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    • mysticriver

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    • LokiVirandell
      Yee I heard you have to supplement quite high in pk like you saying in week 4-5 but biotabs have pk teas, What is he using from intense nutrients ? 
    • hash72
      i'm slowly setting up a new 1.5 tent, had to send for chain and hooks to complete the set up, i run a marshydro ts3000, i'm wondering if i should get another light, thinking neither would be on full power would it be beneficial
    • MindSoup
      Worth mentioning not all LED solutions have to be a lot of money, you can buy 10 watt  household LED downlights, with a good spectrum for growing for next to nothing. Whack a bunch them on a piece of ply and wire them up, you could have a 200-300 watt light for 100-150 quid easy, some people are pulling off amazing grows using these cheapo DIY lights. The downside is the efficiency isn't always as good as a high end fixture.
    • CBDGUY