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No-Name or C3. Tastiest strain of the two?

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#1 Amnesia


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 12:55 AM

Well i'm thinking of my next grow already although i'm not planning to start it just yet. I think i'm due for another UGORG grow but i'm undecided which ones to do out of either No-Names or C3's i have in the fridge.
I've previously grew out Killerskunk which i love, Smile not so keen on and Blues which i absolutely love and my favourite tastiest smoke to date. :wub:
I'm looking for the tastiest out of the two strains as i'm big on taste, is the C3 supposed to be fruity as i hear?
Also any advice on stretch or if they respond to topping very well and such would be great,
they are both packs of 10 seeds but i only plan to germinate 6 or 7 and see what i get, I know i could just say start 5 from each pack but i just want to do the one strain in the grow and do the others next time.
If anyone has grown out either of these strains then i would love to hear about them to help me decide.
Of course a diary will be started when i get them going. :yep:

#2 Lobo


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 01:10 AM

Do the Noname. Because they are the ones I have got. And I'd like to see what you can do with them.

I haven't grown them, so can't help you there but from what I understand they will need light, nutrients and water ;) Damnedest thing I ever heard of...

Looking forward to your diary whichever you choose mate.

e2a: sorry to hear you didn't like smile I was going to do some next. What didn't you like?

I'm being strict with myself and trying to do my seeds in the order I got them. So smile then NYCD then extrema and so on. Which did you get first?

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#3 Arbuscule


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 02:02 AM

c3 is beautiful :wub: Easy to grow - she actually stayed nice n green all the way through :D

No Name I've never even smoked, but I have a pack here to pop sooner or later :spliff:

atb with whichever you choose :smokin:
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#4 chickenlipsr4


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 07:25 AM

I can't comment on the C3 but some of my nonames tasted lovely. Mmmm
Smile & Blue Satellite 2.2 X OG Kush
Celestial Temple With Noname

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#5 r3d


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 10:54 AM

my nonames was tastier than my c3
nonames started off smelling minty then at the end was a mix of fruit and a little hint of mint
i called it my ready-brek cut cos after ajoint of this you get a warm glow all over yourbody and a great wow feelgoodtype of thing

my C3 stinks like nothing ive smelt in pure years,real in your face smell of cheap detergent and very little fruit,more of a sharp smell to the nostrils
if you smoke this make sure you got ya seatbelt on lol she blows ya head off!! great for goin out with my dogs cos il just walk for miles n miles then have to phone mrs to pick us up cos im fookin miles away

both are huge yielders if i was you id do em both

R.I.P my little bro sadly missed and lighting 1 up every night thinking of you


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#6 Amnesia


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 10:54 AM

Lobo, Arbuscule and chickenlipsr4, Cheers for your thoughts. I'm so much looking forward to another ugorg grow, all of the 3 strains i've grew out have been proper vigorous as you say just basic needs and most importantly the smoke is top notch! :stoned: I've grew the Killerskunk twice and loved every pheno i had, the only thing is i found the Killers can be a bit strong and overpowering after a few effectwise but all mine had a lovely skunky taste though and delicious, you cannot go wrong with the Killerskunk in my opinion. I've still 13 of those seeds awaiting germination.
The Blues still to this day is my favourite and best smoke i've ever grew in my near three years of growing, the taste is to die for and before i ramble on here is my smoke reports from the Blues.> :king:

On with the long awaited smoke report.>

Smoke report, Day 10 in the jars.

This is seriously the best smelling and most tastiest weed i have ever laid my hands on, the Killerskunk was my previous favourite but the Blues easily wins on smell, taste and effect. Amsterdam has absolutely nothing on this and it has been a regular haunt of mine for many years now, there a a few real nice Hazes out there and maybe a couple of nice Kush's too but overall i can honestly say i much prefer the Blues, unless you are into the hash scene then i would get some Blues and stay at home.

Stacked calaxys and VERY stinky Blues.

This is my favourite smoke out of the two plants i grew, the smell from her is incredible and the 10 days in the jar have brought it out even more, proper skunky very fruity sweetish berry-like pungent aroma like a fruit drink. Just opening the jar up fills the room with this heavy lovely aroma, i think there may be a slight hint of peppermint too or something similar, when rolling one up i quite often cannot help myself taking in deep breaths of that good enough to eat highest grade smell, i cannot get enough of this and i have smoked nothing else since.
The calaxys just snap off and crumble in very nicely, not quite so sticky now but still glistening with pure frostiness, not much is needed as even a tiny bit of bud goes a long way being very dense and even stronger fruity smells pour out when you crumble it in.
If this is the first one of the day then you literally start buzzing after a few tokes, a tickling feeling at the back of the eyes and cold sweat on the forehead, you instantly feel invigorated and on top of the world, yet you feel very relaxed and content but strangely still feel very energetic with no sleepiness at all at any stage. This is an extremely uplifting positive smoke with good vibes and plenty of smiles and laughter all around, excellent for social occasions when you are in the mood for a bit of fun!.A great night in or out leaving you feeling very happy, content and life is just great without a worry in the world. Very easy and nice and smooth on the throat and lungs, not a cough in sight. Extremely moreish and the taste lingers in your mouth making you want some more.
The taste and effect is just what i have been looking for in canna and i can guarantee at least one of these Blues cuts will be in every grow of mine from now on.
A word of warning though, this is probably one of the stinkiest strains you will ever grow and i have never smelled anything else quite like it :eek: , when smoking it the smell travels very far as i have personally been told and you cannot carry it anywhere without getting strong whiffs of it, the only way is to store it in Kilner jars or put some in a smell-proof bag if going outdoors.

Compact and heavy Blues.

Now this one does not smell nowhere near as strong as the other one but the aroma is identical and she is not as smelly as the Killerskunk in my opinion. The buds are very dense and rock hard in fact, crystally too. When you break it up that fine fruity smell does come out and smells very much like the other one but just not as intense. Still an uplifting smoke but a bit more mellow and you feel more chilled out. This one is real good to watch a film as i find i get more engrossed in it. Still the same lovely taste but not as powerful as the other pheno. So still a great fine tasting smoke but i have my favourite now.

So i am very much hoping one of the 2 Blues i have is the stacked calaxys one, they are still both in veg and soon about to go into flower along with the 3 Cream Caramels. If they do both turn out to be the more compact one then i will not be keeping a mother but instead i will start off the next 5 Blues seeds and hope i can find that pheno there again.
Anyhow my favourite grow and smoke so far, very happy here and thank you UGORG. :notworthy:
My next grow of the 2 Blues cuts are at Day 78 of veg today and the 3 Cream Caramels are at Day 27, big height differences as you can imagine but i am just waiting for the Cream Caramels to root out their final pots now and then they will be into 12/12.
Anybody in the mood for another grow diary? :gossip:

Now i said the wrong thing really when i said i was not so keen on the Smiles as in its own right it was a top quality smoke it is just that the Killerskunk totally overshadowed the taste and effect of the Smiles as i was still smoking that at the time, the Killerskunk simply blew me away. Since then i have sampled the delights of the mighty Blues many times and with the Blues taking my top spot, Killers second favourite the Smiles have been sadly pushed to the back, I still have seeds of the Smiles and also Blues but to be honest i would rather grow the Blues and Killerskunk again first.
Here was the smoke report from the Smiles.>

Thanks for looking in folks, a bit late replying i know but wanted to give the Smiles a good cure before doing a smoke report.
Well the Smiles have been in the jars for over 6 weeks now and the Iced Grapefruit 7.5 weeks, As you know i had 3 Smiles which are definitely all different phenos and the single IG.

Smile 1
Taste = Do not like the taste of this one at all, an almost diesel taste with a metallic aftertaste to it. lol You can taste a bit of skunkiness on exhale but that fuelly taste overpowers it.
Smoke report = Very strong and after a few dreamy thoughts i'm soon off too sleep!, i would think this would be a good painkiller too. And to think that this pheno could of gone a week longer, on a side note the bud structure of this pheno is nowhere near as dense as the other two and not as crystally either. So in a nutshell a strong knockout smoke that soon puts you in dreamland but taste not good unless you like that sort of thing. Another week in flower might of changed things but too late now.

Smile 2
Taste = By far my favourite pheno, a lovely smooth fruity taste with a bit of mint to it and sweet, A lovely fresh full taste that goes down well at any time of day. No coughing at all and that moreish taste lingers in your mouth for ages afterwards. The structure of this bud is perfect being nice and tight nuggets and covered in crystals, when you break the bud up the smell is an array of fruity flavours which is still on your fingers an hour later. A real nice stinky pheno that just smells pure quality.
Smoke report = A nice happy buzz from this one and very sociable too. No tiredness at all even after a long evening but you do feel like you are sitting in a giant marshmellow with all your aches and pains long gone. An extremely pleasant smoke which i would be happy to smoke for a long time to come, Even if your mood was not good before this pheno soon brings you out of it, one of the top smokes i have grew i must say and i just wish i had clones of her now. A big thumbs up from me. :)

Smile 3
Taste = Again another nice tasting one, more of a skunky/fruity sour taste to this but very nice. Similar bud structure to S2 as well with lots of trichs.
Smoke report = Much more dreamy than S2, time seems to pass so fast and is a very relaxing cool smoke but not feeling tired, in fact i found myself watching some comedy programmes i do not normally watch and actually finding them very funny. A real nice smoke to pass the time of day with happy thoughts. :D

So no regrets with this grow, besides S1 not really being to my taste but at least i know i have something in the jars if i cannot sleep one night.
I'm currently growing Killerskunk now in flower and a diary will be up and running tonight, and within the next couple of weeks i will be starting my next grow which will be Snow fruit, Sweet cheese and Wild rose for the Sweet Seeds competition.

All the best.

So i was still very happy with the Smiles at the time, Now i fancy something new but as you can probably tell i'm big on taste so looking for my next UGORG treat. So far i'm leaning towards the C3's, I've only seen a couple of diaries of the No Names or many if any C3 diaries?
If anyone can point me in the direction of ant smoke reports or diaries of either please do.
I cannot wait now, did i say i was having a break just now? lol

#7 ratdog


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:01 AM

the only thing is i found the Killers can be a bit strong and overpowering

Wait till you try C3 then mate lol mines well strong, stronger than the Blues/killer imo, it`s a sat dom pheno and is the stretchiest plant i`ve grown so far, even topped well, and VRG reckons the NN is too strong lol i have 4 girls over 3 weeks in flower atm

I would grow them both :)

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#8 Arnold Layne

Arnold Layne

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:08 AM

My two C3's have neither taste or smell, compared to other strains. Hit wise, its average to strong, but nothing overwhelming, unlike Killer Skunk can be??
I'm quite baffled by my C3 really. Grows well, and yields well. Not very resinous. The smell, such as it is, is a bit haze like, sweet/sour, old dishcloth. There is no taste. The hit is clear, energising, and both physical and cerebral, although the latter is dominant. I can't compare with KS or Blues, its a different ball game. If I had space I'd keep one of My C3's for daytime toking, and others like Blues and KS for the evening. May well do so, anyways!

But I'm going to grow more C3. I think I'm looking for another pheno, really.

If its taste and smell you require, Blues and Killer Skunk will please you, muchly. They will also blow you away :woot: :yes:

#9 madgiz


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:24 AM

In the taste dept then No-name tastes of terry's chocolate orange and C3 is quite nondescript really as far as flavour is concerned IMO..If you didn't like the taste of smile then I would have thought that you would prefer the taste of Noname..

scuba pics
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#10 Amnesia


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Posted 03 March 2012 - 11:28 AM

r3d Sorry did not see you sneak in there just as i closed the door!, Thanks for the heads up, Now i'm really dont know what to do as i really like the sound of the taste of your No-Names yet i want a ride on that C3 rollercoaster! :wallbash: Its true i should just maybe do 5 from each and see what i end up with but what about stretch-wise are they both similar? Not worried about finishing times as i have a seperate tent to dry in, Now you say it i have read reports that the C3 can be a bit more on the citrusy side too.
Any links or thoughts, reports welcome. :smokin:

ratdog I'm definitely leaning towards doing both now! :wacko:

Arnold Layne Thanks for that mate, the brilliant thing is as you know you can never tell what beauties these little beans may contain once they come alive, as i found out with the the Smiles i grew one pheno was quite nasty tasting but the others were great, I was just glad that i had the other two good tasting plants at the time because if i only had grew the bad one i would be saying Smile is one nasty smoke.
So the C3 is nothing to shout about on taste then, sounds a nice high though which certainly has its place in the jars. :yep:
I may just have to do both here so i can have the best of both worlds.
All the best.

madgiz Hi there mate, Now that sounds just the job. :wub: If a few more say No-Name too then it could be looking like 6 or 7 No-Names this time around, I've itchy fingers already! lol



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Posted 04 March 2012 - 06:47 AM

Hello mate

My suggestion is you start with 5 each of the C3 and Noname :D

Have smoked Noname and was really a nice tasting variety with a great hit to go with it i will be growing these my self sometime this year , as for the C3 i have grew out a suspected pheno i had in my Little hands seeds i did a while back , it was very fruity with a clear up high loved to branch out and be topped :yep:

Im sure what ever you choose you will grow them proud :yep:

FG :v:
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#12 Budelaire


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 07:53 AM

I wasn't surprised when I recently found out a little about the nonames heritage as its a very nice plant to grow and they had "the look" Hard little feckers in veg too and I can't wait to have a smoke of my three fems, from 5. I chose Oldtimes as the accompaniment though, 4 from 6. Saving C3 till next year, it sounds like a nice replacement for the Tangerine Nightmare.

Bring on the summer smokes ;)


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#13 bigbadbudboi


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 07:53 AM

Iv just been sampling 3 different pheno's of Noname and they all taste lovely! Noname1 is sort of orange and grapefruit, Noname2 is a stinky lemon cleaner mouthwatererer and Noname3 is a stunner, sweet oorraaaaaaaaaange shhhheeeeeeeerrrbeeeeerrt and makes everything go a bit trippy, loved them all really and if its sweet and fruity you like then they were all winners :yep:

Iv not tried C3 yet but iv got a pack int fridge ready to blow my mind :smokin:

#14 stonedcold


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 08:29 AM

hI there Amnesia bud hope all is good round your way.
I can't help with your choice mate as I have only tried Oldtimes (I say only!) :wassnnme:
I was thinking about running Smile next so thanks for reminding me about your strain reports, always found then handy, cheers mate.
Good luck with what ever you choose to grow.

I wasn't surprised when I recently found out a little about the nonames heritage as its a very nice plant to grow and they had "the look" Hard little feckers in veg too and I can't wait to have a smoke of my three fems, from 5.
Bring on the summer smokes ;)

Easy there Bude mate, spill the beans a little then! :wink:
I would like to know about NoName but I also like the mysteriousness that surrounds her. :unsure:

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#15 Budelaire


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Posted 04 March 2012 - 08:39 AM

Check the Attitude listing SC. :yinyang:

They stood out amongst the others I popped at the time 4 strains/31 seeds.


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