cookeh
      They were in Veg for 4 weeks, I’ve LST’ them so they’re not too tall. I didn’t pot up either and went straight into the final 22L fabric bag, if that helps.